Are There Cameras in Restaurant Kitchens?

With the increased crime rate, cameras have become almost a necessity. Many people visit restaurants, and it can be quite difficult to keep an eye on all the customers while also keeping the employees in check. So, are there cameras in restaurant kitchens, too, to monitor employees?

Yes, most restaurants have security cameras installed in their kitchens. It is a good call because it provides an added sense of security.

CCTV cameras are crucial if you run a restaurant because they assure the safety of your customers and employees, and consequently yours. CCTV cameras are found in the lounge, dining area, and other parts of the restaurant, while the kitchen is neglected.

There is a lot of chaos in restaurant kitchens, and most of the thefts associated with restaurants are usually done by the workers. Keep on reading to find out everything about cameras in restaurant kitchens.

Benefits of having a security camera in your restaurant kitchen

There are numerous benefits of having video surveillance in your restaurant kitchen, some of them are as follows:

Helps assure quality

Food preparation, order processing, dishwashing, and food storage can be managed more effectively if you have a camera installed and ensure quality control.

Prevents internal theft

A study from 2015 estimated that employees steal about 50 billion dollars worth of cash, tips, food, and other items from their workplace.

The study also showed that, on average, a business loses nearly 7 percent of its annual earnings to internal theft and fraud. A security camera is essential to prevent this from happening as it monitors whatever happens in the kitchen.

Monitors employee productivity and issues

A surveillance system helps keep an eye on the productivity of your employees so you can reward the hard workers and see if someone causes any trouble. 

Employees can often file a lawsuit against restaurant owners by faking accidents so that they can collect the settlements of the lawsuit. This can be prevented if you have a security camera installed so that you can use the footage as proof. 

Helps resolve conflicts

Cameras can aid in solving employee and customer disputes. Conflicts are common in the workplace; a camera can prevent the blame game by seeing who is responsible for the issue, and this can help solve the dispute.

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Keeps inventory

A CCTV system can help keep track of the inventory of food or beverages in freezers, coolers, and wine cellars. This helps identify theft and monitor proper temperature storage.

Places to consider for installing a security camera system in your restaurant or bar

Listed below are some of the places you should consider before installing your security camera: 

Entrance ways

Considering how entrances and exits are the highest traffic areas, installing cameras in such locations is important. It helps to identify individuals in case an incident happens.


The kitchen is the most chaotic place in a restaurant. Installing a security camera can help you keep an eye on the employees, monitor the operations, and keep the inventory in check. A camera can help prevent internal theft and boosts employee productivity.

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Main dining area

The customers will be spending most of their time in this area, so it’s important to have video surveillance in the main dining area. Most of the cash handling, bills, and tips are paid in this place, so having a camera comes in handy in case of any ‘dine and dash’ scenarios. 

Cash register

Installing a motorized varifocal security camera near cash registers is just as important as installing it in other areas. It helps zoom in and out on the cash exchanges so you can keep an eye on the amounts being exchanged. 

Parking lot

Many mishaps can happen in the parking area. A security camera helps you to detect any suspicious activity and capture people coming into and out of the restaurant. 

Final thoughts on having cameras in restaurant kitchens

Having a security camera in your restaurant kitchen is crucial as it prevents any mishaps and helps catch culprits in case of internal thefts. Better be safe than sorry!

So, consider the locations we’ve suggested above and install your surveillance system soon if you’re considering doing so!

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