Are Enamel Plates Microwave Safe?

Enamelware has become pretty popular in households nowadays. This is due to its many benefits, like being easy to clean and being less vulnerable to scratches. Enamelware is also really durable and can even last for decades if properly taken care of. This is why many people wonder whether they can microwave enamel plates. 

No, enamel plates or anything made out of enamel should not be microwaved. This is because it has several metallic properties, making it unsuitable for microwave use. 

What will happen if you microwave enamel 

Enamel plate coatings contain many metallic minerals that reflect the heat back to the microwave. Microwaving enamel is like microwaving metal

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Because of these reasons, it may start malfunctioning or even sparking. In extreme scenarios, the microwave can explode and start a fire in your home.

However, sometimes, if you are lucky, nothing will happen if you microwave enamel. But it is better not to take the risk and stay safe! Here’s how to take care of your enamelware.

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How to heat enamel plates 

There are other ways you can heat your enamel plates instead of using a microwave: 

Using a stove

You can put your enamel plate on top of your gas stove. Enamel plates are excellent heat conductors and get hot very quickly; hence they can easily be used on stovetops.

You may also use an electric stove for this purpose. Just make sure that you check on the plate after every 15 seconds, as it can burn quickly. 

Using oven

You may also heat your enamelware in the oven. As the oven works differently than a microwave, it can be used with enamel plates. 

Note: Be aware that your plates might wear down over time if frequently heated using these methods. 

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Final thoughts 

Enamel plates should not be used in a microwave. Sometimes, you may get lucky, and nothing will happen. But most of the time, it results in dangerous consequences like a microwave explosion and an electrical fire. 

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