3 Benefits Of Convection Microwave Oven!


Do you want to know how to use your convection microwave oven at its full potential? Do you want to learn what are the convection microwave oven uses? Yes? Then stay tuned!

You finally bought the latest best branded microwave oven that has all the latest features. But, whenever you use it to bake a delicious mouth-watering dish, something doesn’t feel right. Did you mess up the timer? Or the set temperature was too high? Or maybe you forgot to turn on the convection feature?

It’s alright. When I was beginning to peruse my career in baking, I suffered every kind of mishap that exists in the realm of baking! If you’re on the same track, don’t worry, RavvyReviews is here to gear you up!

Microwave ovens in the market today have a powerful convection feature which many beginner chefs ignore. Convection is a mighty heat transfer method that’s favorable to every cuisine you wish to bake in the convection oven. Similar to convection, steam cooking is another heat transfer method that’s widely popular! Check out the advantages of steam cooking!

Learn about convection and how it is helpful for baking here!

You’re at the right place and at the right time. Before you start preparing for the next undeniably tasty dish, you must know the convection microwave oven uses! Are you ready to jump into the uses? Let’s hope over right now!

Ultra-fast cooking with convection microwave oven

Yes, cooking is fast in microwave ovens. But convection microwave ovens cook faster. There are two heating modes in these ovens, microwave radiations, and convection.

These two modes allow the oven to cook food faster than usual. Furthermore, convection helps the oven to maintain a high temperature in the cooking cavity. This enables the oven to properly roast the meal while consuming low electricity.

The ultra-fast cooking can save you time if you’re in a hurry. What’s better than getting things done precisely in lesser time. With convection microwave ovens you can achieve your baking goal while saving a lot of time!

Stronger flavor

Do you like your meal brown from the outside while juicy from the inside? Convection ovens can satisfy your cravings right away!

The browning of a convection microwave oven is unrivaled. If you’re using the precise settings, these ovens can produce mouth-watering perfectly roasted meal which is undeniably hard to resist!

Convection microwave ovens use hot air as the primary mode of heat transfer. The circulation of hot air preserves the water content in the food. Thus, every time you bake a meal in the oven, it comes out juicy! 

Few convection microwave ovens have steam cooking. This is an impressive 18th-century feature that has boosted the capabilities of these ovens. Steam cooking eliminates the need for oils. Hence, making your meals lighter and healthier.

Using the convection and steam cooking feature, you can easily bake dozens of mouth-watering dishes like chick quesadilla, spaghetti squash and meatballs, BBQ chicken nachos and macaroni and cheese!

Wait, there’s more to it. If you’re thinking this is the end, it’s not. Convection microwave ovens have a lot more features that you can use. Read below to find out!

Steam ovens preserve taste extra-ordinary well. So, here’s an interesting guide on RavvyReviews favorite steam ovens!

Extra features that you can use!

Convection microwave ovens have dozens of features that can constantly come in good use. If you’re a beginner then you need to know these features and where they can be used! And if you’re a kitchen expert then you might already know these features and are currently using them daily in your kitchen routine.

Convection microwave ovens are great for roasting, toasting, broil, crisping, and defrosting your food.

The direct heat from radiations and convection is great for broiling and crisping of food. These ovens have a built-in roasting mode that you can use to roast a turkey on Thanksgiving!

Do you know what’s the best part? A convection microwave oven can cook popcorn! Modern convection microwave ovens by Whirlpool has AccuPop settings that are best for making popcorn in the oven!

Check these ultra-cool impressive best countertop microwaves, you will be amazed by the modern features these kitchen appliances offer!


Now that you know the convection microwave oven uses, you can gear up and start baking mouth-water cuisines. I hope these uses will make your baking easier and tastier.

Let us know in the comments below if you found this article to be useful. How many uses did you know about convection microwave ovens? If you know more uses of convection microwave ovens, I would love to hear you out!

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