Can You Put an Air Fryer On a Stovetop?

Air fryers have become a necessity in many households nowadays. This is because not only can they fry food without oil, but they can also be used for cooking pretty much anything.

They are also really portable and are easy to carry around, unlike other appliances like microwaves that take up a lot of space. Many people wonder whether you can put an air fryer on top of the stove to save space. Let’s find out! 

No, you should not put your air fryer on a stovetop. If you accidentally turn on the stove, it might result in the air fryer smoking up, melting, and catching fire.

air fryer next to a stove on the counter

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What could happen if you place an air fryer on a stovetop

Several dangerous things can happen if an air fryer is put on a stovetop. Someone might accidentally turn the flame on, which can lead to the air fryer melting. Temperatures on stovetops rise rapidly and can go up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, which can melt almost anything. Air fryers are mostly made out of plastic, which when burnt produces furan. Click here to know what can happen in you inhale furan.

gas stove turned on

It also is really difficult to clean this mess from a stovetop, as all the plastic can get stuck to the stove. Moreover, if the air fryer is put on the stovetop for longer periods, it can even start a fire.

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Where to put an air fryer

You need to consider some things before deciding where to put your air fryer. Do not place it near a heat source such as a stovetop. Also, keep it away from water sources as the water can damage the air fryer. Air fryers produce a lot of smoke, so it is recommended that you put them in a place with good ventilation. Here’s how air fryers work.

air fryer on a counter

Here is a list of places where an air fryer can be placed:

  • Kitchen counter (preferably near a window for good ventilation)
  • Study top
  • Counter stand
  • Slide-out cabinets
  • Rolling kitchen island

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Final thoughts

An air fryer should not be placed on a stovetop. This can lead to dangerous outcomes for both you, your stove, and your air fryer. Always place your air fryer away from heat and water sources and in a place with good ventilation. Happy air frying!

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