Can You Layer Food in an Air Fryer? – Best Stacking Method!

An air fryer is one of the most useful tools in your kitchen. No kitchen is complete without one. It has many advantages, some of which are a healthy alternative to deep frying. Moreover, it cooks your food perfectly every time and within minutes!

However, sometimes you have to cook dinner for the entire family, and it could be really time-consuming to cook in multiple batches. This makes you wonder if you can layer food in an air fryer to speed up the process.

Can you layer/stack/pile food in an air fryer?

Stacking food in your air fryer is not recommended unless the food you’re cooking is small, lightweight, and won’t fill up much space in the basket. You need to allow maximum air circulation in the air fryer.

 An air fryer works on the principle of air circulation, so you mustn’t do anything that could cause a blockage in it. You can stack up or layer small pieces of food that you are sure won’t affect the air circulation as it can result in raw, uncooked food and can also be dangerous.

Can you double layer in an air fryer?

It is totally possible to stack food or double layer it in an air fryer. The food needs to be cut into smaller pieces (fries, for example) and should be turned halfway through. This is important so that there is maximum airflow in the air fryer, which is necessary to cook the food properly.

How to stack food in an air fryer?

The best way to stack up food in an air fryer is by using an air fryer rack. However, if you don’t have an air fryer rack, then you should ensure that the food you want to cook will allow maximum air circulation.

This can be done by cutting up your food into smaller pieces and shaking the basket a few times while cooking. Doing so will allow the pieces of food to reposition in the basket, making new space for the air to move through. This will help the food to cook evenly.

If you use an air fryer rack, you don’t have to worry about tossing and turning the food as it already has enough room to let air circulate properly.

  1. Place the marinated foods on the bottom so that the juices won’t drip on whatever else you are cooking.
  2. Make sure the pieces of food are cut up small. Bigger pieces can block air circulation and result in raw, uncooked food.
  3. Put the racks of food in the air fryer and cook.

It is really easy to wash these racks. If you consider using racks, make sure they are suitable to be used in your particular brand of the air fryer. Make sure to read the instruction manual and only use the accessories that the manufacturer claims are safe to be used in the fryer.

What food you can and can’t stack in an air fryer?

You learned the dos and don’ts of stacking food in an air fryer; now, you need to know the foods that are safe to be stacked in an air fryer.

Fries Steak
VegetablesChicken breasts
Small potatoesFish
Chicken wingsBurgers (without rack)
Mozzarella sticks Pork chops
Chicken tendersLarge vegetable pieces
Spring rolls 

Alternatives to stacking food in an air fryer

Below are some accessories and tips you can use while stacking up food in an air fryer.

Air fryer rack

Some air fryers come with a rack, but don’t worry if yours doesn’t have one. You can easily buy them separately as well.

Air fryer racks are designed to help you cook food by layering it. You will be able to cook more food evenly, in a single batch, and without ruining the texture. The plus point is that it is super easy to clean them. You could simply put them in the dishwasher or lightly scrub them.

Anything that you won’t naturally be able to layer in an air fryer could be layered by using these racks. It’s an incredible accessory to help you cook double the food in the same amount of time. Just be careful that you still don’t overfill the racks, and maximum airflow is ensured.

Buying a larger air fryer

Investing in an air fryer with a bigger capacity can really save you from the hustle. Air fryers come in different sizes that can hold different quantities of food. They are available in sizes from 3-quart up to 6-quart. The bigger the fryer, the more food it can accommodate, so choose accordingly. 

If you have to continuously cook foods in larger quantities, then it is definitely better to upgrade to a bigger one.

How full can I fill my air fryer?

You should never fill your air fryer basket more than halfway through. This is important because overfilling your air fryer will disturb the air circulation resulting in uneven and undercooked food.

Can you cook more than one food in an air fryer at the same time?

Some air fryers come with a built-in separator to cook different kinds of food at the same time. You may be able to find a suitable accessory to help you compartmentalize the food if yours doesn’t have one. An air fryer rack, for example, is a great accessory to stack up food in your fryer.

Can you layer chicken wings in the air fryer?

Put your wings in a single layer in the air fryer. However, it’s fine if they overlap, or you can layer them but make sure that you don’t overfill it and let the air circulate.

Can you stack burgers in an air fryer?

You can stack burgers in an air fryer by simply using an air fryer rack. Do not stack them without a rack because that will block the airflow and can be hazardous.

Can you stack bacon in an air fryer?

Lay your bacon in an air fryer in a single layer. You can stack it with the help of a rack. Without a rack, it may not turn out to be as crispy as it normally would.

How many pieces of chicken can you put in an air fryer?

Most air fryers can accommodate 6-8 pieces of chicken at the same time. You could slightly increase or decrease the amount according to the size of your air fryer to help cook it properly and evenly.

Final thoughts on layering food in an air fryer

Layering food in an air fryer is achievable, given that you do it correctly and be mindful of any potential hazards. Just keep the table above in mind to know what to stack and what not to stack. Having air fryer accessories at your disposal for layering and separating is always the best approach, though. Happy air frying!

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