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4 Best Wall Oven for Under Counter Plus A Few Surprises!


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If you’re a food junkie, you will love this article about the best wall oven for under counter. These ovens are splendid for baking mouth-watering cuisines and making your audience fall in love with your baking magic!

Tell me, do you love the reviews you get after spending hours in the kitchen baking delicious cakes, muffins, or brownies that excite the taste buds of anyone who gets a bite of your secret recipe?

If you’re in a habit of baking, upgrading your equipment can be a racing thought on your mind.

Are you in search of finding the best electric wall oven for under counter in 2021? Do you want to compete with the best chefs in your town and make a name for yourself? Are your goals set, but need the guidance to buy the best oven for baking? Do you have what it takes to bake your way to success?

RavvyReviews brings an exciting list of the top 4 best electric wall ovens for baking in 2020! Moreover, we have 4 double wall ovens as well to help you decide which type of oven is best for your kitchen.

We will walk you through your journey to becoming a mouth-watering baking master!

We hand-pick only the best of the best products that are available near you! This review plus buyer guide will assist you to buy the best product for your kitchen!

For your convenience, the list contains ovens that are for personal use only with beginner to advance level options!

If you’re searching for commercial ovens, check our article here!

4 Best Electric Wall Oven for Under Counter!

Image & Name

Features & Benefits

Features:  Stainless-steel interior, Tempered Glass Door, 6 Cooking Modes, 5-rack positions, 65-litre Cooking Capacity

Benefits: Easy-to-clean Interior, Efficient Cooking With Cooking Modes, Bake Multiple Meals at Once!

Features: Low-emission Glass Door, Enamel Coating Interior, 2.3 Cubic Feet Cavity, 10 Temperature Levels, 4 Cooking Modes

Benefits:  Saves 250% Energy, Easy-to-clean Interior, Cooks Multiple Meals at Once, Efficient Cooking at 10 Temperature Levels 

Features: Low-emission Glass Door, Enamel Coating Interior, 2.3 Cubic Feet Cavity, 10 Versatile Cooking Options, Touch Keypad

Benefits:   Save up to 250% Energy, Easy-to-clean Interior, Can Cook Multiple Meals at Once in huge cavity, Efficient Cooking using 10 Cooking Levels

Features: Self-cleaning, Separate Fan for Convection, Low-emission Glass Door, 8 Versatile Cooking Options, 6 Rack Positions, Touch Controls

Benefits:  Saves Times for Other Chores, Excellent Browning, Saves 250% Energy Cost, Easy Cooking with 8 Options, Easy Input


Features:  Stainless-steel interior, Tempered Glass Door, 6 Cooking Modes, 5-rack positions, 65-litre Cooking Capacity

Benefits: Easy-to-clean Interior, Efficient Cooking With Cooking Modes, Bake Multiple Meals at Once!


Features: Low-emission Glass Door, Enamel Coating Interior, 2.3 Cubic Feet Cavity, 10 Temperature Levels, 4 Cooking Modes

Benefits:  Saves 250% Energy, Easy-to-clean Interior, Cooks Multiple Meals at Once, Efficient Cooking at 10 Temperature Levels 


Features: Low-emission Glass Door, Enamel Coating Interior, 2.3 Cubic Feet Cavity, 10 Versatile Cooking Options, Touch Keypad

Benefits:   Save up to 250% Energy, Easy-to-clean Interior, Can Cook Multiple Meals at Once in huge cavity, Efficient Cooking using 10 Cooking Levels


Features: Self-cleaning, Separate Fan for Convection, Low-emission Glass Door, 8 Versatile Cooking Options, 6 Rack Positions, Touch Controls

Benefits:  Saves Times for Other Chores, Excellent Browning, Saves 250% Energy Cost, Easy Cooking with 8 Options, Easy Input

Let’s jump into the list of the top 8 best electric wall ovens! This list has both, top ovens for under counter as well as double wall ovens. 

The oven climbs to temp slow but steady and holds a very constant temperature. I recommend it!

- RavvyReviews
  • Dimensions: 27 x 25.5 x 25.5 inches
  • Color: Stainless-steel
  • Weight: 80.8 pounds
  • Energy: 2000 watts


With a budget-friendly price tag, the Single Electric Wall Oven by GasLand Chef is a great fit for all the chefs out there who want to start their quest for baking.

