4 Best Microwaves Under $150 in 2023! [Buying Guide Included]

Renovating your kitchen can be a pain in the butt. Although the joy that comes after witnessing the ravishing new look and feel of your kitchen is incomparable, this entire journey can be painful when you’re spending thousands of greens per week just to get that perfect kitchen look!

So, that’s why RavvyReviews brings you a budget-friendly list of microwave ovens that will best suit your kitchen! The microwave ovens on this list have the best user reviews and benefit-rich features that will assist you in your everyday kitchen routine!

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the list of 4 best microwave under $150 in 2023!

Rank Product name Reason to buy
1 Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Best microwave under $150 overall
2 Farberware microwave Best microwave for office break room
3 Black & Decker EM031MB11 Best microwave for college dorm
4 COMFEE’ EM720CPL-PM Best microwave for small spaces

Best microwave under $150 overall: Toshiba EM131A5C-BS

Toshiba EM131A5C-BS test in kitchen
● Dimensions: 17.14 L x 20.51 W x 12.83 H inches ● Capacity: 1.2 cubic feet
● Weight: 34.6 pounds ● Wattage: 1550 Watts
● Material: Stainless steel ● Color: Black
● Eco-mode: Yes ● Easy to clean: Yes
Buy Toshiba EM131A5C-BS From
Reasons to buy Reasons to avoid
+ The microwave produces low noise and is perfect for quiet places. – The keypad is not properly illuminated. It’s a trouble to use this oven in the dark.
+ The cooking presets are intelligently set and they ensure your meals never get burnt.

The EM131A5C-BS features an energy-saving eco mode that powers the 1.2 cubic feet huge cooking cavity without compromising on the microwave’s heating standard. The EM131A5C-BS features a pre-programmed sensor and 10 power setting options allowing easy cooking for all the famous foods like pizza, potatoes, veggies, and much more! Furthermore, the one-touch start interface, along with the large digital display, eases the user experience of this handy kitchen appliance!

The cooking cavity is built to easily defrost foods under 1 lb. while ensuring even cooking. Moreover, the microwave has an easy-to-clean interior in case of spills and splatters that can prolong and destroy your wonderful cooking adventure.

Feature Analysis Performance Rating
Cooking result ★★★★★
Noise produced Low
External temperature Low
Cooking presets ★★★★☆
User interface ★★★★★
Cooking capacity ★★★★☆
Required counter space Moderate
Energy consumption Moderate

Toshiba community feedback – Testing Toshiba microwave in the kitchen!

We conducted a survey that included 20 people who bought the Toshiba microwave from various sellers online. According to our interview, more than 60% of the people were more than satisfied with their new microwave oven.

Around 10% of the customers did claim that the microwave oven did all the tasks well; however, these customers were annoyed with the interior light and said that the light would flicker every now and then.

Apart from this, while testing the microwave in our kitchen, we tested it by making popcorn, reheating pizza, and defrosting a pound of chicken. The results we got were great. The microwave didn’t burn the bag of popcorns on its ‘popcorn’ settings, the pizza we got was properly warm and wasn’t dry, and the chicken defrosts quickly.

All in all, we recommend this microwave oven as the best overall microwave for under $150.

Buy Toshiba EM131A5C-BS From

Best microwave for office break room: Farberware microwave

Farberware microwave product testing
● Dimensions: 20.2 L x 16.54 W x 12.03 H inches ● Capacity: 1.1 cubic feet
● Weight: 25.75 pounds ● Wattage: 1000 Watts
● Material: Steel ● Color: Silver
● Eco-mode: No ● Easy to clean: Yes
Buy Farberware Microwave From
Reasons to buy Reasons to avoid
+ Has a child lock for extra safety. – The interior isn’t made of stainless steel.
+ Warms up food thoroughly.
+ Doesn’t take up too much space.

The Farberware FMO11AHTBKB countertop microwave offers you 10 power levels with 6 cooking presets, which are all you need to warm, reheat, and cook your favorite meals. You also get the option to defrost by weight or time, making your cooking experience hassle-free.

This smart microwave also lets you store your most-used settings through its memory function.

