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Are you worried about your coffee drinking habits? Or let me rephrase, are the people around you worried about your coffee habits? Either way, coffee has been a concern of many doctors. Researchers, on the other hand, have been studying the negative impacts it has on the human body.

Coffee is an important part of almost every person’s morning. In fact, the sun never rises without a cup of coffee, for me at least. Some people like to have a mug in the afternoon. Others drink as many as needed to keep their brain functioning.

However, there has been a constant debate among the researchers. They have been trying to analyze the effect that excessive amount of coffee has on your heart. It is also known to cause weight problems due to the presence of creams and sugars added to it.

To answer how much coffee per day is healthy, it is important to know your current health status. Are you suffering from or have you been diagnosed with heart disease? Do you have social anxiety or anxiety in general? All these factors play an important role in defining the right amount of coffee that you can sip every day. 

How much coffee per day is healthy?

All researches prove that there is no harm in drinking high amounts of coffee in a day. On average, four to eight cups are acceptable but not optimum for a physically normal person. These researches also do not focus on the health of individuals rather talk about a generic audience.

Is coffee good for me?

Everything is healthy when taken in moderation. Having a balanced lifestyle means you can eat and drink everything but in a controlled manner. For years researchers have been mistaking caffeine to be carcinogenic. It was only in 2015 the misconception was cleared and a moderate amount of coffee was added to a balanced diet.

A large population of the world is under the umbrella of over-consumption of coffee. It has become a morning breakfast and an afternoon excuse to hang out with friends. Even going out to meet someone means having coffee at a nice roadside cafe. The coffee culture has been gaining popularity just as fast as it is becoming a health concern.

Is coffee good for pregnant women?

It is still unclear if pregnant women should be allowed to drink coffee. The ongoing research is based only on observation and apart from coffee other habits done in combination such as smoking also play as an important factor in meddling with the results. 

What are the consequences of drinking coffee every day?

Coffee contains a drug called caffeine. This drug stimulates instant energy and kick starts your energy making systems. Drinking it every day makes your body immune to its powerful effects.

To figure out the amount of coffee that is right for you, ask yourself the questions below.

Do the different brewing methods impact your health?

The way you brew coffee may or may not alter the way coffee interacts with your body and this can help us answer how much coffee is healthy per day.

There are multiple ways to whip up a mug of coffee. Do you prefer black coffee? Or are you someone with a knack for cold brews? Some even love to drink percolated coffee. Do you go for roasted beans or do you ground them? But do they impact the way your body functions differently than regular coffee?

All the various brewing techniques affect the taste of the coffee. Which simultaneously changes the compounds present in the coffee. Cold brews are less bitter and work best for people with acidity issues. This is because cold brew coffee consists of lesser amounts of chlorogenic acids.

Roasting coffee beans before brewing reduces their acidity and releases other antioxidants. For example, Espresso is considered the richest in terms of compounds present in the coffee. This is due to the lesser quantity of water used to brew it. 

So far boiled coffee is the worst technique as it raises cholesterol levels in the body. The oil released by the coffee beans through boiling contains compounds that raise LDL (bad cholesterol). This oil also decreases the HDL levels (good cholesterol).

Do some research on what is your favorite coffee drink. Make sure that its contents do not have any consequences on your health. You should do this, especially if you are having deteriorating health issues. If you still have your doubts, consider getting a doctor’s appointment.


Is it bad to drink coffee every day?

Just like other beverages, excessive amounts of coffee can result in digestive issues. Some studies confirm its effect on the cardiovascular muscles too however research is still underway. According to some researchers, four to eight-ounce cups of coffee is acceptable to drink every day.

Everyone’s body reacts to coffee differently. Some feel extremely energized while others can easily fall asleep after drinking it. You must know the amount of coffee that is right for your body’s present condition. It’s not a one size fits all kind of a situation where a single number is suitable for everyone.

Coffee can have harmful effects if you are not careful. Bad coffee drinking habits can lead to health deterioration which can soon become fatal. Therefore, if you have had frequent visits to the doctor you should hold off your mug for a little while.

For example, people who are going through insomnia are strictly prohibited to drink coffee. This is to prevent them from further inducing the sleeplessness caused by caffeine.

Moreover, coffee is thought as a drug after all. Missing a cup or two can result in withdrawal symptoms. The addiction is the worst part of drinking too much coffee. Some people get headaches, exhaustion, and tend to become more irritable when lacking their daily dose. Building up tolerance and withdrawal symptoms are the pinnacle of addiction.

Facts regarding caffeine that you should know!

Caffeine is a psychoactive drug and its biggest dietary source is none other than coffee. It takes about half an hour for coffee to be absorbed into the bloodstream. The bloodstream constricts and increases blood pressure. A moderate amount is enough to wake you up and give you a boost of energy.

For those of you sipping more than 400 milligrams of coffee a day, there isn’t enough evidence to support the safety of this amount. Higher doses can result in caffeine intoxication which looks a lot like a panic attack. Shakiness, jittery-ness, and nervousness along with irregular heartbeat all are a consequence of coffee overdose.

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Overall review on the coffee culture


Coffee is still known to have multiple health benefits due to the antioxidants present in it. This is true only for plain regular coffee. Designer coffees at Starbucks and other fancy cafes are the ones that come high in sugar. The extra toppings, drip, and drizzles shouldn’t be your everyday beverage.

These fancy coffees are unhealthy especially if you are continuously wondering about your weight.

You wouldn’t even realize the contents of these fancy coffee are fattening until it’s too late.

Bottom line

So, to accurately answer how much coffee is healthy per day, it is important to consider all the above mentioned factors. Most importantly it depends on your end goal. If you are looking to lose weight, then definitely switch to regular coffee and control the dosage to a minimum.

If your body is sensitive or suffering from health issues, then the minimum stated 400 milligrams is ideal. Keeping in mind the type of coffee you are drinking is suitable. Nevertheless, I suggest that a balanced diet along with moderate coffee intake is ideal for your health.

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