Check the price of ES606MS on Amazon now and add this wonderful appliance to your kitchen!

With 6 cooking modes for effective cooking, this oven uses a maximum power output of 2000W, so you don’t have to worry about paying expensive electricity bills by the end of each month!

You get all stunning features in a beautifully designed 24-inch oven that will easily fit your kitchen interior.

With a budget-friendly price tag, the Single Electric Wall Oven by GasLand is a great fit for all the chefs out there who want to start their quest for baking. The GasLand Chef ES606MS features a 3-layer black tempered glass that provides you a beautiful view of your meal while it cooks to perfection!

You might be wondering what’s the capacity of GasLand Chef’s ES606MS? The company built the ES606MS keeping in mind all minor details. That’s why the ES606MS offers a 65 Liters large capacity chamber with a 5-layer shelf that you can use to place your grate grill or your favorite baking pan. 

The company offers professional support for its customers to ensure their product arrives safe and secure to your kitchen!



Easy to install. Great convection option. The stainless steel finish looks great. Good value!

- RavvyReviews
  • Dimensions: 23.43 x 20.67 x 23.43 inches
  • Color: Stainless-steel
  • Weight: 71 pounds
  • Energy: 2000 watts

Your baking journey must start with the best budget-friendly oven that’s packed with the top-quality features!

Empava brings you all the exciting features in a low-cost wall oven. You can buy the SA01 from Amazon right now! Check its price and add this stunning appliance to your cart right now!

With its 2.3 cubic feet large chamber, you can bake cuisines to feed family gatherings in a single go. The chamber offers 5 rack positions and a rack that you can use to position your meals according to your requirement.

The self-clean option is a blessing, but this feature is rare in a low-budget oven. Thus, the Empava’s SA01 has an enamel coating in the entire cavity that helps you easily clean stains. Nice!

The SA01 allows you to view your dish from a triple layer tempered glass, while it gets ready to be served. The glass uses low-emission technology that helps the oven heat 250% faster while saving electricity.

It offers a 24-inch wide cavity allowing you to easily fit this oven in your kitchen’s wall.

The company maintains its reputation by offering such great products while ensuring the products land safely to its customer’s kitchen!



A really good working wall oven with amazing features for a small price!

- RavvyReviews
  • Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 24 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 70 pounds
  • Energy: 3300 watts

Finding a great product for a decent price can be challenging when you’ve dozens of products available to choose from. Considering the low-budget buyers, Empava ensures its customers get the best features compressed at a small price.

Empava’s SWOC17 offers quality features that many high-budget ovens fail to provide. Buy the Empava’s SWOC17 today and add this powerful oven to your kitchen! Check the price on Amazon now!

With a 2.3 cubic feet large chamber, you get a rack and 5 rack positions to place your rack according to your necessity.

The Empava’s SWOC17 is built to offer you the quality cooking you deserve. It has 10 versatile cooking modes that can assist you in baking any kind of cuisine you have on your mind!

The SWOC17 works best for medium to high-temperature cooking. It uses a 3300W maximum output to produce 450°F which can be easily controlled by its easy-to-use digital LED touch display!

The SWOC17 is a 24-inch wide multi-function wall oven that can easily fit into your kitchen’s cavity!

The charcoal black color complements the impressive design that offers a multi-layer tempered glass for you to view your cuisine while it bakes to perfection!



A great oven that makes my daily baking routine a lot easier. I’m glad I made this purchase!

- RavvyReviews
  • Dimensions: 26.72 x 26.72 x 30.19 inches
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 80 pounds

Are you willing to pay a higher price to get your hands on an all-in-one oven? Do you want to automate your baking experience? Yes? Well, look no further!

Thanks to Empava, you can rest comfortably under your Air Conditioner while your oven automates your tasks for you. Get Empava’s 30-inch best electric wall oven for baking your next mouth-watering dishes. Visit Amazon for more details regarding this impressive appliance!

Are you worried about clean the oven after a long day in the kitchen? Not to worry, because this oven will clean itself, thanks to its self-cleaning function!

Do you prefer heating your food with hot air instead of risking it to burn from high temperatures of the element? The Empava’s 30-inch oven has a separate fan for convection. Meaning, the oven uses hot air to heat your food instead of heating it with the element.

