3 Best Bottom Load Water Dispenser Reviews and Buyer’s Guide!

Do you ever wonder how pleasing it is to have clean filtered water? Can you imagine how healthy it is to fulfill the required daily intake of water? That, with just one tap! Well, with the best water dispenser bottom load, you can fulfill your daily water necessity easily!

After intensive research, analysis and testing products by our valuable sources, RavvyReviews has chosen the best appliances in this list. Moreover, this article has a buyer’s guide to help you select the best bottom load water cooler that fits your needs. I’m sure this article will provide you with a complete understanding to track down the most suitable product for your workplace or home.

So, let’s get an insight into the best bottom loading water dispenser available on online!

Rank Product name Reason to buy
1 Avalon A4 Dispenser Best budget bottom loading water dispenser
2 Brio Dispenser Best for easy use: self-cleaning
3 Primo Water Cooler Best for all kinds of settings

Best budget bottom load water dispenser: Avalon A4

Avalon A4 bottom load dispenser test in kitchen
● Dimensions: 13 L x 12 W x 41 H inches ● Capacity: 3-5 gallons
● Weight: 42.2 pounds ● Bottle replacement indicator: Yes
● Material: Stainless steel ● Color: Black
● Child safety: Yes ● Self-clean: No
● Consistent temperature: Yes ● Night light: Yes
● Removable drip tray: Yes
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Reasons to buy Reasons to avoid
+ The dispenser provides water at a consistent temperature – Although the unit is designed to be placed near a wall, it generates a lot of heat when it is turned on
+ The BioGuard surface prevents any viruses or bacteria growth on the water cooler drip tray – It produces a loud noise when turned on
+ Safe hot water flow prevents burns from hot water

Avalon A4 bottom loading water dispenser offers 3 water temperatures- hot, cold, and room temperature water, thus, considering your water choice in any season. The stainless-steel design serves to hold hot and cold water. The Avalon A4 can easily incorporate 3-5 gallons of water jugs. Moreover, the bottom load is a great modern look that reduces the water spills during lifting. Also, it lights up an empty water bottle indicator, thus, informing you when a bottle needs to be replaced.

This sleek stainless steel water dispenser with a bottom load is designed stylishly, and it complements the decoration of your home or office by just fitting accurately.

Avalon community feedback – Thoughts after using the dispenser in our kitchen!

We interviewed several customers who tested the Avalon A4 in their homes to help you make the best buying decision. After hearing feedback from several users, we tested the Avalon A4 in our kitchen and found out a few genuine pros and cons of this water dispenser.

The water dispenser works great. You will get consistent water temperature whenever you use it. While testing the dispenser in our kitchen, we noticed that the dispenser starts indicating via a red light whenever its water bottle is about to get empty. Apart from this, there is nothing else you can expect from a water dispenser. It offers all the necessary features you may need in a water cooler.

For the cons, this water dispenser has some design issues that can be fixed. Anna states that she gets annoyed by the fact that this water cooler does not have enough space to place a jug underneath the tap.

“Whenever I have to fill a jug or a big container, the dispenser does not have enough space, and I have to stand there holding the jug until it is full.” – Anna.

Another thing that our team did not like about this water dispenser is that it produces a lot of heat and noise when you are using it. The noise is bearable, but still, we were not expecting this much noise from a water dispenser.

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Best for easy use: Brio self-clean dispenser

Brio water cooler tested
● Dimensions: 15.60 L x 12.20 W x 41.4 H inches ● Capacity: 3-5 gallons
● Weight: 41 pounds ● Bottle replacement indicator: Yes
● Material: Stainless steel ● Color: Silver
● Child safety: Yes ● Self-clean: Yes
● Consistent temperature: Yes ● Night light: Yes
● Removable drip tray: Yes
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Reasons to buy Reasons to avoid
+ Duel temperature mode and error notification light. – It is noisy when it’s running
+ Protects your loved ones, especially children, from hot water spout with a child-safety lock

Hydrate yourself with any temperature of water you like. This Brio dispenser offers 3-temperature settings. Moreover, this high-quality stainless-steel build dispenser has a self-clean function that eliminates dirt or harmful bacteria inside the water cooler.

Providing you with illuminating hydration, the Brio dispenser is equipped with built-in lights to help you pour water into your glass even in dim light. With a child safety lock, full control over water temperatures, and unmatched water quality, the Brio water cooler is one of the market’s finest bottom load water coolers.

