Are Glass Mason Jars Microwave Safe?

are glass mason jars microwave safe

Mason jars have become really popular, mainly because of their versatility. They are great for storing food and work well for most dry goods like pasta and rice. So, many people also wonder whether you can microwave mason jars. Let’s find out. 

Yes, newer mason jars that have a microwave-safe symbol beneath them can be microwaved. Keep in mind that although they can be microwaved, they get hot very quickly, so only microwave them for a short time. 

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Why are mason jars microwaveable? 

Mason Jars are made of a type of tempered glass called pyrex. Pyrex glass can withstand the high temperatures of the oven and microwave easily. This is because it is manufactured in such a way that the middle is less dense.

This allows the walls of the glass to expand easily without cracking. Other glass dishes are not microwaveable because they are made of thin glass, which expands and shatters when heated. 

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Things to consider before microwaving mason jars 

You need to keep certain things in mind before microwaving a mason jar. 

  • Only microwave the newer models. The older models of mason jars used to be thinner than these new ones; hence, they are unsafe to use in the microwave and might crack. 
    • Do not microwave the mason jars with their lids on them. First of all, those lids are made of metal. This metal reflects heat around the microwave which can cause sparking and sometimes even explosions in the microwave. Click here to learn what harm microwaving metal can cause!

    Secondly, even if the lids were microwave-safe (which they are not), never microwave any jar with their lid on. This is because the heat gets trapped inside the airtight jar, and then it could explode. 

    • If you are using the mason jar to freeze your food, do not immediately put it in the microwave after taking it out from the freezer. This is because the glass expands quickly because of the sudden rise in temperature, which can cause it to shatter. Thaw it at room temperature for a couple of hours and then microwave it. 
    • If possible, set the temperature of your microwave to low before microwaving a mason jar. They are not good at handling high heat, so it is better to use a low temperature. 

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    Final thoughts 

    The newer models of mason jars are microwaveable because they are made of sturdier material than the older models. But you need to keep some things in mind before microwaving a mason jar, like not using the lid or thawing a frozen jar before microwaving it, and you’re good to go!

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