6 Best Glass Bowl Food Processor in 2022 With Buyer’s Guide!


With health and convenience the main priority nowadays, people have taken to choosing technology that best fulfills their requirements and keeps them safe at all times. Food processors with plastic bowls are usually not preferred due to BPA (toxin) leaching into your food plus the flimsiness of plastic. To help you out with this, we’ve compiled a list of the best glass bowl food processors in 2022! Read through the carefully handpicked products below and select your favorite one. The buyer’s guide at the end will also be a lifesaver in terms of choosing the best glass bowl food processor. Let’s dive in!

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List of 6 Best Glass Food Processor in 2022!

  1. Hamilton Glass Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper – Best Food Processor with Glass Bowl
  2. Hamilton 70725 – Best Budget Glass Food Processor
  3. Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY – Best Heavy-duty Glass Food Processor
  4. MOSAIC Mini Glass Food Processor
  5. GE 12-Cup Powerful Glass Food Processor
  6. NutriChef NCBL1700 Countertop Glass Blender Food Processor

6 Best Glass Food Processors in 2022! – Product Review Table!

Product ImageNameSizeWeightPrice
Hamilton Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper 10 cups4.7 pounds
  • Hamilton 12-Cup Stack & Snap Glass Container Food Processor
  • 12 cups 6.57 pounds
    Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14 cups 18 pounds
    MOSAIC Mini Glass Food Processor 5 cups 4 pounds
    GE 12-Cup Powerful Food Processor 12 cups 10 pounds
    NutriChef NCBL1700 10+ cups13.84 pounds

    1. Hamilton Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper – Best Food Processor with Glass Bowl

    This food processor takes up less space on my counter yet chops so much at a time! Super happy with my purchase.

    – RavvyReviews
    • Dimensions: 10.25 x 8.43 x 15.47 inches
    • Item weight: 4.70 lbs
    • Brand: Hamilton Beach

    This versatile food processor by Hamilton has a stainless-steel S-blade to chop and cut vegetables. The food processor can hold more food but still manages to have a sleek design to not crowd your countertop.  How convenient!

    Hamilton food processor useful features!

    This food processor comes with a bowl scraper attachment, which allows you to remove every bit of food from the container. The attachment works by scraping the sides of the container whilst the blade is chopping the food, saving you time. Furthermore, it has a large container that can contain 10 cups of food at once and gives the option to put food in between the chopping process through the large chute.

    The food processor gives you a choice between 2 speeds plus pulse to give you versatility when chopping food.

    Design and usability of Hamilton glass bowl food processor

    The Hamilton Beach food processor is quite longstanding. The powerful 450 Watts motor in the processor makes chopping harder foods easy, and it can function for a longer time. The S-blade is reversible to make the functionality of shredding and slicing any vegetables, fruits, or cheese.

    Following the ideology of Hamilton Beach to make life easier, the food processor is BPA-free, letting you wash it easily in the dishwasher.

    Use of different bladesUtilizes greater electricity
    Easy to cleanLacks other chopping settings
    Sleek design and compact shape 

    2. Hamilton 12-Cup Stack & Snap Glass Container Food Processor

    A splendid food processor with a huge capacity at a low price. What more can I ask for? 100% satisfied.

    – RavvyReviews
    • Dimensions: 9.55 x 8.76 x 16.25 inches
    • Item Weight: 6.57 lbs
    • Brand: Hamilton Beach

    This sleek and modern-looking food processor is made from stainless steel and has various functionalities to chop, cut, or puree food. This is a very user-friendly processor and requires no effort when operating.

    Benefit-rich features of Hamilton 12-cup food processor

    This food processor by Hamilton Beach is effective and efficient as it has an easy stack and snaps assembly that prepares your desired food. It has four modes which chop, slice, shred, and mix the food by following the function guide.

    The food processor is bigger than its competition as it has a capacity of 12 cups of food at once. Furthermore, the strong 450 Watts motor can puree, chop or slice any vegetable or food that you put in. The food processor comes with individual components, which include the blade, lid, and bowl that can be configured easily.

    Design and usability of Hamilton 12-cup glass bowl food processor

    The food processor caters to customers’ needs by having a large chute to allow variously sized and a large number of foods to be fed from the top to save time. The product is dishwasher safe and can be easily put apart to clean effectively. The best thing about this processor is that its saves storage on the countertop by providing a cord storage area to de-clutter your counter.

    Reversible disc for diverse functionsThe design is minimal and not attractive
    Large size to process more food at once 
    Easy to assemble to save time 
    Cost is cheap compared to other food processors 

    3. Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY Food Processor Glass Bowl

    This is the most powerful food processor I’ve ever come across. It is perfect for huge gatherings and quick cooking!

