Can You Cook 2 Things at Once in an Air Fryer?

Cooking food can be a very time-consuming task, especially when you are in a rush. Air fryers are a very convenient solution for cooking food quickly, which is why they have become very common. However, even this is not enough for many users, which is why we wonder whether you can cook 2 things at once in an air fryer. 

Yes, you can cook 2 different things simultaneously in an air fryer. Some models of air fryers also come with separators, which enable you to separate both ingredients and cook them at the same time.

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How to cook two things at once in an air fryer

There are several ways of cooking two different types of food at once in an air fryer.

Using a divider or a rack

The first method is using an air fryer divider or a rack.

Air fryer dividers help you to divide the basket/tray into two different sections, which can then be used to cook different types of food. This also ensures that the aroma of one food isn’t absorbed by the other one.

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You may also use an air fryer rack. An air fryer rack adds one or two more layers to your basket, so you can cook both foods on different levels. This also gives you much more space to work with in the air fryer while allowing the heat to circulate freely. 

When one of the food items is done, you can easily take it out this way.

Stacking food over each other

Another way is to just simply stack the different ingredients on each other. However, for this method to work properly, you need to follow some guidelines.

Firstly, try to stack food in a way that allows the air inside the air fryer to move freely. Irregularly-shaped ingredients like chicken wings work best for this method. 

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Cross-contamination between both foods is possible as these ingredients will be stacked on each other. Hence, it is recommended that you use two similar ingredients when not using a rack or a divider.

For example, chicken nuggets and chicken popcorn or fried chicken and chicken wings. Both of these ingredients cook roughly in the same amount of time, so you can take both of them out at once.

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In short, cooking 2 foods at once in an air fryer is possible. You can do this either using a rack, a divider, or without any of these, i.e., by stacking. Each method is very easy and has been explained in detail. Happy air frying!

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