Coming over to the user interface, the keypad has clear markings of every feature, making it easily understandable. Plus, the LED is bright and quite readable.

The addition of a child lock makes this appliance a quick pick for many!

Feature Analysis Performance Rating
Cooking result ★★★★★
Noise produced High
External temperature Moderate
Cooking presets ★★★★☆
User interface ★★★★☆
Cooking capacity ★★★★☆
Required counter space Moderate
Energy consumption Moderate

Farberware community feedback – After testing the microwave in kitchen

We got the opportunity to interview multiple Farberware community members to record their opinion on their Farberware FMO11AHTBKB countertop microwave. Many users agreed that this microwave works really well for a less than $150 microwave. It gets the food hot and boils water nicely.

The microwave is small enough to fit in tight spaces, yet it has enough room to warm up things appropriately. Moreover, it was appreciated for the presets too, we can agree.

The primary issue that most of the users faced was that the microwave was a little too loud. Moreover, some users complained that the beeps sounded at the end even after the cycle was stopped midway. This is an issue that Farberware should fix.

Another issue that arose was that the inside of the microwave is pretty dark. The LED inside does its job, but not by much. It would be better if the inside was of a lighter shade so that we could see the food from the outside.

Buy Farberware Microwave From

Best microwave for college dorm: Black & Decker EM031MB11

Black and decker microwave testing in kitchen
● Dimensions: 20.2 L x 15.6 W x 12.1 H inches ● Capacity: 1.1 cubic feet
● Weight: 30.6 pounds ● Wattage: 1000 Watts
● Material: Stainless steel ● Color: Black
● Eco-mode: No ● Easy to clean: Yes
Buy Black & Decker EM031MB11 From
Reasons to buy Reasons to avoid
+ Its a bit compact and can fit under a cabinet. Perfect for dorm rooms as it also adds black aesthetic look to the room. – The keypad buttons are a bit hard and at time you will have to double press to change the settings.
– The clock does not have a 24-hour clock settings and the timer function takes input in minutes only.

The EM031MB11 comes with a one-year warranty. Bring home this unique metallic black finish microwave that has a 1.1 cubic feet large cooking cavity and 10 built-in power levels for making mouth-water dishes.

Black and Decker’s prime focus is safety. That’s why this microwave has a child safety lock which prevents your children from using the microwave without your permission!

Feature Analysis Performance Rating
Cooking result ★★★★☆
Noise produced Low
External temperature Low
Cooking presets ★★★★★
User interface ★★★☆☆
Cooking capacity ★★★☆☆
Required counter space Low
Energy consumption Low

Black & Decker community feedback – Testing the microwave in the kitchen!

According to our survey and the interviews of Black and Decker’s customers, we found that over 74% of the customers are happy with the EM031MB11 microwave oven.

Our team tested the microwave in our kitchen, and we found some pros and cons that we would like to put forward that will help you make the best buying decision.

Our team tried cooking popcorns, pizza, steak, veggies, and a frozen chicken in this microwave oven. The popcorn, pizza, and veggies came out amazing. After reheating the steak and defrosting the chicken, our team found that completing the task required more time than usual. Upon investigation, we found that since the microwave has a low power input, it requires more time to heat or cook the food than bigger ovens can do quickly.

Moreover, our team found issues in the built quality of the microwave oven. The keypads and the door button are very hard. At times we had to double or triple press the buttons to make the microwave register our input. The microwave is also great for placing under or inside a cabinet.

Buy Black & Decker EM031MB11 From

Best microwave for small spaces: COMFEE’ EM720CPL-PM

coffee microwave under 150 testing
● Dimensions: 17.3 L x 13 W x 10.2 H inches ● Capacity: 0.7 cubic feet
● Weight: 20.3 pounds ● Wattage: 700 Watts
● Material: Stainless steel and plastic ● Color: Pearl white
● Eco-mode: Yes ● Easy to clean: Yes
Reasons to buy Reasons to avoid
+ Comes with a silent button. – Less cooking capacity due to very small size.
+ Has the energy saving Eco-mode.
+ Comes with 11 power levels.
+ Has a child safety lock.