Moreover, the oven can be set up to 11 hours and 59 minutes to cook food. Here’s the exciting part, the timer automatically shuts down whenever the food gets overcooked. It’s like buying a smart assistant that assists you during your baking. Impressive!

With 8 versatile functions like Sabbath Mode, Bake, Broil, Cony Broil, Conv Bake, Conv Roast, Warm/Proof, and Delay Start, we guarantee this purchase will be fruitful!

The low-emission black tempered glass saves 250% of the heat from the oven and gives you a nice view of your meal so you can activate your appetite at the right time.

Furthermore, the modern touch keypad and the stainless-steel finish will definitely attract eye-balls in a fancy kitchen!



I’m speechless! This oven has every feature a home-chef needs to cook mouth-watering meals for their family

- RavvyReviews
  • Color: Black and stainless-steel
  • Weight: approximately 120 pounds

When searching for a dual oven, you might prefer a mid-priced dual oven that has useful features that you require instead of an over-priced oven having multiple features that you will never use while it lasts.

Frigidaire knows what will make you crave their products that’s why they launched a mid-priced dual oven that has all the necessary features every baker requires.

Bring home this wonderful dual electric wall oven for baking mouth-watering cuisines. Check Amazon for more details!

The Frigidaire’s Gallery FGET2766UF is equipped with the company’s famous True convection technology that circulates hot air around the chamber to evenly bake your meal. Its dedicated convection element and fan ensures the air’s temperature is according to your set value while its Temperature Probe automatically maintains the temperature to prevent your meal from burning!

Preheat capabilities are ordinary, but many dual ovens fail to offer it. Just like we mentioned earlier, the FGET2766UF has everything you need for a wonderful baking experience. This appliance has a Quick Preheat feature that takes a few minutes to get the oven ready for you!

The dual black panel along with the stainless-steel bezels allow the Frigidaire’s dual electric wall oven to standout!

Additional to the modern design, the touchable keypad enhances the overall user experience.  



The design is so sleek and modern. The pre-heating time is what is so amazing to me!

- RavvyReviews
  • Dimensions: 30 x 50.75 x 45.75 inches
  • Color: Black and stainless steel
  • Energy: 2200-4000 Watts per oven

A single wall oven is not enough for you? How about we double the joy with double electric wall oven FGET3066UF by Frigidaire?

Double-wall ovens come in handy when you’ve dozens of cuisines to bake in a short period. The FGET3066UF can cater to all your baking needs with its innovative modern technology.  

If you’re planning to buy a dual oven, you can buy Frigidaire’s FGET3066UF at Amazon now! Visit Amazon now and place an order!

The quick preheat feature will instantly prepare the oven for you while you dress your meal before cooking it in the dual oven. Although the quick preheat feature is common in dual ovens, it is a life-saver when you’re in a hurry.

Besides the quick preheat function, this impressive dual oven has Frigidaire’s trademark Effortless temperature probe that will automatically notify you once the desirable cooking temperature is met and the oven automatically maintains this temperature until your meal is ready to be severed!

Do you hate being severed half-cooked meals that taste good on the outside but remain raw from the inside?

Well, you can farewell such mishaps if you bring home the FGET3066UF! It’s true convection feature, circulates hot air evenly in its entire chamber that ensures you enjoy fully cooked cuisines.

The smudge-proof stainless-steel built chamber makes the dual oven cleaning an effortless task even for rookies who don’t know how to clean an oven!

Packed exciting features, you get this impressive electric dual wall oven in a stainless-steel durable body that’ll definitely leave a long-lasting impression in front of your guests!



I shifted over to Frigidaire after reading a lot of positive reviews, I’m glad I made this purchase!

- RavvyReviews
  • Dimensions: 30 x 50.5 x 45.75 inches
  • Color: Stainless steel
  • Energy: 2200-4000 watts per oven

Are you looking for a top-tier dual oven that complements your expert baking skills? The Frigidaire’s FPET3077RF is the oven you must consider before you make a purchase!

Buy the professional FPET3077RF dual oven that’s available on Amazon right now! Check its details and bring this wonderful kitchen appliance to your home!

