Are Dishwasher Handles Interchangeable?

Electric appliances last a lifetime if taken care of properly. And most appliances usually do last that much apart from the usual wear and tear. Doors and handles are the parts that get affected the most. Some get chipped, get loose or break altogether.

While you may not be ready to part with your dear dishwasher just yet, you may need to get a new handle anytime soon. So, at this point, one might wonder, “Are dishwasher handles interchangeable?”.

Yes, dishwasher handles can be interchangeable with other appliances and brands, but that depends on your product’s manufacturer. Before experimenting with handles, it would be best to consult customer service to avoid trouble.

Things to look out for before interchanging handles

Dishwasher handles are often cylindrical rods attached to the door. Most handles look similar to a refrigerator’s handle or even a cabinet’s.

Frequent opening and closing can sometimes break or loosen the connection between the handles and the doors. Especially if your dishwasher is installed under the sink, chances are the moisture will affect its connections pretty soon.

While you may find handles of a different brand precisely the same as yours, there might still be a few things you need to look for. You’ll have to check:

  1. Measurements of the previous handle and the one you are about to purchase.
  2. Quality of the material. Stainless steel or matte finish – the choice should be made wisely.
  3. Color of the finish. You don’t want a handle that looks out of place among the rest of your kitchen décor.
  4. And most importantly, the placements of the connecting bolts.

The connecting nuts and bolts are essential because if they are out of place or of the wrong type, the handle will not fix with your dishwasher’s door. Many people ignore this fact and go for the aesthetic appearance but end up disappointed.

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Concluding thoughts on whether dishwasher handles are interchangeable

A household dishwasher is a blessing for people who has to cook regularly. Cooking alone can be tedious, and washing the dishes afterward is no less than a nightmare. That is why it is crucial to keep the dishwasher maintained.

The often ignored and roughly used handle is also a part of such maintenance and should be replaced with a suitable one as soon as needed.

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