You can save up to 50% energy on ECO mode with the COMFEE’ EM720CPL-PM countertop microwave oven. Utilize the 11 power levels plus 6 fun presets and cook your food perfectly in minutes.

This microwave also comes with a mute button, so you don’t have to worry about those annoying beeps anymore. The child safety lock comes as a bonus and makes things even more convenient. Moreover, the interface is pretty user-friendly, and the overall look of the microwave is quite sleek and stylish.

Feature Analysis Performance Rating
Cooking result ★★★☆☆
Noise produced Moderate (mutable)
External temperature Moderate
Cooking presets ★★★★☆
User interface ★★★☆☆
Cooking capacity ★★★☆☆
Required counter space Low
Energy consumption Low

COMFEE’ community feedback – After testing the microwave in kitchen

Upon interviewing members of the COMFEE’ community, we got to know that the COMFEE’ EM720CPL-PM countertop microwave oven is quite a useful appliance. We very much appreciated it for its mute feature. Many people are annoyed by the microwave beeps, so this little silent feature is a huge pro. Moreover, we also appreciated the design and interface of the microwave.

People commented on how tiny the microwave actually was. Many buyers were happy with the size, saying that it fits perfectly on the counter and is appropriate for quick reheating and defrosting. But other buyers argued that it was much too small to be convenient.

Another thing that was pointed out was that it took a lot longer to reheat food. However, that is expected considering that the microwave is 700 watts only. Plus, some users pointed out that the glass turn table was a little loose.


How we tested the microwaves under $150?

To find the best microwaves under $150 in the right order, we conducted a series of tests on the products mentioned above. We tested the microwaves on different parameters and the presence of various features. The parameters are as follows:

  • Cooking result
  • Noise produced
  • External temperature
  • Cooking presets
  • User interface
  • Cooking capacity
  • Required counter space
  • Energy consumption

To start off, we compared the microwaves price-wise and their sizes and capacities. Of course, even the best microwaves under $150 won’t be large in size, but by the end of the day, we’re actually looking for the size to-capacity ratio.

After that, we ran the microwaves and tested their presets plus power levels. We observed how easy it was to operate the microwaves and how user-friendly the construction was. We tested to see if the door opened easily and if the glass turn table was secure enough.

We tested the microwaves on different food items such as popcorn, water, coffee, reheating gravies, vegetables, sauces, and defrosting meats. We tested how powerful the appliances were and whether they heated the food up as described or not.

The appliances were also tested for noise and the heat they emitted. Finally, as extra features, we looked for a child lock, stainless steel build, Eco-mode, and silent feature.

What features to look for before buying a microwave under $150?

Buying the perfect kitchen appliance for your home can be tedious especially when there are thousands of models and dozens of companies to choose from. Sure, you will find hundreds of similar articles that provide you with a different list of 4 best microwave oven under $150.

That’s because everyone has a distinct interest. Before you buy a microwave oven under $150, its better you do your research and learn about the diverse features these microwaves offer. A few clicks on Google will get you loaded with enough insights regarding microwaves under $150. This will help you decide which model will best suit your requirements and your kitchen.

Here are a few questions you must ask yourself before you buy a microwave:

  1. What are the best benefit-rich features I can get in a microwave under $150?
  2. What online marketplace is the best to buy a microwave under $150?
  3. How much warrantee do I get when I buy a microwave under $150?

A gazillion questions can pop in your mind before buying a microwave oven for your kitchen. However, these three questions are crucial because they will help you pick the best microwave under $150 without you having any second thought!

Ask yourself these questions so you will never have to worry about missing the exciting features that top microwave companies offer. Read below and find out what things to look for when buying a microwave under $150.

What are the best benefit-rich features I can get in a microwave under $150?

My aim is to recommend you the best microwave oven you can get under $150. The list above might include some microwave models that you’ve already come across. Researching your own best microwave is always a great idea.

Why? Because the entire choice is yours.  

Obviously, no researcher on the internet can have similar point of view. Thus, you will hardly find guides that are totally your interest centric.

So, how do you identify benefit-rich features in microwaves? Well, after inspecting every feature that’s available in the microwave ovens today, I’m writing this guide just to help you identify the top modern microwaves so you can enjoy the finest cooking experience!

