Are Comotomo Baby Bottles Safe to Microwave?

Comotomo bottles are the ideal solutions to help your babies switch from breast milk to bottled ones. These silicone-made, soft and squeezable bottles are the perfect choice for babies. Their squeezable and soft body makes the baby feel closer to their mothers.

The bottle isn’t only for babies but is also the mommies’ first choice as they are easier to use, carry, and heat. But are Comotomo bottles safe to microwave?

Yes! Comotomo baby bottles are completely safe to microwave. It is important to refer to the instruction manual provided when using steam bag sterilization.

To heat breast milk or formula milk, however, heating in a microwave is not recommended. It is advised so because heating can alter the natural nutritional values of the milk and produce hot spots. To learn more click here!

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Is silicone a safe material for heating?

Silicone rubber is a completely safe material with a high heat-bearing capacity of about 200 degrees Celsius. It is BPA-free and made of non-toxic chemicals, therefore being completely safe for babies.

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How often should you sterilize Comotomo baby bottles

There are numerous opinions on how often Comotomo baby bottles should be sterilized, but the safest answer is as often as possible.

Each part of the bottle should be sterilized before use. The first step to sterilizing is to put the bottle in hot boiling water for five minutes and then place it outside to get air-dried.

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After that, the baby bottles can be washed with lukewarm, soapy water to keep the bottle and nipple germ-free and sterilized.

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Final thoughts on microwaving Comotomo bottles

Comotomo bottles are every mother’s dream come true- a harmless and convenient choice when it comes to transferring the baby from breast milk to bottles. Moreover, they are baby friendly, easy to clean, and microwave-safe, perfect for everyday use!

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