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Best Dish Cloths That Don’t Smell | 7 Top Rated Products


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Do you wonder how the best dish cloths that don’t smell differ from a regular dish towel? Have you ever given a thought as to why choosing the right dish towel for your kitchen is essential for you? Are you aware of the fact that multiple germs are in constant contact with smelly dish cloths?

Home kitchens exist to provide hygienic dishes. If the sole purpose of the home kitchen is destroyed by dirty kitchen tools and cloths then why would you prefer home cooked meals over restaurant food?

RavvyReviews strives to ensure your kitchen maintains top standards with the best kitchen appliances and tools that are available in the market. In my experience, dirty kitchen towels can drastically reduce the cleanliness level of a kitchen. I’ve stumbled across dozens of kitchens that use discouraged kitchen wipes.

That’s why I came up with this astonishingly long article on the best dish towels that don’t smell!

Make sure you stick with me till the end because I’ve a lot of interesting surprises regarding kitchen cloths for you below!

7 Best dish cloths that don’t smell!

  1. Homaxy dish towel that don’t smell

  2. Microfiber dish towel

  3. KinHwa Microfiber Dish Cloths

  4. Polyte Ultra Premium Dish Cloth

  5. Gryeer Microfiber Kitchen Cloth

  6. Homaxy Premium Microfiber Towel

  7. E-Cloth Home Set Microfiber Cleaning

I love working with these colorful towels. They're perfect for all kinds of kitchen chores!

- RavvyReviews

If you’re looking for perfect absorption then you’re at the right place! Homaxy kitchen towels are designed using a unique waffle weave that makes the towels airy and increases their absorption capacity. The 100% cotton material is extremely soft to the touch and leaves no scratches on your dishes whatsoever. Every wash makes the towel softer, no need to use any fabric softener or bleach, just wash at a normal pace in the machine and use as many times as you want!

Homaxy kitchen towels are available in 8 gorgeous colors to match any type of kitchen aesthetic that you’re going for. To top it all off, with prolonged use, they’re one of the best dish towels that don’t smell! Order your very own set on Amazon today to experience the ease.



The perfect dishwashing towel! Exactly what I was looking for, 5 stars indeed!

- RavvyReviews

Can’t find that perfect set of best dish cloths that don’t smell and are highly durable? Well, look no further! DoriHom Microfiber Dish Cloth Towels are the exact towels you need! With highly advanced microfiber technology and honeycomb design, these towels can fight away any kind of dirt with a slight rub. Best of all, no matter how long you use them, they won’t smell! Therefore, they’re perfect for washing dishes.

Soft to the touch and highly absorbent, these dishcloths can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can both hand wash them and wash them in the machine, with no obvious shrinking whatsoever. They’re simply magical. Place an order on Amazon today!



Their absorbency is incomparable! I'm glad I found these dishcloths

- RavvyReviews

Dish towels that are highly water absorbent are super rare to come by. Many brands claim ultra-absorbency but only a few prove it. KinHwa Microfiber Dish Cloth is one of those dishcloths that you can definitely trust! With a high absorbency rate and super quick-drying, it is the best at what it does. Wipe the dishes with it or the countertop, it’ll dry it all up super well. Plus, it won’t smell after use either, isn’t that just awesome?

The soft microfiber side is ultra-absorbent and cleans the dishes smoothly, while the poly scour side is great at rubbing off hard sticky particles but it won’t leave any scratches behind. This is definitely a two in one dishcloth! Get it today on Amazon!



Absorbs water really fast and doesn't stick to your hands like other towels at all! Will definitely buy again

- RavvyReviews

Every towel lacks at least something when you’re judging it but Polyte’s towels are all-rounders! With ultra-absorbent waffle weave, quick-drying material, and super large size, these towels are not only economical but also do their job perfectly. The microfiber material polishes the dishes while drying them, leaving a lovely shine. Moreover, the quick-drying ability prevents any moisture to accumulate, making these towels the best dish towels that don’t smell!

The microfiber material is of extremely high quality and won’t roughen up your hands or stick to them at all. These towels work well for hand drying too, definitely the best kitchen towels for drying hands! We weren’t lying when we said they were all-rounders. Buy them now on Amazon and fall in love with them!



Absolutely fantastic. These microfiber kitchen wipes was all I needed for my kitchen!

- RavvyReviews

Available on Amazon in three exciting colours, the Gryeer microfiber kitchen towel is all you need to wipe your wet dishes. Use these extreme absorbent best dish cloths that don’t smell to your advantage and dry up your kitchen essentials without worrying about leaving cloth lint all over your kitchen pans.

Gryeer’s microfiber is thick and soft. So, you get to enjoy the comfort of using this ultra-silky microfiber that can hold up to 25 times more water than usual dish towels. Get this amazing super-absorbent dish cloth along with a care instruction manual from Amazon asap!



I bought 2 packs of these and I’m about to order 2 more! Genuinely love these microfibers!

- RavvyReviews

If you want to experience the best kitchen cleaning experience, then this pack of microfibers is the best for you. I’ve personally used these microfibers and honestly, they DO NOT hold smell. The anti-bacterial microfiber by Homaxy has waffle weaves that ensures high-absorption and lint-free user experience.

