How to make a mocha with instant coffee


Wondering how to make a mocha with instant coffee?

We all love to save time. May it be a 5-minute microwavable meal or a 2-minute Maggie. We are always searching for ways to reduce the time it takes to do our significant tasks just so we have more time to procrastinate. So, in this episode of instant recipes, I will teach you how to make a mocha with instant coffee

The entire year is a coffee season. Cold nights hot mochas and cozy blankets are the best combination of all times. So is sitting in a coffee house with a nice book and a cup of hot coffee. However, with the Corona virus at its peak, you should create a cozy space within your home. Your safety must be your priority.

This easy to make recipe requires minimal effort and is perfect for the lazy cold winter days. I will walk you through every step so all the beginners can get the hang of it. Mocha coffee originally came from the mocha bean which is a type of coffee bean shipped from the Al-Moka port in Yemen.

They have a taste that resembles cocoa beans mixed with coffee. However, the taste developed by most Americans is not made from the original mocha beans. Instead, the chocolate powder is added to the drink.

Mocha may not be the healthiest drink on the planet, but it is certainly something that you can enjoy a lot. The amount of chocolate and sugar added combined with foamed milk make it a great afternoon delight. I’ve tried to use ratios that are healthiest without compromising on the taste in the following recipe,!

If you have instant coffee in mocha flavor that’s a plus, however, if you don’t, regular instant coffee works great as well. It tastes just like your local coffee house with a touch of homeliness to it.

Things you’ll need to make a mocha

  • Your favorite mug
  • Instant coffee powder
  • Cocoa powder
  • Milk (preferably almond)
  • Sugar
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Whipped cream
  • Coldwater

Instructions on how to make a mocha with instant coffee

  • Start by adding instant coffee, cocoa powder, sugar, and some cold water into a mug. One sachet of instant coffee is enough for one serving however if you like a rich and stronger taste then adding another sachet will help build that splendid taste.
  • Use the stirrer to stir the mixture for approximately 10 minutes. Make sure all the ingredients have combined to form a homogenous creamy mixture.
  • Next, add the almond milk into a saucepan and heat it until it starts to steam. You will start to see some foam on top of the milk.
  • Now that you have prepared all the individual elements it is time to combine them in the most aesthetic yet delicious way possible.

One way to combine is by altering a spoon of whipped cream with almond milk and creamy instant coffee mixture. Or you can add milk to the coffee mixture and top it off with a dollop of whipped cream and sprinkle it with some cocoa powder or cinnamon powder. You could also add shaved chocolate on top to give it a nice presentation. It’s up to you. Choose the topping that best suits you! 

Making iced mocha with instant coffee

If you came across this article during summertime and would love to replicate an Ice blended mocha, then follow the steps below.

  • Use a blender to make your beverage. Add some ice and some cold almond milk on top along with the same instant coffee mixture.
  • Pulse all the ingredients together and give it a nice blend. Add some chocolate syrup and give it a final whirl.
  • Pour it out into your favorite mug and top it off some whipped cream or go vegan with coconut whipped cream. That’s up to your dietary preference.
  • Sprinkle it with some love and it is ready to serve.
  • If you still have some questions, then the following FAQ section might help solve your problems.

Can I add cocoa powder to my coffee?

There is no harm in adding cocoa powder to your coffee. In fact, in some studies, cocoa is found to make your coffee healthier than it already is. Add a spoon full of bittersweet cocoa to your coffee grounds in a 1:1 ratio and brew your coffee as usual to enjoy a great coffee. Combine it with a dollop of cream for added richness. Now that’s what you call mature hot cocoa!

What is the correct way to make instant coffee?

There is no right way to make instant coffee. The only best way is the one that suits your taste. Mix 2 teaspoons of instant coffee with half a cup of hot water. Stir the mixture together until a creamy mixture is formed. If you think your coffee is too watery then substitute hot water with some steaming milk.


How much coffee do you put in a mocha?

As a general rule 2:2 ratio of espresso shots and hot chocolate is used for mocha. However, you can balance the ratios according to your preferred taste.

What is a skinny mocha?

Mocha sauce, espresso, and steamed non-fat milk are combined and topped with some froth. Such a mocha recipe is termed as a skinny mocha. The beverage is semi-sweet and extremely light for weight watchers.

What is the best instant coffee to buy?

The following list contains some of the best ranked instant coffee brands:

  1. Columbia blend Starbucks VIA ready to brew coffee
  2. Organic mount Hagen
  3. French vanilla by mount Hagen
  4. Dark roasted Nescafe Classico
  5. Nescafe tasters house-blended

To enjoy the best experience while making mocha with instant coffee

You can add so many new flavors to enhance your mocha. Using some nice coffee creamers can up your coffee game to a whole new level. You could even practice some latte art by using a frothing wand. All these little techniques may look complicated but when going all out these can help improve your coffee game to a whole different level.

If you are interested in learning more about the various health benefits of coffee, then click here.

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