When it comes to your kitchen, the powerful FPET3077RF requires no time to start baking. With its PowerPlus No Preheat feature, you can simply turn on your dual oven and start baking. Surprised? That’s not all, the oven offers this feature in both of its chambers!


The Frigidaire’s FPET3077RF inherits top qualities like the PowerPlus Convection from its ancestors. With its powerful performance, you can bid farewell to half-cooked meals that irritate your taste buds!

Although we love to stay clean and healthy, taking out time from our busy routine to clean an oven can be challenging. Don’t worry, the FPET3077RF can take care of itself. Its 2-hour self-clean function washes away all the remains of your baking to give you a clean dual oven that’s ready to bake your next meal!

If you’re a fan of automation, you will love the timer available in this dual oven. You can set separate timers in both chambers that will simultaneously cook food while you take charge of your kitchen.



I shifted over to Frigidaire after reading a lot of positive reviews, I’m glad I made this purchase!

- RavvyReviews
  • Dimensions: 34 x 32 x 55 inches
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 328 pounds
  • Energy: 8600 watts both ovens


Never settle for anything lesser than the best! Bosch HBN8651UC is a top-of-the-line all-in-one dual oven having the best features you might want in a dual oven.

This powerhouse by Bosch will fulfill your every requirement quite easily. Simply sit back and relax, let the HBN8651UC take care of your kitchen!

Get this amazing all-in-one top-tier dual oven by Bosch at Amazon at a mind-blowing price! Check more details now!

Great things never come cheap. Although, the HBN8651UC has a high price, that includes stunning features like 12 specialized cooking modes, separate for each kind of meal you might want to prepare for your friends and family.

The dual oven offers convection that cooks your meal evenly to give you the ultimate taste you deserve. You can easily set the convection time by adjusting the timer function that will automatically shut down once the clock hits zero!

The timer function is extra-ordinary, it has the smart delayed-start capability allowing your oven to automatically start cooking your meal on the time that you prescribe!

The self-cleaning option eases your pain of using a dirty dual oven to bake your favorite meals. Its 2-hour self-clean cycle makes sure the oven’s stainless-steel shines when you’re about to use the electric wall oven for baking! 

With a large 4.6 cubic feet chamber, you can easily cook almost anything that you can imagine being served at your dinner table.

Furthermore, the touch control gives the oven an elegant finish while easing your user experience.



Best Electric Wall Oven for Under Counter Buyer’s Guide

Wow, that’s a lot of ovens to choose from. I know you might have loved a couple of products from the list, but which oven best suits your kitchen?

What details should you look for before buying an oven for your kitchen? What size best suits your kitchen or what features the oven must have that fulfills your requirements? If you’re searching for an in-depth guide, continue reading!

Right now, you’re dreaming big. That’s great, but always consider the minor flaws or obstacles that can derail you from your track.

Likewise, at the moment you’re just aiming to buy a pitch-perfect oven that is built to last years. You might be thinking that these ovens will have all your desired features. We are sorry to ruin your fantasy, but that’s not how it works.

Every oven manufacturer creates a product that is best for their target audience.

The oven brands continuously test what features are appreciated by their customers and what features were useless in their old models.

These brands either remove the useless features from their upcoming oven models. Or the companies sometimes upgrade useless features according to the current trends. Because these features are specially enhanced to suit the latest trends, big companies use these tactics in their marketing strategy!

There’s not a single oven brand that incorporates all the desired features of its customers into a single product.

Why? Because this will hurt the sale of their other products in the same category. For example, Whirlpool has over a gazillion ovens each unique in size, price, features, and type. If they integrate all features in a single product, this will harm their sale. 

So, if you’re planning to buy an oven for baking. You should consider a few details below!

Which type of oven is best for you?

There are around 5 to 6 types of ovens that rule the market place today. These types include conventional ovens, convection ovens, microwave ovens, microwave cum convection oven, and grill toaster ovens.

What suits you entirely depends on your interest. Some ovens have a large capacity but they consume a lot of electricity. While some ovens are gas-based, but they can heat your entire room making it challenging for you to bake your favorite meal.

Several multinational brands offer a variety of ovens to choose from. 

To choose which oven for baking will suit you best, here are a few things you must consider while buying an oven.

What to consider while buying an oven?

Choosing a perfect oven can be a challenging task when you know exactly what features you crave in your dream oven. If you’re investing in an oven, you might have a lot of goals to achieve with this investment.

