Headline: We’ve updated how we review appliances! [2023 UPDATE] – 8th January, 2023

Following the January 2023 Google update, Google defined specific criteria for product reviews. Initially, our reviews included product descriptions, pros & cons, and a buyer’s guide. Upon reading Google’s new guidelines, we decided to add more information for our readers!

Now, each review will have about 3 to 4 top products, so the selection is easier for you guys. The products will be defined through their specifications, product descriptions, reasons to buy & reasons to avoid, and a special feature analysis table where we have rated all the special features of the appliances! This will help you further understand the qualities of the products and decide what features you require and what you can work without.

After the basic review, we will also include a “How we tested the products” area to explain how the analysis will actually be carried out and what will be the criteria we defined. Finally, you’ll have the buyer’s guide.

We believe all these new features will surely help you make an even better decision when selecting a product.

Happy browsing!

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