Do All Air Fryers Have Prop 65 Warning?

If you have been using air fryers for a while, you must have heard of the famous Prop 65 warning. It is a Californian law that applies to all electric appliances that indicate potentially harmful or carcinogenic chemicals. So, the question is, do all air fryers have Prop 65 Warning?

No, all air fryers do not come with the Prop 65 warning. Since it is a Californian law, its application is limited to the state of California. So, electrical appliances in other states may or may not come with the Prop 65 warning.

This article further talks about the Prop 65 warning and what you should do if you happen to come across one.

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The reason behind the Prop 65 warning

The Prop 65 Warning is specifically related to Acrylamide being a potential carcinogen. However, to learn how much Acrylamide can cause cancer, research is going on at present.

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In the meantime, the state of California has asked California-based businesses to put labels indicating the consumers of potentially harmful or carcinogenic products.

If you were not aware, Acrylamide is a chemical that can increase the risk of nerve damage, cancer, and congenital disabilities. This chemical is a byproduct of some plant-based foods that are cooked at temperatures exceeding 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Even though most foods are cooked at temperatures lower than this, air fryers are known and capable of reaching such temperatures. Therefore, air fryers have Prop 65 warning because they can produce carcinogenic chemicals when cooking food at high temperatures.

Keep in mind that air fryers themselves do not cause cancer.

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What to do when you see a Prop 65 warning

If you happen to come across a Prop 65 warning, there is no need to raise the alarm. As mentioned earlier, it is simply there to make you aware of potentially harmful chemicals. This does not mean that every air fryer produces harmful chemicals.

To avoid exposure to harmful chemicals, you simply need to make sure you do not cook plant-based foods at temperatures above 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

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In the end, air fryers made in California are supposed to come with Props 65 warning. It is not necessary for all air fryers to come with the same warnings, but that does not mean they cannot expose you to harmful chemicals. You need to practice caution and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to keep everything safe.

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