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Cold-brew on a hot summer afternoon sounds about just right! I’ve been trying to perfect my cold brews since forever. It was only recently that I found a recipe that hit just the spot with the right amount of bitter. The thing with coffee is that you need to be a precise, one wrong move and you get overly bitter tasting coffee. The right techniques combined with some coarsely ground coffee beans give out a taste like no other. Once you try this recipe, I bet you will forget about all the coffee shops you’ve been spending your bucks at.

Most of the cold brew techniques require at least 12 hours for the coffee flavor to be infused into the water but this method will help you make your drink in a matter of minutes. Stay tuned for I have gathered the best techniques on how to make cold brew coffee fast.

Why brew your coffee?

Before I get on with my top-notch recipe for cold brew, let me tell you why it is important that you brew your coffee. When you combine your ground, coffee beans into water it allows to slowly fuse the coffee into the water allowing it to bring out the maximum flavor. The slow fusion ensures that all the bitter part is left behind and only the good flavor fuses into the water. As a result, you get some smooth and sweet tasting coffee perfect for your ice latte.

What is cold brew?

Cold-brew or cold brew coffee is a method to brew coffee beans in cold or room temperature water for approximately 12 hours to allow it to release sugars, caffeine and oils.

Hot coffee is rather acidic and irritates the stomachs of people suffering from acidity issues. These people prefer cold brews instead, to fulfill their coffee cravings. It is the best method to brew coffee for ice lattes. Due to certain flavors which you can’t find in hot brews a lot of people enjoy drinking it.

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How to make cold brew coffee fast?

I know you must be wondering so let me teach you how to make cold brew coffee fast? Well, this is no big secret and no you don’t require expert level barista skill to nail your cold brew. Neither do you need advanced equipment? It is pretty simple and all you need are some coffee beans, a French press and something that can help you with fast-paced mixing such as an immersion blender.

Before I begin with the recipe it is crucial that you understand the science behind the extraction of a cold brew. Brewing in hot water results in an infusion of aromatic oils and solids from the coffee beans into the hot water. These oils release only at high temperatures (96°C) which is just below the boiling point.

The coffee beans release its bitter flavor if the water crosses the boiling point. Hence that’s why brewing needs consistent temperatures. The temperature needs to be just right for certain flavors to infuse. Nevertheless, the temperature is just a tool to speed up the extraction process. Just like sugar can dissolve in cold water if you stir faster similarly coffee grounds can also be brewed by stirring fast and long enough. Therefore, make a cold brew coffee faster we need something that can help us blend faster like an emulsion blender.

Follow the below steps for a faster yet tasteful brew!

  1. Use lightly roasted coffee beans.
  2. Ground your coffee about the size of coursed espresso. The fine coffee grounds enhance the extraction process however be sure to not over ground the beans or you will not be able to filter them out.
  3. Dissolve the ground coffee in room temperature water. Any ratio that suits your taste is fine. You could mix 3-4 teaspoons full of coffee in one cup of water. You could always increase the amount of water or ice once you are done to balance your tastes. Give it a good stir so that the grounds sink to the bottom of the cup
  4. Pour the mixture into a beaker or a blender increase the speed of the extraction process.
  5. Pulse the mixture thoroughly for a couple of minutes. The longer you blend the better it will taste.
  6. Transfer the mixture into a French press and use the plunger to gently press it to the bottom.
  7. If you don’t want the coffee grounds infiltrating your coffee, then let them sit in the bottom of the container and pour the rest into your mug leaving some behind.
  8. Add some ice and water and it is ready to serve

Some people like their coffee clean i.e. without any floating coffee grounds I personally hate them in mine. I would advise you to filter them out properly before serving it up as iced coffee. For best results pair cold brew ice cubes with almond milk.

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Serving tips for cold-brewed coffee?

Unlike the common misconception that cold brews can only be served in the iced form, it can also be served steaming hot. Either way, you can follow the same technique and add the brew in whatever way you prefer. Cold brews are often stronger in taste and make a mean cup of Joe. Serving it with ice cubes means it will eventually dilute once the ice melts. Still strong for you? Add some milk or water to fix it according to your fondness or check out some interesting ways to use a coffee creamer to perk it up!

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Expert advice

  • Ground your beans and make sure they are coarsely ground and not of sandy texture like those of drip coffee. Powdery beans can result in an over fused coffee that make it impossible to filtrate.
  • Using filtered water for your coffee can intensely enhance the flavor of your coffee. It will give cleaner and sweeter flavor to your cold brew.
  • Even though this recipe is for a quick cold brew fix if you have got time then try and let it steep for at least 12 hours. Straining it earlier can give you a weaker cup of coffee, but over-steeping can also extract the bitter flavors. So, stay vigilant while doing so.
  • Keeping your leftover brew in an ice tray can save you the annoyance of diluted coffee when making ice coffee and you can use coffee ice cubes instead to chill your brew.
  • Using a higher coffee to water ratio can balance the right flavors. 1 to 1 ratio serves best for a cold brew however you can change it as you like.
  • Straining your cold brew slowly is a tip I stand by. Coffee chains like Starbucks use complex techniques to strain their coffees which remove the cold brew from the grounded coffee. For a DIY you can use a strainer or a cheesecloth to slow down the straining process. Try not to squeeze the coffee grounds or it will release the bitter flavor it’s been holding up. Straining it in small batches with gentle hands will create a difference. You could use a filter paper too but the chances of it tearing are higher. So, I’d rather not go for it. Pro Tip: Use milk nut bag for straining a cold brew trust me you will thank me later.

Final note

Here is everything you need to know about that cold brew that everyone’s been raving about and now you can enjoy it too in the comfort of your own home. All these tips and tricks on how to make cold brew fast are what makes this recipe worth the taste. Grab your favourite book and pop out your cold brew for a laid-back summer evening. If you’re interested in other methods of brewing your coffee such as the percolation method, then feel free to read all about it here.

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