Can You Use a Pressure Cooker as a Pressure Fryer?

We love our cooking gadgets to bits. There’s always that one cooker we can’t let go of; best if it’s a pressure cooker. Once you have mastered cooking in a pressure cooker, there is no going back. You’d even try pressure cooking that chicken in it to get that restaurant-quality flavor. But can a pressure cooker be used as a pressure fryer too?

No, your regular pressure cooker at home isn’t suitable for pressure frying. A normal pressure cooker can only withstand the temperature of 250°F, whereas, for pressure frying, oil can reach a temperature of 360°F. So, the gasket can get damaged if you use your pressure cooker for pressure frying.

To understand how this happens, you need to know how pressure frying works. Let’s take a look together.

How pressure frying works?

Thanks to a certain colonel in the 1940s, the world knows the taste of crispy yet incredibly juicy chicken. It all started when our favorite colonel got angry when it took too long to deep fry the chicken to perfection. With some brains from Winston L. Shelton, they invented pressure fryers.

The principle of pressure frying is the same as a pressure cooker – it builds up pressure inside the pot and uses it to cook the food half the time. In a pressure cooker, steam from the water is used to build up the required pressure. The temperature gets around 250°F. While for pressure frying, oil is needed, which can get up to 360°F upon boiling. The oil is then pressurized to cook food quickly.

This contrast in temperatures can damage the pressure cooker making it unsuitable for pressure frying.

To counter this problem, experts devised dedicated cookers for pressure frying. As a result, you get flavorful, tender fried meat in no time, much healthier than the one you deep fry.

Deep frying Vs. pressure frying

So, what is the difference between deep frying and pressure frying, and why can’t you deep fry that chicken? The answer lies in the methodology and the outcome of the cooking process. The following table summarizes the primary differences between the two. It’s for you to decide which one’s the better one:

Deep FryingPressure Frying
Most of the flavors are lostFlavors locked inside because of closed pot
Crispy on the outside, dry on the insideCrispy outside but tender and juicy inside
Takes a long time to cook the meatTakes half the time as deep frying
Too much oil contaminationOil is pretty clean for further use
Greasy, unhealthy foodLess oil is used; hence healthier

Pressure cookers that can be used as a pressure fryer

Instead of rigging your conventional pressure cooker in the hopes of using it as a pressure fryer, it is always better to invest in a suitable gadget. Here’s a list of advanced pressure cookers that you can easily use as a pressure fryer:

Vinod pressure cooker jumbo pan

For pressure frying, you need a broad base pan with little height. It should also be made with solid material that can withhold oil pressure. Vinod cookers provide you with just those. Americans are not very familiar with it, but it is becoming increasingly common in Europe.

Prestige Deluxe Stainless Steel Pressure Pan

Prestige is in no need of an introduction when it comes to kitchenware. It might just be the most economical pressure fryer you can get. This pan does the job of a pressure fryer and pressure cooker impeccably. Get this if you are low on budget but want to have perfect chicken every time.

Kuhn Rikon Duromatic

This is by far the best company for buying pressure cookers. The durable material makes it the best for shallow frying and pressure cooking your food to perfection. It is not advised to use it for deep frying, but its shallow pan is perfect for pressure frying any meat you want.

Concluding our thoughts on using a pressure cooker as a pressure fryer

Cooking is an art, and we must all strive to learn it to some extent. However, smart cooking saves time and offers healthier food options. Pressure frying may seem like another junk food technique, but it is far better than deep frying.

There is no harm in investing in a good quality pressure fryer or a pressure cooker combi fryer for the best food. But make sure not to use your regular pressure cooker as a pressure fryer!

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