Can a Kitchen Sink Be Next to the Stove?

A kitchen is one of the most commonly accessed rooms of every house. It is the tittle-tattle station, a family bonding center with one or another member always doing something, which is why it is important to design a kitchen carefully.

A well-designed kitchen, apart from being visually appealing, is also determined by the kitchen working triangle. So, when designing a kitchen, one might question whether the kitchen sink is next to the stove.

Yes, the kitchen sink can be next to the stove, with a little counter space of about 24 inches between the two. 

To clean and cut your vegetables easily, you can use the sink to wash and the space between the sink and stove for chopping. However, if the two are placed too close together, it will be difficult to manage and keep the area tidy while trying to do multiple things at a time. 

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Points to keep in mind when setting up the sink next to stove

When setting up the sink and stove, there are a few things that you should be careful about to organize your kitchen. Here’s what you need to know! 

Distance between your sink and stove 

The best way to design your kitchen sink is by keeping it away from the corner and with enough space between the sink and the stove.

  • The sink and the corner of the counter should be at least 18 to 30 inches apart.
  • The distance between the stove and the sink should be about 24 inches.
  • There should be 12 to 15 inches of counter between the stove and the corner.

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Face them away from each other

As easy as the tasks get when you put the sink and stove close to each other, do not make them face each other. This is because the water and fire can come in contact causing damage to the kitchen and making it difficult to perform simple tasks.

If you have already placed the sink and stove facing each other, place an object in between to create a barrier between them. 

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Counter space 

Counter space helps you to work easily and freely. Your sink needs to have a counter space so that when there are a lot of dirty dishes, you can place some on the counter space of the sink to keep your cooking area clean and less crowded. 

Therefore, do not place the sink right next to the stove, and always have some counter space in between.

Final thoughts

From this article, we can conclude that you can place your sink next to a stove, but it is important to have some room between the two. There should be enough counter space to keep your dirty utensils or an area for you to chop off your vegetables and other ingredients.

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