Can You Dehydrate Bone Broth?

Bone broth is both a dish and an ingredient that is super healthy and delicious. Moreover, it offers insane health benefits such as aiding in weight loss, minerals, vitamins, protein, and much more. However, storing lots of bone broth requires a lot of room in your fridge. That is why people wonder whether you can dehydrate bone broth to occupy less room or not?

In this article, we’ll go through easy methods of dehydrating bone broth at home, plus relevant tips for your ease!

Yes, you can dehydrate bone broth for easy storage. It can be dehydrated using either an oven or a dehydrator.

How do you dehydrate bone broth?

There are 2 major methods that you can use to dehydrate bone broth; both of these methods mainly differ in the equipment used. Let’s go through the steps!

How do you dehydrate bone broth in a dehydrator?

A dehydrator is an ideal equipment that can be used for dehydrating literally any edible item. Hence, dehydrating bone broth in a dehydrator will prove to be your best bet.

Step 1: Boil the bone broth

  • You can start by taking any broth, be it chicken, meat, fish, or vegetable broth.
  • Now, bring the broth to boil at a high flame.
  • Once you observe boiling, turn down the heat to let the broth simmer. This will prevent the water content from boiling off.
  • This might take you up to 6 hours for 2 gallons of broth.

Step 2: Pour the bone broth on dehydrator sheets

  • Once maximum water has evaporated, and you see the broth getting a consistency of a gravy, take it off the stove and let it cool down for a few minutes.
  • Now, grab a large spatula and carefully spread the bone broth on non-mesh dehydrator sheets. Make sure to evenly spread the bone broth on the sheets.

Step 3: Load the sheets in the dehydrator

  • Load the sheets in the dehydrator and set the temperature to 135-140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Let your broth dehydrate for 24-48 hours, after which you will be able to pull off the dehydrated bone broth as a whole.
  • Turn this whole piece upside down and dehydrate it for another 24-48 hours.
  • Once your broth gains a clear appearance and can easily be broken, you should know it has dehydrated adequately.

Step 4: Blend into powder form

  • Break up the whole dehydrated piece of bone broth into smaller pieces.
  • Now blend these smaller pieces in the blender to convert them into powder form. This will help you easily store the dehydrated bone broth.

How do you dehydrate bone broth in an oven?

If you do not own a dehydrator, you can easily use your regular oven for dehydrating bone broth.

  • Grab a large cookie pan or a cake pan and line it with parchment paper.
  • Carefully pour the bone broth into the pan and lightly tap it on the counter in order to release any air bubbles.

Step 2: Place the pan in the oven

  • Place the pan in the oven and set the temperature to 170 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Let your bone broth dehydrate in the oven for around 8 hours. However, keep a check while it is dehydrating and make sure to rotate the pan periodically in order to ensure even dehydration.

Step 3: Blend into powder for easy storage

  • Once you have achieved the desired level of dehydration, break the huge dried piece of bone broth into smaller units.
  • Now, put the smaller shards of bone broth in the blender and blend them into powder form for easy storage.

Can you rehydrate dehydrated bone broth?

You can easily rehydrate dehydrated bone broth by simply combining a little warm water with powdered bone broth and shaking them together in a closed jar.

How do you store dehydrated bone broth?

You can store the dehydrated bone broth by putting it in an airtight container. You can also place food-safe oxygen absorbers in order to prevent clumping.

How long is dehydrated bone broth good for?

Dehydrated bone broth will stay good for around a year or two as long as no moisture gets into it.

How long does it take to dehydrate broth?

It can take up to 8 hours for proper dehydration of bone broth. However, the time taken for dehydration can vary depending on the temperature and the amount of bone broth.

How do you use dehydrated bone broth?

You can use dehydrated bone broth in various things such as a soup base, savory snack, and topping for various dishes. In addition to all that, you can use dehydrated bone broth to give rice extra flavor while cooking.

Is dried bone broth as good as liquid?

Yes! The dried powdered bone broth tastes the same liquefied and contains the same benefits as liquid bone broth. These benefits include skin, gut, and joint health, plus boosting the immune system.

How do you make bone broth gelatinous?

To make bone broth gelatinous, add up to 4 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar to the water along with bones. If you are using a regular stove, let the vinegar sit in the water for half an hour before turning on the stove. If you are using a pressure cooker, turn the heat on right away when adding vinegar.

Concluding our thoughts on dehydrating bone broth!

The insane amount of uses and benefits dehydrated bone broth offers is enough to convince anyone to dehydrate bone broth. You can easily save up loads of room in your pantry, plus you can conveniently carry the powdered bone broth anywhere with you. So, grab your bone broth and get on to dehydrating it right away!

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