Are Dishwasher Gel Packs Bad?

Are Dishwasher Gel Packs Bad

There’s nothing more relieving than seeing a dishwasher wash all your dirty dishes without you having to do any work.

Dishwasher gel packs have been a topic of discussion lately, considering whether they’re safe for you and the environment, plus if they really are a good substitute for dishwasher liquid detergents. So, are dishwasher gel packs bad?

No, dishwasher gel packs aren’t bad for you but some gel packs can be harmful to the environment. Moreover, pods can also cause buildup in your dishwasher if you don’t clean the machine often.

We will be discussing all dishwasher gel packs and if you really need to avoid them. Keep on reading to find out!

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Drawbacks of dishwasher gel packs and pods

Here are some of the drawbacks of using dishwasher gel packs:

Impact of dishwasher pods on the environment

Recent studies have shown that more than 8000 tons of PVA-coated dishwasher detergent pods pollute the environment every year. They pollute oceans and clutter landfills while also harming the ecosystem.

Despite their benefits, they can be unsafe for our planet.

The PVA lining can be dangerous for marine life. Some of its risks are: 

  1. Disturbs the plant life cycle
  2. Levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide ratio get imbalanced in the atmosphere
  3. If it fails to pass through water treatment plants, landfills are clogged which can be messy.

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They can accumulate in your dishwasher machines

To clean the dishes, you pop in dishwasher pods but often forget that the capsules also contain some residual chemicals in the machine.

Build-up happens when you don’t maintain it regularly. The toxic substances can cling to the dishes and contaminate your food. Moreover, some pods can even clog up the dishwasher.

Positive aspects of dishwasher gel packs and pods

Here’s a breakdown of the advantages of using dishwasher gel packs:

Consumers love them

Modern consumers treat them as a blessing due to their clean packaging, portable size, and less diluted composition.

No spill means no chaos

Working with liquid and powder dishwashing solutions, there is a greater chance of spilling it while you’re measuring or simply because of the greasy bottles, and let’s face it- that’s super annoying.

On the contrary, gel packs and pods do not require that much handling. Their compact packaging size makes it easier to carry them. You can simply pop them in the dispenser, and you’re good to go!

Minimizing the water consumption

Most commercially manufactured dishwasher packs and pods contain only 10% water, notably lower than conventional powder and liquid ones.

Potentially zero waste packaging

Many companies take ethical steps to restrict plastic use and packaging by recycling as much as possible and by using cartons and paper bags in place of plastic.

So, these dishwasher pod companies also take a similar route. Dishwasher pods/packs provide eco-centric advantages that call to modern and ethically minded consumers.

How do the dishwasher pods (gel packs /tabs) work?

Dishwasher packs come in tiny capsular forms and shapes. They contain a very thin PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) coating and have vibrant colors. They have a highly concentrated mixture of chemicals shaped in a rectangle or a ball. The PVA film is what keeps the mixture intact.

Promptly, the pod gets broken down as the PVA layer has water-soluble polymers that let the lining dissolve. This happens to clean solutions as well. It dissolves into the water and begins cleaning the surfaces of your dirty dishes as the solution from the pod breaks down grease and oil.

Despite being non-toxic, PVA films still need particular conditions and surroundings to disintegrate. But under lawful conditions, PVA residues will transform into water and carbon dioxide. It typically happens in a water treatment facility.

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In a nutshell

Dishwasher pods and packs are convenient, easy to use, and efficient. They are easy to store and involve no measurements, just pop one into the dispenser and you’re good to go! And they also aren’t as bad as you would think- you can opt for the ones that are manufactured keeping the recyclability and impact in mind so that you can continue using them without any guilt.  

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