Moreover, this premium microfiber is extremely soft and smooth. So, you can forget about ever scratching your valuable kitchen tools with these kitchen cloths. Do you want to get one of these for your kitchen? Head over to Amazon and buy this impressive kitchen essential now!



With this e-cloth, cleaning dish has become easy!

- RavvyReviews

Can you imagine only using water for cleaning your kitchen pans? This e-cloth is 1000 times finer than cotton and uses ultra-fine fibers to remove stains from your dishes without the need for any chemicals.

Since this set of cloths includes 4 general towels and glass cloth, you can use them for multi-purposes. The microfiber kitchen wipe removes 99% bacteria from dishes so you can get the top-level hygiene you deserve!

Check this astonishing kitchen cloth on Amazon for more details!



Odor-free cloths buyer’s guide

There are thousands of kitchen cloths on Amazon. Each seller has a variety of fabrics that they consider are suitable for washing and scrubbing dishes in a kitchen. However, that’s not the case. Kitchen dishes require specific kind of cloths that remain odor-free, and do not shed lint.

Out of hundreds of fabrics, I personally like to use nylon cloths in my kitchen because they are the best dish cloths that don’t smell.

So, without further ado, let’s see what factors are significant while buying a kitchen towels that don’t smell.


The size of your kitchen’s towel matters a lot. You do not want it to be lengthy neither do you want it too short. The right size of the dish towel will assist you while cleaning dishes as well as help you maintain the kitchen cloth easily.

The size of a kitchen towel depends on the size of your kitchen’s essential cooking utensils. You can find a variety of kitchen towels of various lengths on Amazon. Consider buying the cloths that you can use to easily clean or wipe your kitchen tools.


The material of your dish cloth determines whether the dish cloth will smell or not. Nowadays, microfiber and cotton towels are popular for wiping dishes.

These two types of cloths also become smelly after a while, that’s why I like to use nylon mixed dish cloths for scrubbing and washing dishes.

Although many cotton clothes become smelly, Amazon has a few anti-bacterial kitchen towels that prevent the growth of bacteria and keeps the annoying smell away from the fabric. Check these products now and buy one for your kitchen today!


While buying a kitchen fabric, the texture of the cloth matters a lot. The material of a fabric is NOT the only culprit that stocks odor. A rough textured cloth has small cavities on its surface. These cavities encourage the growth of bacteria which is the main cause of the funky smell.

During your kitchen experience, you might have noticed that plain textured fabrics reek A LOT less than textured cloths.

You can find tons of plain textured fabrics on Amazon that don’t smell. Check them now!


Honestly, for my personal use, I prefer my tools to be attractive. That’s the only reason ‘Attractiveness’ is a key feature while buying an odor-free kitchen towel. 

Eye-catchy kitchen towels attracts the chef. I personally feel an induced desire to use the dish towel only because it is attractive. This can help you as well. An attractive dish fabric can make you clean the dishes enjoyably.


I hate to say it, but cleaning is the only task in my kitchen that makes me scream in agony. Especially when I have to clean my kitchen towels. Washing dirty fabrics is a pain in the ass. That’s why its important that you buy a towel which is easy to clean and dry.

While buying a kitchen cloth, make sure it doesn’t hold any stains. These stains permit the growth of bacteria which you do not want in your plate towel.


Fabrics that do not absorb liquid are not meant to be used in a kitchen. If you’re buying a dish towel that cannot absorb water then you’re wasting your money. It doesn’t matter if your choice is built with the best fabric out there, if it cannot hold water then there is no purpose of buying a kitchen towel.

Thick towels tend to absorb water better. If you’re planning to dry up dishes then a thick towel is perfect for you. However, if you’re going to use a towel for wiping dishes then a thin towel will work fine as well. Visit Amazon now and buy a kitchen towel according to your requirements now!

Things to remember while buying the best dish towels that don’t smell

Kitchen towels are not what they seem. Many companies add softeners that enhance the touch and feel of the cloth but it is short lived. Right after one wash, the towel becomes rough. Trust me, you do not want to use a rough kitchen wipe. It’s annoying to use and the towel makes it hard to clean kitchen essentials.

The best kitchen towels are much heavier than usual kitchen cloths. If your towel is weaved from pure cotton and has dense loops, you’ve made the best choice. These towels are extremely durable and are the best kitchen towels for drying hands!

Another thing to notice is the 100% combed cotton tag on your kitchen wipe. The combed cotton allows the towel to absorb 25 times more water than any other kitchen wipe out there.

Moreover, the double-turned side stitches are another vital durability factor. The double-turned stitches make sure the towel doesn’t reduce frays. Thus, ensuring long-lasting kitchen towels.

Time to grab a kitchen towel!

There you have it. All you need to know for buying the best kitchen towels that don’t smell along with the top recommendations by RavvyReviews. For more details regarding dish towels, hop over to Amazon and browse millions of products right now!

Make sure to check my how to clean and organize your kitchen article. It covers a variety of kitchen tools and equipment that you can use to have a comfortable kitchen experience!

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