Is It Safe to Eat Cabbage Raw? [Health Guide]

Cabbage has been commonly consumed in all parts of the world for centuries. This green vegetable with multiple layers of leaves possesses a very delicious taste and nutrients. People add cabbage in their soups, stews, and various other dishes. One must wonder, can you eat cabbage raw or must you cook it before eating?

Can you eat cabbage raw?

Yes, cabbages can be eaten raw. However, you should cook your cabbage before consuming it to make it tender. Tender cabbage can be easily digested compared to raw cabbage. This will ensure that you do not develop any digestive issues later on.

Is raw cabbage harmful?

No, raw cabbage is not harmful. However, consuming large quantities of it might result in several digestive tract issues such as gas and bloating.

Can humans digest raw cabbage?

Yes, humans can digest raw cabbage; however, it takes a little longer to digest than cooked cabbage. The high fiber content in raw cabbage makes it harder to digest.

Is cabbage better cooked or raw?

Health-wise, both raw and cooked cabbage are similar as some nutrients are higher in raw cabbage (e.g., vitamin C), while some increase when cabbage is cooked. Taste-wise, whether you prefer cooked or raw cabbage depends on your palate.

Can cabbage be eaten like lettuce?

You can consume cabbage-like lettuce, but the two of them are very different in terms of flavor and texture. Lettuce is used raw while cabbage is cooked in dishes. Moreover, cabbage is more nutritious than lettuce.

How do you eat raw cabbage?

You can eat raw cabbage in the form of coleslaw. Cabbage can be shredded and used as a side to BBQ foods or in sandwiches.

Wrapping up our thoughts on eating cabbage raw!

Unlike processed meat products such as turkey bacon, you can consume raw cabbage without worrying about a single issue. However, you should keep in mind that it is crucial to eat raw cabbage in moderate quantities, or else you might suffer from a few issues. Apart from that, raw cabbage is very flavorful, and it can be included in various dishes!

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