How Much Does A 5 Qt Air Fryer Hold?

Air fryers have become a staple in every household. We know how beneficial they can be in helping us cut our calories to eat our favorite foods without any guilt. However, they are available in many sizes, which can be quite confusing. Let’s find out how much a 5 qt air fryer holds.

An air fryer with a 5 qt basket can hold enough food for 4 people. This size air fryer is perfect for small families. 

5 qt is basically equal to 20 cups of food. This will roughly give you an idea as to how much food a 5 qt air fryer can hold. In simpler terms, you can easily put two pounds of French fries or four chicken breasts in a 5 qt air fryer.

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Different air fryer sizes in qt

Air fryers are available in 4 sizes – mini, small, large, and extra large. Mentioned below are the details of the different sizes to help you understand which size is best for you and your family.

  • Mini: This air fryer has a basket size of 2 qt and is ideal for a person who lives alone. This size is best suited for individuals and can be used to make snacks such as popcorn chicken or French fries. Its dimensions are about 10” H x 8” W x 10” D, so it takes up very little space.
  • Small: This size is ideal for small apartments with less counter space. With dimensions of about 14” H x 12” W x 12” D, it has a basket of 3.5 qt and is enough to cook food for 2 people in one go. 
  • Large: It has a 5 qt basket size and has dimensions of 14” H x 11” W x 15” D. It is big enough for a family of 4.
  • Extra Large: This air fryer has an 8 qt basket and can easily feed 6 or more people. This is the size you need if you have a big family, and it comes in handy when hosting parties. Click here to learn what’s the biggest air fryer you can buy!

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A 5 qt air fryer easily holds enough food for a family of up to 4 people. With the help of this article, you can decide which size of air fryer is best for you. We hope you find the best size to accommodate you!

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