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RavvyReviews, established in June 2020, is a website created by Amna Muqeem and Immad Amir to bring you all the top trending home and kitchen appliances on Amazon. Although treated as a website, it’s actually an amalgam of both of our strengths! We refer to it as our baby.

About Amna


With a true love for food and cooking alike, Amna has spent much time trying out new kitchen tricks, testing different foods, and looking for answers to common kitchen queries.

Starting off as art, writing, and book lover, then later completing her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Amna slowly found her passion for cooking. Soon, she decided to wield her writing skills and share all the knowledge she had accumulated from cooking and eating alike through both her and her fiancé, Immad’s, brainchild RavvyReviews.

Amna spends her time trying out new kitchen appliances and testing out common kitchen queries to bring you thorough answers that will actually work. When she’s not busy with work, Amna likes spending her time reading, drawing, or browsing through food pages on Instagram!

Every day, Amna and Immad get to work and compile all their knowledge to bring you tried and tested tips and tricks for a fun-filled kitchen time. Food brings people together; it brought us together, and we’ll extend the invitation to you!

About Immad


Always on his beloved computer set up and browsing through the latest technology, Immad has been a tech-savvy guy for a long time. He likes to spend his time looking up new gadgets and appliances, carrying out proper research to review them to the best of his capabilities.

Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Immad got to learn about technology from the base level. Starting with mobiles, laptops, and household appliances, Immad decided to shift his focus to kitchen appliances in particular once he learned about his fiancé, Amna’s, love for cooking. The two agreed on creating RavvyReviews to share their kitchen knowledge with readers and learn more along the way.

On a regular day when he’s not working, Immad enjoys eating different cuisines, reviewing gadgets, learning about SEO, and following many professionals’ journeys through their vlogs on YouTube.

Immad firmly believes in the quote: “Knowledge increases by sharing but not by saving.” This quote led to the birth of RavvyReviews in the first place. Become a part of our little community; let’s keep this cycle of knowledge going!

Our story

about amna and immad

RavvyReviews is the product of Amna’s passion for cooking and Immad’s interest in tech and SEO. The two’s equal love for food was the binding factor that actually made this blog a reality!

Immad and Amna got familiar with each other while doing their Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science. Although the two weren’t huge Computer Science enthusiasts, the degree was definitely the primary factor that brought them together.

The two opened up about their interests, got to know each other, and became best friends. Soon, feelings came into the picture, and they got engaged! During that period, the couple decided to combine their interests and create a platform to not only share knowledge but gain it too.

Both Amna and Immad enjoyed researching and applying the tricks they learned in their personal lives; Amna regarding cooking and Immad regarding tech. So, why not share all they’ve learned with others too? With their skills in writing and Immad’s knowledge of SEO, a blog was created. They initially uploaded informative articles, including common kitchen queries, cooking techniques, and questions about food items. Soon enough, Immad started reviewing and comparing kitchen appliances and uploading his reviews as well. That’s how the little blog that started off with barely 2 to 3 people a day started gaining a lot of audiences and became a hub of knowledge.

Here at RavvyReviews, Immad and Amna strive to bring you the best content so that you actually get to benefit from it. Come along on our journey; let’s all have fun in the kitchen!

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