Does an Air Fryer Use Gas?

Ever wondered how your favorite kitchen gadgets work? We bet you have never thought about what an air fryer runs on. Well, does an air fryer use gas like a regular stove?

No, an air fryer does not use gas. The air fryer system uses electricity to power the heating element and the fan to circulate hot air and cook food.

You just need to plug in the air fryer and get crispy food in no time. But be careful; an air fryer can easily dehydrate food if you leave it for too long or at the wrong temperature!

An air fryer plugged in

How an air fryer works

Let’s take a look at an air fryer’s parts and how they function as a single unit:

  • Frying basket
  • A drawer that holds the basket
  • Heating element
  • Fan
  • A thermostat at the front

It is apparent that you put your food in the removable basket, set the thermostat, and wait for the food to cook. The air fryer basket is safe if you put the food directly in it. But if you are conscious about making a mess, you can use parchment paper or air fryer liners in the basket.

Once you turn the air fryer on, the heating element heats up quickly. You don’t have to preheat the air fryer for the element to heat up. The fan then blows this hot air all around the cooking chamber at high speed. This way, the hot air touches the food at every angle, making it crispy yet tender.

a whole cooked chicken inside an air fryer

Modern air fryers now come with a thermostat. It allows you to control the temperature and cooking time of the food you want to cook. Naturally, meats take longer to cook than fried or veggies.

Concluding our thoughts on whether an air fryer uses gas

An air fryer costs you only a bit less than a gas oven, but it saves you precious time. And not only that, it ensures cooking with minimum oil, giving you healthier food. Air fryers do all that without gas–they work solely on electricity. With half the cooking time, you save the cost of a lot of fuel which in turn saves the planet.

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