Can You Reheat Scrambled Eggs?


Eggs are one of the most staple food items. We cook it in so many ways, we boil, fry, or scramble it. We make delicious omelets. It is used as an ingredient in several delicious recipes. Usually, we like to eat it while it is still hot at breakfast or at any other time. However, in our busy lives so many times our food turns cold and loses its flavor or aroma. Or to save time you might want to make them beforehand so you can grab them quickly in the morning.

The question some of us might ask is can you reheat scrambled eggs? This article focuses on answering this question as well as tells you how you can reheat eggs. In our opinion, reheating eggs can ruin the flavor so it is best to enjoy them fresh!

Can you reheat scrambled eggs?

You can reheat scrambled eggs if you follow the correct steps. Eggs contain Salmonella, which is a bacteria that causes several illnesses. For the fear of eating a toxic egg, it is best to inspect the egg before reheating. However, a properly cooked scrambled egg can be effectively reheated and consumed safely

How can you reheat scrambled eggs?

To make sure the reheated scrambled eggs are safe to consume, follow the steps below:

  1. Inspect the egg: Make sure the scrambled eggs do not smell foul. Try to consume it within one or two days of cooking
  2. Reheat the egg in a microwave: You can reheat them safely in a microwave. Put them in a microwave-friendly container, cover it, and put it in the oven. Heat it for 30 seconds/one minute or any time you desire (it depends on the number of your eggs as well as the voltage. Eggs usually do not take a lot of time to reheat). You can add a liquid such as oil or butter to prevent it from drying out. Heating scrambled eggs in the microwave is very easy, convenient, and time-saving. 

How can you make reheated scrambled eggs taste fresh?

If you wish to know whether you can reheat scrambled eggs or not, you might be pleased to learn that while you can reheat scrambled eggs you can make them taste fresh as well by following these tips.

  • Always put oil, or butter, when you are reheating the egg.
  • In case you’re reheating the egg in a pan, add shredded cheese to enhance its flavor and while enjoying a delicious, cheesy, and fresh scrambled eggs. The cheese will give the eggs the oomph it requires to taste fresh!
  • You can add freshly chopped vegetables depending upon your taste, I like to add capsicum, cabbage, or onion, these veggies boost the flavor of my scrambled egg.

Do reheated scrambled eggs taste good? 

To avoid wasting food or saving time you might want to reheat scrambled eggs. Reheating them might compromise their texture as well as dry them out a bit. According to some people, it affects the taste as well but not a lot. However, they are still safe to eat.

How long will scrambled eggs last in the refrigerator without getting spoiled? 

You can refrigerate scrambled eggs for up to 3 days. However, it is suggested that you eat them within 2 days. After the 3rd day, it is best to discard them the eggs might have gone bad!

Can beaten eggs be refrigerated overnight?

A lot of recipes require just egg yolks or just egg whites. So what do you do with the leftover? You can refrigerate it for up to 3 days. Just keep the whisked or beaten eggs in a closed container and put it in the fridge. It is best not to put this in the door of the refrigerator.

You can freeze the egg yolks as well for long term storage. Since we are expanding on the question can you reheat scrambled eggs, I will add that some research says that you can freeze scrambled eggs and then reheat them as well!

Can you prep scrambled eggs for the week?

It is advised that if you want to prepare your meal ahead of time, do it for just 2 days. After that, the food might still be eatable but it loses its flavor and freshness.

With scrambled eggs, if you wish to prep it for a week, make sure not to cook it thoroughly. Leave it a little bit watery. This will ensure that when you reheat them they do not dry out and become rubbery. I would still suggest to use them within a couple of days and ideally do not store them for the entire week.

If you wish to save time and you are extremely busy you can beat them ahead of time. A better alternative is to store boiled eggs as they can be stored for longer, frozen, and can be eaten cold as well for a quick protein intake.

Can you make scrambled eggs fluffy?

Different people suggest different ways to make scrambled eggs fluffy. You can incorporate butter and dairy in your scrambled egg as one way to make it fluffier. You can add heavy cream or just milk to get the desired rich and fluffy results. Another way is to whisk them rigorously while beating. This will integrate the air making it just as you want, luxuriously fluffy.

My take on reheating scrambled eggs!

Scrambled eggs are a staple for breakfast. There are numerous recipes you can follow to make the perfect and delicious scrambled eggs. Reheated scrambled eggs sometimes do lose their texture and flavor but there is no need to contribute to food wastage and discarding them. I hope you find the tips in this article helpful to ensure that your reheated scrambled eggs are delicious and you can still enjoy them whenever you want. 

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