Here are the top features of microwaves that are available in online stores today:

  1. Sensor Cooking
  2. Cooking presets
  3. Eco mode (energy saver)
  4. Touch keypad
  5. Quick defrosts
  6. Remote control

Sensor cooking

Sensor cooking has made our lives easy. The days of over-cooked food are gone thanks to these tiny devices that automatically adjust the temperature to avoid cooking mishaps. Since sensors have become a necessity this premium feature is now available in budget-friendly microwave models.

Sensors adjust the temperature of the microwave according to the steam your food gives off while it’s cooking. Expensive microwaves have much more accurate technology that prevents over-cooking.  

Check out the table above to learn which microwaves have this premium feature. Make sure you select the microwave that has sensor cooking because it can save you from A LOT of cooking mishaps!

Cooking presets

Cooking presets are factory-made cooking settings that can assist you cook food efficiently. These presets include reheating, making popcorns, soup, oatmeal, pizza, pasta, and many more. These options are designed to heat food at the preferred temperature so you can enjoy the best output!

Eco mode

Does your car support eco mode? Likewise, these modern microwaves have eco settings. This mode allows the appliance to consume relatively low power while providing the best output. On average, microwaves consume 1200 watts of energy. This mode can drastically reduce the power consumption of your microwave.

Appliances that use eco mode are said to consume 50% less power as compared to devices that don’t have eco mode. I strongly recommend that you make sure your favourite microwave has eco mode because it will save you from huge monthly recurring costs!

Touch keypad

Do you want to purchase a rusty old appliance that was dead during the days of your grandpa? Clearly not!

Touch keypad adds a modern feel in your microwave design. If you’re purchasing a brand-new kitchen appliance, you would obviously want to own an appliance that attracts you.

Touch buttons does just that. Indulge with the true modern microwave experience with the stylish touch keypads the microwaves offer in the list above. Make sure the microwave you select while researching has touch buttons so you can enjoy the elite experience at a budget-friendly price!

Quick defrosts

Frozen foods are super tasty yet they require a long time to prepare because of the lengthy thawing process. Modern microwaves can safe your time with the quick defrost features they offer!

The turbo defrost options in these modern appliances allows the microwave to evenly distribute heat, thus warming the food faster without hotspots.

Remote/voice control

Do you use voice command devices like Google Home or Amazon Alexa in your home? Yes? Then you’re in for a treat!

Latest microwaves have remote control feature that allows these appliances to connect with Google Home or Amazon Alexa. To configure a microwave, simple download the mobile application in your phone and connect the microwave to your phone via Wi-Fi. The application will easily detect your smart Home and configure it automatically!

Moreover, you can use the application to control the microwave as well! How cool is that? This feature is rare in budget friendly microwave options. There are multiple microwave models with remote control features in the list above. Pick your favorite microwave wisely! 

What online marketplace is the best to buy a best countertop microwave under $150?

There are dozens of online stores that offer the best online deals for kitchen appliances across the world. Depending on your location you should select an online vendor who offers the most reliable customer care and shipping service.

For most regions around the globe, Amazon is the number 1 platform for buying goods online. They have great customer care, return policy and shipping. Buying from Amazon can ease your online experience.

Besides Amazon, you can buy these products on BestBuy, Target and Walmart. Make sure you read the entire return and shipping policy before you order from these websites.

RavvyReviews is aware of the great shipping policy of Amazon and that’s why we always recommend using Amazon to our valuable readers!

How much warranty do I get when I buy a best countertop microwave under $150?

The duration of an appliance’s warranty depends on the manufacturer or company. Normally these microwaves have a 1-2 years warranty for the microwave tube. A few companies also offer free support and servicing for a limited time as well.

The products on the list above have at least 1-year warranty or support which is enough for a tension-free microwave experience!

Final thoughts on the best microwave under $150

There you have it. All there is to know about the best features that are available in microwaves under $150 and the list of best microwaves under $150. Let us know in the comments below which microwave model you’re using and what are your requirements. We will reply with the best microwave option within your budget.

Kindly share this article with your friends so they can get an update regarding the best budget microwave available in the market for the year 2023!

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