Can Glass Go in an Air Fryer?

We have all been guilty of hoarding a variety of glassware on our shelves. And why not – they make perfect dishes for cooking in the oven and microwave. But now that you have gotten a shiny new air fryer, can you use your glass in it too?

Yes, some types of glass can be used in an air fryer. Make sure that the glass dish is labeled oven-safe or made of tempered glass or borosilicate. Pyrex dishes are usually air fryer safe too!

Why you should check your glassware before putting it in an air fryer

People have been using glass dishes for baking and cooking food all their lives. Naturally, they would want to utilize the same utensils in the air fryer. But since an air fryer’s technology and the heating mechanism is a bit different, it is better to ask questions first.

Is it alright to put ceramic in an air fryer?

Any normal glass can break due to the hot temperature inside an air fryer. Moreover, an air fryer reaches hot temperatures very quickly with constant fluctuations, which can cause the normal glass to shatter. Read our article on how different kinds of glass behave in an air fryer.

How to know if your glass dish is safe for air frying

Most glassware can safely be used in an air fryer. However, there are a few things you should be careful about before putting any glass dish into your air fryer:

Type of glass

Your glassware should be marked “oven-safe” by the manufacturers for it to be safe for air frying. Borosilicate or Pyrex is generally very strong and can tolerate high temperatures, but if your dishes are cracked or damaged, they won’t last long in the air fryer.

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That being said, not all Pyrex dishes are made from borosilicate. Some are made with soda-lime, which is a big no for use in air fryers.

Avoid high temperatures

Good quality glassware can withstand high temperatures without causing any damage. But that is only safe if the heat is kept constant. Abrupt changes from low to high temperatures cause the glass to crack and shatter.

To save your precious glassware from this disaster, you should always turn up the temperatures slowly and gradually. Also, you should avoid putting cold, out-of-the-fridge dishes in the air fryer at all costs. The mismatched temperatures are nothing but a recipe for disaster.

Learn whether it is safe to put the following in an air fryer or not:

Check your glassware

One of the most important aspects of cooking in an air fryer is the even heat circulation throughout the food. Block this flow, and you will end up with half burnt, half-cooked meal. When we stress about checking your glass dishes, we mean that you check its dimension and whether they would suit your air fryer.

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If the dish is too big that it blocks the heat flow from beneath and sides, avoid using it. Not only would it damage your utensil, but it may also damage your appliance. Secondly, manually check for signs of wear and tear in the glass. Even a tiny crack is enough to wreak havoc in your kitchen.


Cooking is an art, and an artist requires complete knowledge of its tools. While no one expects you to be a master in one day, it is always good to ask questions and learn before experimenting. You may have excelled in air fryer cooking, but you’d still need to be careful while cooking in glass dishes. Learn to be careful, and you’ll be cooking full casseroles in no time!

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