    – RavvyReviews
    • Dimensions: 11 x 7.9 x 14.8 inches
    • Item Weight: 18 lbs
    • Brand: Cuisinart

    This premium food processor by Cuisinart is diverse, powerful, and efficient. The food processor comes with various slicing discs, shredding discs, and a chopping blade that will perform all food processing that is required. This processor is the largest and most powerful in its competition and will be the most effective tool in your kitchen.

    Features of Cuisineart food processor that will help you in the kitchen!

    The food processor has multi-functional parts, which include a 4-mm standard slicing disc, a medium shredding disc, and a stainless-steel chopping blade. The work bowl for this processor is the largest as it can hold 14 cups of food, and the feed tube allows both large and small quantities of food to be pushed through with varying pushers.

    Furthermore, the food processor has a 720-Watt motor that can power through any food and has a varying speed setting with a separate on and off button.

    Design and usability of Cuisineart food processor!

    This food processor by Cuisinart is the epitome of precision as it cuts the smallest of vegetables to kneading the heaviest of doughs with its stainless-steel blades and discs.

    This machine is as versatile as any kitchen tool can get, with the functionalities of mixing, chopping, slicing, shredding, kneading, emulsifying, pureeing, and mixing dough. The size of this processor is the most in its competition as it can work 14 cups at a time, and its durability is the staple of Cuisinart products.

    3-year limited warrantyRelatively expensive than its competitors
    Comes with recipes to help customers 
    Dishwasher safe to ensure cleanliness 
    Long cord to use anywhere 

    4. MOSAIC Mini Glass Food Processor

    I have never felt this much at ease with a food processor before. This one is so easy to handle, clean, and use.

    – RavvyReviews
    • Dimensions: 9.65 x 8.86 x 7.28 inches
    • Item Weight: 4 lbs
    • Brand: Mosaic

    This user-friendly food processor by Mosaic is a staple product for any kitchen as it is versatile, effective, and efficient. The 400 Watts motor is energy efficient but makes sure that you can grind, chop, or puree the food as required. The processor is durable as it has titanium-coated blades, which chop vegetables, grind meat, or puree fruit within seconds in a neat manner.

    Electric glass bowl food processor helpful features

    This electric food processor by Mosaic is sleek in design and fits easily on your countertop. This processor is multi-functional with varying blade settings that allow you to grind meat or chop any types of fruits, vegetables, or other foods.

    The reason this product is a customer favorite is because of its easy resetting through the start button and designated place for its cord to keep it organized. The processor demonstrates its effectiveness by the ease of disassembling and quick washing to ensure hygiene.

    Design features

    The stainless-steel body makes the food processor light and versatile. Mosaic has outlined user comfort, and it provides that through this product’s easily detachable blades that can be wiped off the remaining food. The glass bowl of 1-liter capacity can process any type of food to suit your need in any recipe. It has a revolutionary feature that controls the speed of the pulsing based on the pressure you apply to it.

    Dishwasher friendly and easy to disassembleAccommodates less food
    Smaller motor size making it energy efficient 
    Multi-speed to allow varying food processing 

    5. GE 12-Cup Powerful Glass Food Processor

    Such a powerful food processor! It can chop everything. So glad I bought it!

    – RavvyReviews
    • Dimensions: 10.3 x 11.4 x 16 inches
    • Item Weight: 10 lbs
    • Brand: GE

    This user-friendly food processor deserves a place in your kitchen as it is powerful, can perform various functions, and is super easy to use. The GE food processor is unique as it features various speed settings and has the flexibility to cater to every type of food.

    Features of GE food processor with glass bowl

    This food processor by GE is the most durable and powerful machine in its category and works effectively to chop, grind or mince any types of fruits, vegetables, or meats. The motivation of GE with this processor to ensure power and make this product able to work with any type of food, so it is fitted with a 550 Watts motor. The food processor has a sleek overall design in stainless steel that would look beautiful on your countertop.

    Design and usability of GE

    GE’s food processor allows you to vary food processing by operating at 2 different speeds or even in a pulse setting. Versatility and the ability to process various things with one product are essential in the kitchen to save space and time.

    This glass bowl food processor has come up with the perfect option of 3 different blades, which include the main stainless steel, medium-fine reversible slicing, and a shredding disc, which gives you the freedom to chop and cut anything. Another handy design that makes this product desirable for customers is the built-in power cord storage that declutters your kitchen.

    A suction cup allows you to mix without worrying that the food processor would moveIt weighs more than its competitors
    Easy assembling to save time 
    Fancy stainless steel design 

    6. NutriChef NCBL1700 Countertop Blender Food Processor

    So easy to use with the LCD screen and time setting! Absolutely in love with these efficient features.

    – RavvyReviews
    • Item Dimensions: 7.8 x 7.9 x 19.28 inches
    • Weight: 13.84 lbs
    • Brand: NutriChef

    This digital food processor is revolutionary in its category as it has modern features and relies on the latest technology. It looks modern and is durable to process, blend, or pulse any type of food. Customers need to move forward with technology, and this kitchen tool is what will fulfill their requirements.

