Can You Plug an Air Fryer into a Surge Protector?

If you are ready to buy your first air fryer, you will first need to dedicate a power socket for everyday use. You must’ve considered using a surge protector to keep your air fryer safe from voltage spikes. So, can you plug an air fryer into a surge protector?

No, it is not recommended to plug an air fryer into a surge protector. You should always plug it directly into a wall outlet. This is because the surge protector can overheat and damage the air fryer.

Let’s talk about the do’s and don’t’s of plugging your air fryer into a surge protector to give you a better idea.

Benefits and downsides of using a surge protector with your air fryer

The biggest advantage of using a surge protector with your air fryer is that it might protect your air fryer from power surges. Plus, if you also have other electric appliances, you might be able to plug them in if the situation demands.

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However, a major disadvantage is that you may end up overheating your air fryer if the right surge protector isn’t used. In fact, in the worst-case scenario, the air fryer may even catch fire. Learn here how hot an air fryer usually gets.

Considering all surge protectors are different, you have to be careful when choosing one.

What kind of surge protector should you choose for your air fryer

In the United States, most homes run on single circuits of 120 volts at 15 amps. Plus, most surge protectors can handle up to 1800 watts.

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So, even if you were planning to invest in a surge protector, make sure you opt for the one that is specifically made for supporting electric appliances like air fryers.

For this, always look for the surge protector’s amp rating and make sure that your air fryer’s wattage rating is equal to or less than this amp rating.

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If you are unsure what surge protector to use, you should consult the user manual or the manufacturer. As a general rule of thumb, a surge protector should at least have a rating of 15 amps.

Also, try to use a surge protector with an interrupter which will shut off the power if any problem arises. This will act as extra safety.

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In the end, you should avoid plugging your air fryer into a surge protector. However, if necessary, it’ll depend on the average volts and amps in your region. So, take your time and opt for a surge protector that will support and not overheat the air fryer.

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