About Us

RavvyReviews, established in June 2020, is a website created by Amna Muqeem and Immad Amir to bring you all the top trending home and kitchen appliances on Amazon. Although treated as a website, it’s actually an amalgam of both of our strengths! We refer to it as our baby.

So, Amna’s passion for the kitchen and Immad’s interest in technology led to the birth of RavvyReviews, bringing you loads of well-researched content to rely on!

Are you sitting at home, worried about:
What appliance to buy next?
Will that appliance be in your budget?
How well will it work?
Will it suit your lifestyle?

Worry no more! Because we’ve answered all those question for you beforehand. Starting with specific appliances and ending on basic queries, we’ve got the A to Z ready!

Do you, too, struggle with working with all this techno stuff? Mostly kitchen appliances?

Well, our website is packed with content crafted to guide you regarding even the most basic recipes, methods, hacks, etc. No need to fret, you’ve got RavvyReviews to take care of you!

Our motive is to provide you with authentic data about the best appliances in the market, along with various guidelines and specifics to make the most out of those appliances! We consider it our duty to clarify all your queries while enlightening your mind regarding so many tips, tricks, and recipes.

We search even the most minor of details day and night to bring you content that you can trust! We hope that we can communicate our passion to you through RavvyReviews.

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