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Thinking how to use drip coffee maker to get a perfect brew?

No matter what the latest designs of coffee makers have to offer the classic coffee maker will always be my top favorite. This article is all about how to turn around your normal cup of joe into a more flavorful brew. The drip coffee maker is your everyday coffee pot found in most American households. Well…, at least until the Nespresso and Keurig became popular.

Drip coffee makers come in various customization and are very easy to clean. Some have the option to grind the beans within while others require ground coffee beans. The later ones can be put to brew as soon as you wake up. Some of these are basically like your alarm clock and start dripping coffee into a special pot. This coffee pot keeps your freshly brewed coffee hot for hours so you can cherish your mornings.

So, if you are considering to buy a drip coffee maker or are amazed with it this article will be answering all of your questions. From how it works to how to make coffee in it and what are some things that can lead to its improper functioning. This article aims to cover it all.

All the details about its machinery and instructions on how to use drip coffee maker are elaborated in this guide.

Before we begin with the instructions part, here is a little FAQ section to briefly answer your queries.

What does drip coffee mean?

Drip coffee involves the passing of boiling water through finely-ground coffee beans. The dripping effect created below the filter is the reason behind the term “drip coffee”.

What temperature do you use in a drip coffee maker?

An approximate temperature range of 90.5°C to 96 °C is endorsed by the National Coffee Association. Drip coffee makers in the cheaper range fail to bring the temperature quickly enough. As a result, they end up producing bitter tasting coffee.

How much coffee do you put in a drip coffee maker?

About 7-8 grams of ground coffee in 100-150ml of water is perfect. You can vary the coffee to water ratio according to your taste and preference.   


How does the drip coffee maker work?

Removing the top of the drip coffee maker leads you right where the reservoir the drip and the showerhead are. The depression on the right marks the flow of the reservoir bucket. An orange tube runs through which carries the cold water from a hole to the top of the reservoir. This orange tube is further connected to a white one. A power cord also shows through.

Drip coffee makers are extremely easy to use and maintain. The drip coffee maker’s manufacturers have been improving the design for over 30 years now. It is the result of constant improvement that the coffee maker is direct in its usage.

I advise you to read about your machinery before you get one. So read a little bit about the functions of each component of the drip coffee machine.

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How to use a drip coffee maker?

Using a drip coffee maker to brew your coffee is a piece of cake, if you know the right steps.

Step 1: Ground the coffee beans to medium-fine particles.

Step 2: Set the coffee filter into the filter basket nicely. All drip coffee makers come with a filter basket which is usually hidden right beneath the brew head.

Step 3: Add a tablespoon of ground coffee to the filter for every cup you plan to brew. For a richer tasting coffee use a permanent filter instead.

Step 4: Pour in around 6 ounces of cold filter water onto the reservoir for every cup you make.

Step 5: Now press the start button on the coffee maker to begin brewing some hot aromatic drip coffee. Most of the coffee makers come with a simple on/off switch to begin brewing drip coffee.

Taste makers Guide

To mold the taste according to your preference, use the following adjustments.

Stronger Coffee

  • Use 4 ounces of filtered water for every spoonful of coffee you add
  • Finely ground your coffee beans

Less concentrated version

  • Use 8 ounces for every tablespoon of coffee.
  • Coarsely ground your coffee beans for a regular mug of coffee

For those with an acquired taste

  • Use lightly roasted coffee beans

For those who love bolder flavorful coffee

  • Use dark roasted coffee beans

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How to make your drip even perkier?

To further enhance the flavors of your coffee I’ve combined a set of tips that you can follow. They are simple and can add that extra zing to your morning beverage.

  • Rather than using a blade grinder for your coffee opt for a burr grinder instead for a more consistent sized particle. It also gives uniform drips adding a nice texture to your coffee.
  • Always prefer a thermal coffee pot over glass one. Make sure it comes with a hot plate. The hot plate minimizes any undesired bitterness in your coffee if prepare before time.
  • If you are still looking to buy a coffee maker then make sure you get one that is proficient by the SCAA. This will make sure the brewing temperature ranges between (195-205 F degree) despite the saturation.
  •  Instead of using measuring spoons consider weighing your coffee instead. 15 grams per 225 grams of coffee is a great ratio for starters. You could use your carafe to weigh your water and then directly pour it over the reservoir. 

Some things to remember while using a drip coffee maker

When using such a machine you have little control over the time for which the coffee brews or the consistent temperature of the water. Therefore, it is significant to have a grip on features you can control. In conclusion, the factor that needs to be different is the type of coffee beans used to brew drip coffee, the size of the ground beans, and the ratio between coffee and water.

It is important that you’re clear in measurements of the cups. For example, one cup of water is 8 ounces and a coffee pot cup can hold 5 ounces. A 12-cup coffee maker uses 60 ounces of liquid which is a rough estimate of 7 cups of coffee. 

It is also important to remember if you’re making coffee for the first time that you need to clean all the washable parts. The decanter, its lid, and filter basket all require to be washed with mild dish soap separately. Put everything back the way it was and use it like normal. Use just water to give it a nice thorough cleaning. Once the cycle is done throw the water out and use it like normal.

Bottom line

I bet if you are a coffee enthusiast you already know most of these things. However, for those of you still learning the ropes around using a coffee machine this article should be a great place to start. The coffee journey is unlike any other.

It is after knowing your way around the coffee shops you learn how to order one. The next step is to make your own at home. This guide is here to embellish your coffee journey with great tips on how to use drip coffee maker.

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