Can I Put An Air Fryer On Top Of The Microwave?

Kitchen appliances have changed the way we cook. There is something for everyone, from food steamers to sandwich makers to air fryers. However, the greater the number of appliances, the more limited the countertop space becomes. This is why many people wonder whether they can put an air fryer on top of a microwave to make the most of the space they have.

No, you should not directly put an air fryer on top of a microwave. The heat emitted by the air fryer and its weight can damage the microwave.

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Why you should not put an air fryer on top of a microwave

There are many reasons as to why putting an air fryer on top of a microwave is not recommended.

The air fryer’s weight

One of these is due to the weight of an air fryer. Air fryers with a big capacity are usually very heavy and sometimes can cause the microwave to bend. Along with this, the door may also get misaligned.

This can sometimes also cause the seal of the microwave door to break, which can expose you to dangerous microwave waves.

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Blocking of cooling vents

Putting an air fryer on top of a microwave can also block the cooling vents of the microwave, which can lead to its heating and potentially malfunctioning.

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The air fryer’s heat

Another reason is the heating element of an air fryer which generates extremely hot air. It works at very high temperatures compared to other appliances like ovens or microwaves.

Due to this, the air fryer can sometimes get heated from the outside, which can interfere with the microwave’s function and leave marks on it.

What you can do instead

If you do not have much space for both a microwave and an air fryer, you should check out an air fryer microwave oven, which can perform the functions of both appliances.

If getting another appliance is not feasible, you can install a floating shelf slab above the microwave to keep your air fryer. However, ensure significant space between the shelf slab and the microwave’s top for proper ventilation.

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In conclusion, putting an air fryer on top of a microwave is not recommended. This is due to the potential harm that it can cause to the microwave, given its high temperature and heavyweight. To save space, a better solution would be to buy a 2-in-1 air fryer microwave oven or install a floating shelf slab.

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