Does an Air Fryer have a Fuse? – Maybe?

Has your air fryer been giving you trouble lately? A malfunctioning air fryer is a nightmare; however, we might be able to help! The basic working of an air fryer is based on the functioning of complex and delicate internal components. One of these important components is the fuse. If you are facing a malfunction with your air fryer, it may be because the fuse in the air fryer has blown. If you find yourself stuck in a similar situation, this article is all you need to help you out.

Does my air fryer have a fuse?

Some air fryers have a fuse, but the majority don’t. If you have an air fryer that uses an external power source, there might be a fuse near the power outlet.

For further guidance, you can use the user manual that came with the air fryer and check if there is a fuse.

Where is the fuse in an air fryer?

If an air fryer uses an external power source, the fuse is usually located near the power outlet. If your air fryer has a UK plug (also known as a 3-pin plug), only then can it have a fuse.

How to check if your fuse has blown?

If your air fryer is running but not cooking anything, the reason may be a blown fuse. To locate your fuse, you must see which power cable your air fryer uses. Since many plugs don’t have a fuse, you will have to check the manual and see if your plug comes with a fuse.

Once confirmed if the fuse is there, you can just locate it near where you plug your air fryer or where it connects to a power source. Once found, you can replace the fuse if it appears to be blown.

Follow these steps if your air fryer is not working.

While you might think that your air fryer is of bad quality and the company is to blame, there might be multiple reasons for your air fryer malfunctioning. Here’s what you can do to make it functional again:

Try unplugging your air fryer

For a digital air fryer, this trick works like a charm. All you have to do is unplug the air fryer for a good ten minutes and let it sit and cool down for a while so that it fully resets.

Check the power cable

As minor and unimportant as this sounds, most people don’t even bother checking if the power cable is connected to the outlet properly. With that, people also tend to rule out the possibility of a faulty cable, although most of the time, all you need is a new cable, and your air fryer would be good to go.

The easiest way of checking if the cable is faulty is by swapping the power cable with a similar one. Just use it for the time being until you can get a new one.

Check the fuse

Even before you get yourself to change the whole power cable, you should change the fuse of the original one as there are chances that the power cable is functioning, but the fuse is not.

Final thoughts on whether an air fryer as a fuse

It is fairly common for an air fryer to malfunction. Sometimes, the problem is caused by a blown fuse. We’ve explained how to locate an air fryer fuse and when to change it so that your air fryer stays perfect all the time!

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  1. Error 2 on calmdo air fryer. Af25l. Does it have a fuse ink? Company support e mail and phone disconnected. Would like to try repairing before junking. Showed error in first month of use. Help!

    • Hello! I apologize, I’m not familiar with this brand that’s why I cannot be sure. Error 2 is different for most brands.


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