Is Ninja Air Crisp the Same as Air Fryer?

If you are a foodie and like to spend most of your time in the kitchen, keeping up with all the latest kitchen advancements and innovations could be hard. One such example is the Ninja Air Crisp function, which has had a lot of people wondering if Ninja Air Crisp is the same as an air fryer.

Yes! Air Crisp is simply a setting on the Ninja Foodi that lets you air fry. So, the air crisp function is the same as an air fryer.

However, there are a few differences between a normal air fryer and the Air Crisp setting on Ninja Foodi. Let’s dive into the article to explore them!

Ninja Air Crisp vs. Air Fryer


A major difference between Ninja Air Crisp and an air fryer is the functionality. While the Air Crisp is a setting on the Ninja Foodi multicooker that help it air fry food, the air fryer happens to be a standalone appliance.

Additional accessories

Typically, an air fryer does not require additional accessories to cook and fry food, considering that it’s a standalone appliance.

However, to use the air crisp feature on Ninja Foodi, you will need a reversible rack or a cook & crisp basket with an attached diffuser. Plus, you will also need to close the pot with the crisp lid having the heat shield.


Air fryers come in different capacities. They have comparatively more space than a multicooker operating on the Air Crisp function. This is because when you air fry in the Ninja Foodi, the space is reduced due to the reversible rack or basket.

Cleaning & maintenance

Cleaning an air fryer is simple. All you need to do is wash the removable accessories and wipe the rest of the air fryer clean with a cloth.

But, in the case of Ninja Air Crisp, you will need to clean the crisping lid with a wet cloth, then dry wipe it. The other accessories are dishwasher-safe, though! Additionally, you will also need a lot of countertop or storage space, considering its big design.


In the end, the Ninja Air Crisp setting and a regular air fryer work the same way but are not exactly the same thing. While one is simply a function, the other is a complete unit. Therefore, remember the information mentioned above when searching for the perfect air fryer for your cooking needs!

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