But, if you end up wasting your money on a product that doesn’t provide you the features you want, you will drop back to square one. We don’t want that to happen, therefore you should have a list of some crucial features you must consider before you click the “Buy from Amazon” button beside the products above!

Here are 4 things you must consider before you buy an oven for your kitchen!

  1. Electricity consumption
  2. Size
  3. Capacity
  4. Ease to clean

Electricity consumption

Power consumption of an oven must be your top concern. Although a reliable oven is a one-time investment, the cost of power you must pay per month will be recurring.

If your oven eats up a lot of energy, you can kiss your money goodbye!

To stay away from massive power-consuming ovens, you must know how much energy costs you can afford monthly.

For electrical ovens, the average energy utilization is 2400 watts for cooking on a medium-high temperature level.

To calculate the monthly expense, let’s consider you’re running a restaurant and you spend 10 hours a day using the oven for baking. At $0.10 per kWh, the average cost of using an oven 10 hours a day is a whopping $73. That’s an extra $73 every month! Wow, that’s a lot!

You can easily save yourself from the burden of expensive electricity bills by making a smart choice. The time is now to make the right decision.

Try to go for ovens that consume 1000 to 3000 kWh on average while cooking food at medium to high temperatures.

Size of the oven for under counter

Will you buy a commercial oven that’s 60+ inches wide for your kitchen at home? Obviously not!

If you’re planning to buy a commercial oven for your kitchen at home, let us know why in the comment section below!

Another vital factor to consider before you buy an oven is its size. You cannot fit a 30-inch wide oven in an area that’s only 27-inches.

Before you start choosing the best oven from the list above, measure the free space you have in your kitchen that can easily fit an oven. Depending on the space, choose the best available oven that fulfills your requirements and complements the design of your kitchen!

Mostly, single ovens are 27 to 30 inches wide, so get the best oven that fits your space in the kitchen. Besides the external dimensions, the internal size of the oven is equally significant. This brings us to the next factor – capacity!


Don’t forget to look for the inner cavity of the oven. The best oven for your kitchen will have enough space to accommodate your favorite baking pans and sheets. Some ovens come with grills that create extra space for multiple baking pans.

A roomy oven is handy at times when you’re planning to bake a lot of cuisines in a little amount of time. The capacity of ovens ranges from 2 cubic feet to 4 cubic feet. You have a lot of options to choose from, choose wisely!

Ease of cleaning

Cleaning an oven can be a hassle when you have to scrub off the spills and splatters of your favorite cuisines every week!

If you’re planning to use your oven daily, cleaning your oven will be a weekly chore on your to-do list. Modern oven models have a self-cleaning function that can help you save a lot of time for a higher price. These ovens have plenty of insulation that helps the oven maintain a high temperature for a longer time. The insulation saves up electricity and reduces the cost of your annual bills!

We have an in-depth article on “how to clean your oven”. If you’re seeking professional guidance regarding “how to clean your oven”, make sure you check the link!

If a self-cleaning oven is in your budget, you must consider buying it for your kitchen!

What features your oven must-have?

Wow, that’s a lot of stuff to look for before buying an oven! Thanks to RavvyReviews, you now know what factors you must consider before buying an oven for baking!

Let’s move on towards what features can make your oven the best fit for your kitchen. Just for your convenience, we have a list of the top 9 features that can ease your baking experience.

  1. Convection
  2. Dual Oven
  3. Glass Doors
  4. Timer and Delayed Start Function
  5. Adjustable Broil
  6. Lockout Control
  7. Backlit keypad
  8. Easy Wi-fi Connect
  9. Steam Mode

Let us briefly explain why each feature is important so you can opt for the best features you want in your oven!


Convection is a process in which hot air rises to the top while cool air sinks to the bottom. Usually, electric ovens have a separate fan and a convection element that is used to circulate hot air within the oven.

Convection can drastically reduce the cooking time for most of the cuisines you’re planning to bake for your friends or customers!

Moreover, convection saves you from scrubbing pesky charcoal marks from your oven grills because these ovens use hot air instead of fire to cook the food.

Dual Oven

Have you ever found yourself in a tough situation where you had to bake two separate cuisines at the same time on distinct temperatures?