    Features of digital countertop blender

    The NutriChef digital electric kitchen countertop blender has large storage that can hold 1.7 liters of food, which it can blend with 3 default presets. Whether you want to chop the vegetables finely, puree tomato for soup, or blend fruit into a smoothie, this food processor will do it efficiently.

    The food processor is modern in its features as it lets you adjust time and speed, plus the functionality of blending it for either 10 minutes or 5 minutes at your desired speed. It is equipped with a digital LCD screen that indicates time, speed, and mode for easy food processing.

    Design and usability

    This unique food processor comes with stainless steel blades that spin and chop any type of food effectively. The high speed of the motor allows hard foods to be cut into pieces or pureed easily. The container has an easy to pour spout to ensure that you get all the food out easily with the spatula. This food processor is strain restraint and can be disassembled easily to clean.

    Dishwasher friendlyNo warranty for the product
    Low price for the size of the motor 
    Modern and sleek design for aesthetics 

    Buyer’s guide to buying the best food processor with glass bowl!

    It is essential to choose the right products for your kitchen to ensure that you get the best output and efficiency. The kitchen is the most important component of every home, and making sure that the best food processing products are there to aid your food preparation is important.

    We have thoroughly discussed notable options for a food processor that range from the sleek design, modern features, and powerful motors to process any type of food. When shopping for kitchen tools, it is essential to keep a close eye on the features, design, and cost of the product.

    Let’s dive into the most important features you need to look out for while purchasing a food processor!

    Blades, speeds, and modes

    The first point that one should look carefully for is the specifications of the food processor. It is essential to see the types of blades, cutting options, and speeds the processor has.

    There are varieties of blades that are either simple stainless steel, 4-mm disc, or S-shaped blade that can finely chop vegetables, meats, or fruits. To get effective food processing, a processor must have different options that can rotate dynamically and cut from all angles.

    Furthermore, it is essential to have the option of varying speeds, so the foods can be cut consistently in a uniform shape, and the addition of pulse option lets you mince foods.

    Power consumption of the processor

    Another facet to be careful about when buying a food processor is the power that the processor consumes to function. A high-power motor can process food effectively but has the downside of consuming more electricity.

    It is essential to make sure that the food processor blades and discs get the required power to work effectively, and the timing of this processing is important. During the preparation of a recipe, there is a simultaneous need to prepare vegetables, chopping meat, or dicing onion to get the desired taste in the dish being prepared.

    Design, weight, and cord space

    The design and physical look of the food processor are important as it is a tool that will occupy space on your kitchen countertops or shelves. If the design is sleek and the weight is less of the food processor, then that is beneficial.

    Oftentimes, the power cord of a food processor gets tangled with other utensils, leading to a hassle in the kitchen and unwanted accidents. If there’s a place for the power cord within the food processor, then that will prove beneficial and help declutter the kitchen counters and cabinets.

    Dishwasher friendly and disassembling

    Cleanliness is also essential in the kitchen, so if the food processor is dishwasher friendly, then it gets easier to clean the bowl and reuse the food processor again. Furthermore, if the components of the food processors are easy to disassemble, then it becomes easy to clean and remove the remains of the foods.

    FAQs for the best glass bowl food processors

    Is a food processor worth buying?

    It is definitely worth buying a food processor as it can be multi-functional and perform multiple requirements while preparing food. The automation of food cutting, chopping, or mincing saves time and makes kitchen tasks easier.

    You can also make a smoothie with a food processor. Read this article to learn more!

    What is the best size food processor to buy?

    The size of the food processor would vary according to the customer’s requirement. If large amounts of foods are to be processed at once, then larger bowls are required, which can accommodate more than 10 cups at once. However, if space is an issue in the kitchen, then a smaller-sized food processor should be bought.

    What is the best food processor for home use?

    The best food processor for home use would be the diverse food processor by GE that is powerful, sleek in design, and efficient with food processing. The larger motor would cater to chopping, cutting, or mincing larger amounts of foods at once. The ease of washing components would keep the hygiene in check. The separate compartment for storing the power cord will declutter your kitchen.

    What food processor do professional chefs use?

    Professional chefs use advanced food processors that are multi-functional. The NutriChef digital electric kitchen blender is a professional blender as it has various functions, settings, and speed options. The variety of blades, discs, and cutting tools make it diverse for various types of foods and functionalities. The modern and sleek design with a digital LCD that shows the power and speed of the food processor gives it a professional look.

    Concluding my thoughts on the best glass bowl food processor reviews!

    Overall, food processors are a must-have in the kitchen, and to find the best fit processor for yourself, one must know their own requirements. Food processors have advanced with time and can perform multiple functions at once whilst saving time and energy consumption. The right food processor would save time, utilize the components effectively, process foods as required, and must be easy to use. We hope this article helped you out tons!

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