Is Your Microwave Harmful for Health? [2020 research]


We all love to get our things done quickly, whether the task is as enormous as our graduation thesis or as little as warming food in our miniature pal we call the microwave oven.

But sometimes you might wonder “Is the microwave oven harmful for my health?”, or maybe, “What are the microwave oven side-effects?”.

After reading latest research papers and discussing the queries of the public with authoritative officials, RavvyReviews brings you the latest study we did to tackle all the rumors that arise regarding different microwave oven and its harmful health issues!

With the invention of the microwave oven, the daily kitchen chores of our beloved women and men drastically shifted from the obsolete gas stoves which could easily burn your food to user-friendly microwave ovens.

Every futuristic invention in the world today has its pros and cons. When the microwave ovens were first introduced in the market, the public started questioning the use of microwave ovens because the invention used electromagnetic radiations to warm food.

Let us first explain how microwave ovens work and how these ovens use microwave radiations to warm food.

Microwave radiations in ovens

Microwaves are a small portion of the broad electromagnetic spectrum that spans over the long-wavelength Radio waves to short wavelength and highly ionized Gemma waves. The human eye can detect only a specific portion of the electromagnetic spectrum known as Visible light.

The electron tube known as Magnetron generates microwaves that warm the food in the oven. Every eatable has water content inside it and microwaves cause the molecules of the water content to oscillate faster that produces heat energy. Using the principles of physics, the food is easily cooked with just a press of a button!

Let us dive deep into the topic and address the main concerns of our audience. Let us answer your biggest query, “Is microwave harmful for health?”.


Is microwave oven bad for health?

Before we solve the mystery, let us assume microwave ovens are bad for health.

Can you list a few reasons that make you think why microwave ovens are bad for health?

Keep these reasons in mind and read our findings below that will help you answer all your questions!

Whenever you heat your food on a traditional gas stove, due to convection (a heat transfer process) the food heats up. But, the downside of this approach is the nutrients and vitamins present in the food lose a lot of their benefits in the process.

However, when you heat food in a microwave oven, the microwaves only target the water molecules and cause them to oscillate faster. Faster oscillations correspond to heat energy that raises the temperature of your food.

Any heating method may cause your diet to lose some of its potential health benefits and vital nutrients. But with microwave ovens, most of the key nutrients remain intact!

These microwave radiations help your diet to maintain its essential nutrients and vitamins which are entirely killed by the gas or electric stove.

So, did you get the answer for your search query, “Is microwave bad for health?”. If not, comment your question below and we will answer it ASAP!

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Is my microwave oven-safe?

According to the United States Food & Drug Administration, every microwave oven manufacturing brand must pass the eligibility criteria before their products come into the market place.

This means the United States FDA has set a safety standard that every microwave oven manufacturing company must meet to sell their products in the US. Likewise, every country has set standards that every microwave oven manufacturer must meet to sell their products in the local market place.

Just like every electromagnetic radiation, microwaves are also dangerous if companies do not use high-quality material in the manufacturing of Magnetron (electron tube that produces microwaves).

So, what are the minimum standards set by the FDA?

Read below to find out!

All microwave ovens must have a dual independent inter-locking system to stop microwaves leaking out of the oven. Moreover, whenever the user opens the oven door, the Magnetron immediately stops emitting microwave radiations. This prevents the leakage of microwave radiations in case the dual inter-locking system fails.

Secondly, the FDA has set a lifetime microwave radiation leakage limit to ensure only high-quality products are sold in the market. The maximum limit for microwave radiations that can leak from the oven is set to 5miliwatts (mW) per square centimeters. This limit is far below the human danger level!

Yes, microwave ovens are completely safe to use!

Lastly, all the companies must attach a label on their product mentioning their product meets the standard criteria set by the FDA.

Are you still running away from buying a microwave oven even though you desperately need one? Comment below and we will help you decide the best alternatives!

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What are the side-effects of a microwave oven?

Do you like to learn everything about a household product before buying it for your home?


Are you scared to bring a microwave oven to your home?

Despite all the people out there buying a microwave oven, what is it that prevents you to get one for your home?

Well, obviously if you have children, they are your priority and their safety is your top concern. The thought of exposing them to radiations can be mind-boggling.

Do not worry, because we have you covered!

Read below to find what are the side-effects of microwave ovens.

The only side-effect of microwaves is burning due to overheating of the utensils. Before you use a microwave oven you must consider the type of utensil that contains your food. The time you set to warm your food depends on the power of your microwave oven as well as the food utensil. If your utensil is super-hot after heating the food, you can suffer burns.

Your loved ones must learn what type of material can they use to heat the food inside a microwave oven. For example, the best materials suitable for microwave cooking are glass, paper cups, cartons, and thermoplastics.

Not all plastics are microwave friendly. You should never use plastics that melt easily at high temperature in a microwave oven because plastic inhabits poisonous properties when it is melting. On the other hand, make sure you NEVER use a metal material in a microwave oven because metals reflect microwaves. This can damage your oven as well as cause the microwaves to leak into the environment!

For more information regarding what material you can use in a microwave oven refer to our article here!

Let us further discuss other rumors that might have caught your attention before you consider buying a microwave oven.

Can microwave oven give you cancer?

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases today. Although after spending billions of dollars in research, doctors have finally a cure for the diseases. Thousands of patients die due to cancer or because of its harsh treatment.

Whenever you think of radiations, does cancer pops up in your mind? Do you think the microwave is harmful for health because it can cause cancer?

Let us explain and change your prospect.

When you think electromagnetic radiations cause cancer, you are only partially right.

Yes, electromagnetic radiations cause cancer, but not all radiations are responsible. Electromagnetic waves that have a lot of energy can easily break the DNA. The process is called ionization. Highly ionized radiations are X-rays and Gamma rays.

Besides that, only Ultra-Violet rays can cause cancer. That is why there is an Ozone layer in the atmosphere protecting us from the harmful UV rays that come from the sun!

Microwaves do not cause cancer because they cannot break your DNA. For more information regarding microwaves can cancer visit ScientificAmerican!

Alright, now that you know microwaves are harmless. Read below and find out are microwaves safe for food?

Are microwaves safe for food

Nutrients and vitamins break down due to heat energy. And whenever you warm your food, the heat takes away most of your diet’s beneficial properties.

For example, Vitamin C easily breaks down when food containing Vitamin C is heated.

However, microwave ovens do a relatively better job of protecting the useful vitamins and minerals in our daily diet.

How? Because in a microwave oven, the cooking times are much shorter and the radiations only target water content!

Thus, proving that microwaves are safe for food!

“Is microwave oven harmful for your health?” What do you think?

Comment below about what do you think about the article. Share your perspective regarding microwave ovens so we can help you!

Do you understand now, why microwave ovens are not harmful for your health? Comment below and let us know! Make sure you check out these amazing countertop microwave oven article!

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