Can You Add Spices to A Rice Cooker? Let’s Find Out!

Rice cookers are known for their efficiency and practicality. Your life becomes so much easier when you get a rice cooker for your kitchen. If you have already gotten your hands on a rice cooker, you are probably thinking of the possibilities. One of them is whether or not you can add spices to your rice cooker, to make spicy rice.

There are many debates on whether or not you can add spices and herbs to a rice cooker. In this article, we are going to have a detailed discussion on this topic. Keep on reading!

Yes, you can add spices or herbs to season your rice in a rice cooker. The seasonings help elevate the taste of the rice, plus it is totally safe.

When should I add spices to my rice cooker?

While there is no hard and fast rule, generally, you may want to add spices to the rice cooker before adding the rice. This ensures that the spices cook thoroughly with the rice. This way, there is a smooth flavor overall, and eventually, the rice will taste better.

A good way to start is by adding butter to your rice cooker and sautéing your spices and vegetables (such as finely chopped onion and garlic etc.,) in it. Then pour in your water and rice and allow them to cook. This way, all the ingredients and spices get infused with the rice making them taste better.

If you have herbs such as bay leaf to add to your rice, then you can add it in the water with the rice. This is because the bay leaf will not impart any flavor if you add it after the rice is cooked.

This differs from herb to herb. For example, if you add cilantro to the rice cooker before adding your rice, it will go bad. Therefore, is it preferred that you add it as a garnish after the rice is cooked.

However, there is one cardinal rule that you need to remember every time you make rice in a rice cooker. That is, to never open the rice cooker midway while it’s on. This is because a rice cooker works by creating steam, and if you open the lid, the steam will escape, and your rice will cook unevenly. So you need to add your seasonings either before or after you add your rice and never while it’s cooking.

How do I add flavor to my rice cooker?

You can add butter to the rice cooker for a depth of flavor. Add fresh herbs such as oregano, thyme, basil, sage, tarragon, etc. You can sauté some garlic and chopped onion in your rice cooker before adding rice, and it will give a great flavor to the rice.

There are other vegetables of your choice that you can add. One other way to ameliorate the flavor is by switching water with stock. Be it vegetable, beef, or chicken; the stock will give your rice an intense flavor that water alone won’t.

What spices can I use to flavor rice?

There are many other spices apart from salt and pepper that you can use in your rice. If you’re tired of your rice tasting the same every time, then you should add a combination of different spices. Following is a list of spices that pair well with rice.

SpiceKind of rice the spice is widely used with
Garlic powderAll kinds
Crushed red pepper flakesAny kind of rice, including brown rice
SaffronLong grain basmati rice
CinnamonAll kinds
Five-spiceAll kinds
TurmericAll kinds
CuminWidely used with basmati but can be used with all
CardamomWidely used in Indian cooking with basmati rice
PaprikaAll kinds
Curry powderWidely used with basmati and jasmine rice but can be used with all
AllspiceAll kinds
Star aniseAll kinds
Bay leafWidely used with basmati and jasmine rice, it can be used with all

Can you put herbs in a rice cooker?

Yes. You can add the herbs of your choice, such as thyme, rosemary, basil, etc., along with the water in the rice cooker.

Can you season in a rice cooker?

Yes. You can put the seasonings of your choice to enhance the taste of your rice. The seasonings can be added before or after; however, you prefer.

Can I put salt in the rice cooker?

Yes, you should add salt before cooking the rice in a rice cooker. This will help keep the rice tasty and prevent a bland flavor.

Can I add butter to the rice cooker?

Yes! Adding butter to the rice cooker is a great choice as it gives so much flavor to the rice. You can sauté your onion or garlic in the butter before putting it into the rice cooker. Then, you can add the rice and water to cook them.

How do you make rice not sticky in a rice cooker?

If your rice is sticking together, you’re probably not rinsing them properly. Before cooking the rice, rinse them properly. This will remove any starch from the rice, which makes them stick together. Then, let them soak for a while and cook your rice like you normally do, and they should cook perfectly!

What can I add to Minute rice for flavor?

You can add lemon juice or lime along with the water while cooking rice to give it a nice citrusy touch. For seasonings, you can add any of your favorite spices such as salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, etc. you can also add any herbs of your choice to enhance the flavor.

Wrapping up my thoughts on adding spices to the rice cooker!

A rice cooker can incorporate any of your favorite spices and herbs of your choice. There are many things that can be added to a rice cooker with no issues; just make sure not to add anything that overburdens the cooker,, of course! We hope this article cleared all the questions you might have had.

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