Brio community feedback – Testing products in the kitchen

Our tests on this bottom load water dispenser indicate that this is a great water cooler to have. All the features that the company claims work fine. According to our team, the tests that we conducted on this dispenser turned out well too. The tests included: measuring water temperature (hot and cold) to check consistency, the noise it is producing while self-cleaning or operating, and checking if the dispenser’s child safety lock does prevent children from burning their hands or not.

This dispenser passed all the tests we conducted. It gave water with consistent temperature, did prevent burns via hot water lock, and the self-cleaning function did not produce a lot of noise.

Our team noticed that when we were testing the self-cleaning function after the dispenser’s timer for self-clean was over; we noticed that the dispenser was not giving cold water. This problem lasted for a couple of hours. After that, the dispenser was back up and working properly.

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Best for all settings: Primo water dispenser

Primo BPA-free Bottom Loading Water Dispenser
● Dimensions: 12.2 W x 14.2 L x 40.9 H inches ● Capacity: 5 gallons
● Weight: 38.9 pounds ● Bottle replacement indicator: Yes
● Material: Stainless steel ● Color: Black
● Child safety: Yes ● Self-clean: No
● Consistent temperature: Yes ● Night light: No
● Removable drip tray: Yes
Buy Primo Water Dispenser Bottom Load From
Reasons to buy Reasons to avoid
+ High quality durable stainless steel body – No night light. You will have trouble using it in the dark.
+ Safety by child-safety lock
+ Easy installation

Primo water dispenser easily accommodates 3 to the 5-gallon jug as a bottom load while giving you a choice between 3 different temperature settings. The dispenser boasts a stainless steel body that works well with water while keeping the look intact.

You also get a child safety lock with this dispenser. You no longer have to worry about any accidents. With a convenient bottle replacement indicator, you will be alerted as soon as a change is required. Say goodbye to checking the bottle all the time.

The best part about this water dispenser is the easy installation. You can install it anywhere, anytime, in only a few moments!

Primo community feedback – After testing the bottom loading water dispenser

The Primo bottom loading water dispenser is well-loved by the Primo buyers! It is primarily praised for looking sleek and stylish and having a super easy installation method. According to our tests, the water takes a little longer to cool down (about an hour), but the temperatures are consistent, and the flow is perfect.

We had the opportunity to interview several Primo community members on their Primo bottom loading water dispenser. The buyers were super satisfied with their purchase but had the same opinion on one missing thing: “It’ll be great if Primo could add a night light to the dispenser.” – Seraphina said.

Plus, there was an issue that a few users faced. They complained that the suction unit stopped working pretty soon. The suction unit is an integral part of a bottom loading dispenser, as, without it, the dispenser just wouldn’t function. So, Primo needs to focus on creating more sturdy suction pumps.

Buy Primo Water Dispenser Bottom Load From

How we tested the bottom loading water dispensers?

We tested out all the dispensers mentioned above to confirm all the specifications and determine how well they worked in practical use. We checked all the dispensers for some primary qualities, including:

  • Bottle replacement indicator: A huge plus so that the owner doesn’t have to open and check repeatedly.
  • Self-clean option: Cleaning out bottom loading dispensers is a chore. This option is a lifesaver.
  • Night light: It helps with drinking water at night. Many users (including us) agree so.
  • Child safety lock: Every dispenser should have a child safety lock. Unmonitored hot water is very dangerous.
  • Removable drip tray: It is easy to empty out.

Apart from the presence of the specifications mentioned above, we also tested the dispensers for noise, ease of use, easy installation, how well the water temperature was maintained, and whether the dispensers had a stainless steel body or not.

Dispensers do vibrate due to the motor but what matters is the noise. Considering that dispensers run almost all day long, they should not produce noise and become a nuisance, especially in office settings.

Talking about easy installation, most of the bottom load dispensers are easy to install. The pump is quite simple to put in, and the plugging-in process is pretty basic too. But when it comes to ease of use, the dispenser should have an understandable interface and appropriately stationed buttons.

The dispensers were tested for best temperature maintenance and how quickly they reached those temperatures. A dispenser should always have consistent temperature water; however, this ability falters after a few years.

Best Water Dispenser Bottom Load in a nutshell!

Whoa! This is a long list of top 7 beyond perfection dispensers available in the market. Did you fall in love with all these? Trust me, they are worth the price! Lastly, make your preferences clear about the quality of the dispenser you want. Do not compromise on having a clean, fresh, and purified water supply for your loved ones and you. It can be quite hard to choose from one of the above but I can assure you, any of these can be your best option!

So, hurry up! And shop the latest best water dispenser bottom load at Amazon and immediately begin a wonderful drinking experience just at your fingertips!

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