Microwave Vs Electric Oven! Is a Microwave Better Than an Oven?

Microwaves are a convenient fix when you need to quickly heat up that sandwich or get yourself a warm glass of milk without going through all the trouble. But one thing’s for sure, nobody thinks that microwaves do anything else other than heating stuff up. Why? Because we’ve got different type ovens to cook with, right? But when you’ve got only a microwave to cook with, things become a little challenging. Not because it’s the microwave’s fault, but because we’re not as open to it’s uses yet! A microwave might just be what you’re looking for, way better than an oven! Check here to learn the different tips of microwave!

So, microwave vs electric ovens? Which appliance wins this comparison? Here are a few reasons to show you how awesome microwaves can be when put against electric ovens. We hope that you too, just like us, come to realize the hidden talents of microwaves!

Microwave vs Electric oven? Why you should always choose a microwave over an oven?

Faster cooking

Microwave ovens tend to cook food faster than an oven ever would! That’s because microwave ovens use electromagnetic waves (the name “microwave” is an obvious giveaway) to directly target the food and heat it up, rather than heating the whole space up and waiting for the food to cook through radiations, like in a traditional oven. And, if you’re worried about whether microwaves are dangerous for health or not then don’t fret, because we’ve already got that covered for you! Click here to know more about microwaves and safety issues.

Less use of Electricity

Just like what we said above, ovens heat up the entire space within them, to cook food through heat, using metallic elements. Now, all this continuous heating surely does consume tons of electricity. It was found that a small oven utilized 0.2 units to bake at 150 degrees centigrade in 30 minutes. This little guy was rated 1200 watts. On the other hand, your trusty old microwave is usually rated at 500-1000 watts. That’s because it only uses a little bit of electricity to simply heat only the food up rather than warming up the entire place.


Microwaves are comparatively less pricey than ovens. You can pretty much cook anything in them on a budget. So, instead of spending excessive money on ovens, you can simply get yourself a microwave to work with. An oven is sort of a luxury appliance when it comes to the types of food it can cook. But a microwave is way handier and cost-effective than an oven. So, before you go ahead and spend loads of cash on an oven, do consider giving microwaves a try!


It is extremely hard to clean an oven up, especially when it gets messy inside! You’d initially have to wait for the oven to come down to normal temperature again. That’s only when you’ll get to clean it. Plus, the grill metal rods are the toughest to clean. Each separate rod would need to be thoroughly wiped! On the other hand, microwaves are so much better in this aspect. Just get a damp cloth and wipe the spilled food or dust away, simple. The insides of a microwave are completely normal to the touch, no cooling required. Plus the glass plate beneath is easily wipe-able!


Microwaves and ovens are a little different when it comes to how they work but their end results are mostly the same. Although not widely known, a microwave is way better than an oven in terms of cost-effectiveness. You might want to check out microwaves before getting an oven for your kitchen. Figure out which one might suit you best and make the right choice. Psst… We recommend microwaves!

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