Do you remember your recent special occasion? The time when you couldn’t bake that yummy turkey and pumpkin pie together because you had a single oven?

Dual ovens are the best when you have multiple dishes to bake simultaneously. Depending on the space and temperature, you can use either of the two ovens that are perfect for your meal.

In most dual ovens, the convection feature is only available in the lower oven having the bigger capacity. While some dual electric ovens support similar features in both ovens.   

Glass Door

How many times do you peek through the oven door to watch your food while it is cooking?

Admit it, we all love staring at our food while it is cooking because we cannot wait to taste the success of our hard work!

Not only glass doors add a modern touch to your oven’s design, but they can also save you from a lot of trouble as well!


It’s common to accidentally overbake your meals because you can never estimate the exact temperature and time your food will require to cook. Thus, glass doors facilitate you on such occasions. You can peek through the glass and continuously monitor the meal until it cooks to your satisfaction level!

“Thank you glass doors; you’ve done a great job protecting my meal!”

Timer and Delayed Start Function

It’s a new age, we live in a world of automation.

Tell me, when was the last time you stared at the clock eagerly for 600 seconds, waiting to take out your food from the oven once it’s done?





Seems ridiculous, right?

It would’ve been a blessing if the oven could automatically notify you once the meal was ready, right? Well, that’s why your oven must have a timer function that rings the alarm once your cuisine is ready!

Another function you can opt for is “Delayed Start”. As the name suggests, you can set a delay timer. The oven will automatically start baking your food once the count down hits zero. This is just an add-on to the timer feature we talked about above. 

Controllable Broil

Not all dishes require the same amount of time to cook. For example, you can cook a pizza for 15 to 20 minutes and the result will be astonishing. However, for cheesecake, the baking time can last up to one hour!

A controllable broil allows you to set the baking speed of your oven. Depending on your dish, you can choose to set the oven to fast or slow cooking speed!

Your pick from the top X list must have a controllable broil as it can ease the stress off your shoulders. With a controllable broil, you’ll have to deal with fewer cooking mishaps!

Lockout Control

Keeping your valuables out of reach from children can be a challenging task. Kids somehow manage to sneak into every household appliance that’s a new arrival in a home. Likewise, if you’re a parent, you must keep your oven away from your children.

Lockout controls are integrated into ovens for this exact purpose. Once you’re done using your oven for baking, you can disable the controls of your oven so no one can access it while you’re away. This is a wonderful feature to consider when you have kids in your home!

Backlit Keypad

We had to add this feature to the list for all of you who want your oven to be amazing and sleek! This feature is not essential!

Yes, we added the backlit keypad to the list because they add an eye-catchy touch to the overall design of the oven. Backlit keypads can come in handy when you’re operating an oven in the dim light while having trouble recognizing the right keys.

Easy Wi-fi Connect

How many devices are paired up with your smartphone or Google Home? In this modern age, we love to stay connected with every device to automate most of our daily tasks.

For example, now you don’t have to get up from your couch to turn on the fan, or you never have to worry about picking up a significant phone call while driving because smart devices are there to assist you.

With a simple voice command, you can command devices to function according to your request. This was only possible with the help of a Wi-Fi connection.

An easy Wi-Fi connection can automate your oven as well! You can connect your oven with your smartphone and manage every feature of the oven from your mobile phone. How amazing is that?

Ovens with Wi-Fi connectivity tend to cost higher than regular ovens so make sure you increase your budget before you plan to buy an oven with easy Wi-Fi connect!   

Steam Mode

This feature is my favorite. Do you hate excess oil or sauces in your cuisines?

We do!

Ovens with a steam mode inject steam into the cavity of the oven on regular time intervals that diminish the need for excess oils and sauces. The steam boosts the natural aroma and flavor of the cuisine while giving it an ultimate taste that will leave your audience craving for more!


That’s all for my side. I hope this guide will assist you in buying your appliance. What features do you love the most? Were you aware of these features? Let me know in the comments which best wall oven for under counter do you love the most. If you changed your mind and are thinking to buy a double wall oven, let me know and I’ll recommend the best one for your kitchen. Comment your requirements below and I will help you find the best wall oven!

A countertop microwave oven and an electric wall oven make a powerful combo! If you’re planning to buy a microwave oven, check this microwave under $150 article right now!

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