Are Farberware Bowls Microwave Safe?

Farberware bowls are popular in the market nowadays thanks to their durability, scratch-resistant, good-looking, and very user-friendly. That is why many people wonder whether they are microwave-safe or not too or not.

Farberware bowls can be microwaved for a little time, like softening butter. If you put them in the microwave for a long time, it can result in the bowls cracking from the bottom.

If you are curious about your bowl, check its packaging, as most companies mention whether it is microwave-safe. Farberware’s products are suitable for use in a dishwasher, though, as it has relatively lower temperatures than a microwave.

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Why are some plastics microwave-safe and others not?

Many plastics can survive the frequency of microwaves, and others can not. According to a study conducted by Harvard University in 2015, there are two kinds of chemicals that should not be microwaved. When plastics contain these chemicals, they become unsuitable for microwave use.

These chemicals are BPA, used to make hard plastics, and phthalates then used to make flexible and soft plastics. They can cause the bowl to become warmer, melt quickly, and leak harmful toxins into your food.

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Another reason is the intermolecular properties of different plastics. Some plastics have strong covalent bonds and long chains of hydrocarbons in them. These bonds require a lot of energy to break, so that’s why they do not melt in the microwave.

Other plastics have small-chain, weak covalent bonds between them, and the forces holding them are weak. This is why it is easy to break them, and they melt or crack easily.

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Final verdict

Farberware bowls and other products are usually not long-term microwave-safe. However, make sure to check your bowl’s packaging to determine whether it is safe to microwave or not. Many users found these bowls good for heating things only for a little time.

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