Are Ecopax Containers Microwave Safe?

Ecopax containers and plates are becoming increasingly common day by day. This is mainly due to increased public awareness about protecting the environment from harmful substances like plastic. Other than this, they are also very durable and resistant to liquids and greases. So are Ecopax containers also microwave-safe?

Yes, Ecopax containers can be used in a microwave. They are also completely free of harmful chemicals like PBA and PFAS.

What are Ecopax containers made of?

All Ecopax containers are made of ingredients that guarantee minimum environmental damage. These containers and plates are mainly composed of foam and paper and include plastic in small amounts. All of these materials are taken from pure earth minerals, which further reduces the negative impact on the environment.

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Are Ecopax containers environment-friendly?

Yes, Ecopax containers are specially designed to be entirely eco-friendly. All of their products are either recyclable, reusable, and/or biodegradable. The recycling classification of each product is specified on its packaging. Ecopax also uses very less amount of energy in production, so there is less negative impact on the environment.

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Moreover, Ecopax uses green packaging to reduce the amount of carbon footprint on the environment. This green packaging is not entirely eco-friendly similar to the other packaging. However, when compared to other packaging materials, this has a significantly lower negative carbon footprint on our environment.

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Final thoughts

Ecopax containers are completely microwave-friendly. They are made of foam, paper, and plastic which are microwave safe and won’t cause any trouble. So feel free to microwave your Ecopax containers!

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