Can You Make Microwave Popcorn In A Convection Oven?

Let’s get straight to the point. NO. You can’t make microwave popcorn in the oven. BUT there is a really awesome alternative to cooking popcorn in the microwave, i.e. stovetop popcorn! Give the article a read to understand why you can’t make popcorn in an oven. Scroll down to learn the best way to make stovetop popcorn!

Why can you not make microwave popcorn in the oven?

The answer lies in the working principle of the oven. Ovens gradually heat up food, leading it to slowly get cooked over the set temperature through radiations. Now, popcorns usually rely on high temperatures, above the boiling point, to quickly pop the kernel. The microwave is particularly designed to quickly heat up the moisture inside the kernel, thus leading it to pop. This sudden heat up and popping give us our popcorn! Learn more about the uses of microwave’s heat transfer!

As we know, the oven gradually heats food up through radiation and convection. This gradual heat up will slowly extract the moisture from the kernel, therefore eliminating any chances of popping! And then you’ll be left with burnt kernels. So, can you make microwave popcorn in the oven? Nope, don’t even try unless you want your kernels to go to waste! We have a way better method to cook them below.

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Substitute for microwave oven popcorn: Stovetop popcorn

Stovetop popcorn turns out just as delicious as the best brand microwave oven popcorn! Both the stove and the microwave follow the same principle by providing quick heat to each kernel. This leads to the popping, resulting in mouth-watering crunchy and salty popcorn! Let’s get to the method!


  • heavy bottom pot
  • half a packet of corn kernels
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • a lid
  • large bowl


  1. Take your pot and add 2 tablespoons of oil. Add two kernels and place the pot over medium flame. Cover it with the lid.
  2. As soon as the two kernels pop, remove the pot from the stove.
  3. Let it rest for half a minute before pouring in your remaining kernels.
  4. Wait a minute before putting the pot back on the stove on medium flame. Cover with lid.
  5. As soon as you hearing popping, tip the lid to allow for excess steam to leave. This will give you super crunchy popcorn!
  6. If your popcorn starts overflowing the pot then shift some of them over to the large bowl.
  7. You can turn the flame off once there’s only one pop per 3 seconds. That’s your cue! Your popcorns are done.
  8. Shift all the popcorn to the large bowl and sprinkle with a little salt for flavor!

And it’s done! Wasn’t that super simple? Enjoy your popcorn plain or with any type of seasoning. So yes, you cannot make microwave popcorn in an oven but the best substitute. i.e. the stove, gives really amazing results!

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Final thoughts on why can’t you make microwave popcorn in a convection oven

Although it might be a bummer that you can’t make microwave popcorn in the oven but the stove is a pretty amazing substitute! Cook delicious popcorn within a few minutes, anyone can do it. We hope you liked this article. Make sure to check out our other articles for quick and easy information!

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