Can You Put Hydro Flask in the Dishwasher? – Don’t Ruin Your Hydro Flask!

Hydro Flasks are the best water bottles available. Their quality, insulation properties, everything just makes them the perfect fit whether you want to keep your drink cool or hot. However, fungi and bacteria can build up inside your Hydro Flask if you do not clean it properly.

Has washing dishes ever felt like too much of a task? We all like to just put everything into the dishwasher because doing the dishes on your own is not always a pleasant task.

Have you ever wondered or tried to put your Hydro Flask in the dishwasher? Are Hydro Flask dishwasher safe? This article will answer all of your queries.

Can you put Hydro Flask in the dishwasher?

All Hydro Flask models released after 2020 are dishwasher safe. Older Hydro Flask models can get ruined in a dishwasher due to high water temperatures. If you want to wash your Hydro Flask in a dishwasher, we recommend setting water temperature at 95°F to 110°F.

While the inside of the Hydro Flask is suitable for extreme temperatures, the outside is not. The dishwasher can sometimes get very hot and damage the outer insulation, which is the primary feature of the Hydro Flask. Once the insulation is damaged, there is no way you can fix it.

Your Hydro Flask can last for years if you take care of it properly. Hence, it is advised that you wash it with a bottle cleaning brush in the sink.

Can you put hydro flask lid and straw in dishwasher?

Yes, you can put the lid and straw of your Hydro Flask in a dishwasher. The Hydro Flask lid and straw are top rack dishwasher safe. However, if you want your Hydro Flask to last longer, I recommend that you wash your Hydro Flask and it’s accessories by hand.

How to clean your Hydro Flask?

Washing your Hydro Flask in warm soapy water by hand is the best way to clean it. The water that you wash it in should not be hot but rather warm. Here are 3 other ways you can use to clean your Hydro Flask depending on how dirty it is, include:

1. Using a bottle cleaning brush

You should try to invest in a long-handled good quality bottle cleaning brush. These brushes are specially designed to enter through the mouth opening of the bottle and clean your bottle completely from the inside while reaching the bottom of the bottle as well. Do not use the brush on the outside as it can damage the powder coating of your Hydro Flask.

2. Use white vinegar

Another method is to use white vinegar to clean your Hydro Flask.

Sometimes, your bottle might start giving off a strange odor if you do not clean it properly. If that happens, just take half a cup of vinegar and swirl it in the Hydro Flask with some water and then rinse the flask properly with soapy warm water, and you will be good to go. You can leave the vinegar in for a couple of minutes as well but not for too long.

3. Using baking soda

Another effective method for cleaning your Hydro Flask is washing it with baking soda. If your Hydro Flask has somehow gotten too dirty and needs intense cleaning, you should try using baking soda to clean it.

Mix baking soda with some water so that it forms a thick paste. Dip your bottle cleaning brush into this paste and rub the inside of your Hydro Flask with it. Do not be too aggressive. Once you are done cleaning the bottle with a brush and baking soda, rinse it in warm soapy water. Be sure to rinse it clean so that there is no residual baking soda inside your Hydro Flask.

After you are done cleaning your Hydro Flask, leave it to dry. The best way to do that is by leaving it upside down on a rack to let it air dry. An important note to keep in mind is to never use materials with sharp surfaces on the outside of your Hydro Flask as they will damage your Hydro Flask’s outer powder coating.

How long can a Hydro Flask keep your drink hot or cold?

Hydro Flask has excellent insulating properties. It can keep your drink cold for up to twenty-four hours. If you like ice-cold water, just put some ice-cubes inside your Hydro Flask and see how long it takes for them to melt. How good insulation it provides is evident from the fact that if you put your Hydro Flask in the freezer, the water inside will not freeze.

Although you should not put your Hydro Flask in the freezer as it damages the outside of the container.

Similarly, your Hydro Flask can keep your drink hot for up to twelve hours.

Why does my Hydro Flask stink?

Your Hydro Flask can stink if you do not clean it properly or leave it without washing for a very long time. Another reason for a stinky Hydro Flask might be tightly closing the lid of your Hydro Flask after washing it without letting it dry properly first. 

How often should I clean my Hydro Flask?

If you are just using your Hydro Flask for water, you should wash it two or three times a week.

If you are using it for some other beverage, you should wash it whenever you are done with your beverage as you do not want your Hydro Flask to stink and develop fungus. Otherwise, do a thorough cleanse whenever you feel like it smells strange.

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What makes Hydro Flask such a durable bottle?

Hydro Flask gives a lifetime guarantee to its users. It is made of the best quality possible.

Hydro Flask provides double-wall insulation. While this allows your drink to stay cold or warm throughout the day, it also prevents the heat from exiting the bottle, keeping the exterior normal. This makes it easier for you to hold your Hydro Flask with a very hot beverage inside.

Furthermore, it also prevents condensation on the outside of your Hydro Flask from a very cold drink. Hydro Flasks also prevent any odor or smell from coming out.

For instance, if you have a beverage inside with a particular smell, Hydro Flask provides insulation for that smell as well, and with the lid closed, you cannot smell what is inside your Hydro Flask.

Compared to its competitors which also provide insulating bottles, Hydro Flask is better as it does not use lead, which is present in most insulating bottles and is not good for your health. Also, Hydro Flask is BPA-free. BPA stands for Bisphenol A, which is a compound used in a lot of products, particularly plastics. BPA is harmful not only for human health but also to the environment.

Another key feature of Hydro Flask is that it is recyclable. Lasting a lifetime, it promotes sustainable consumption and living.

Can you put boiling water in a Hydro Flask?

Yes, you can safely put boiling water in your Hydro Flask. It is made of very durable quality and due to its double-wall insulation, your water will stay hot for up to twelve hours or even more. You can use this water for tea, coffee, or instant noodles.

This makes Hydro Flask an excellent companion for long trips or adventures. Just keep some boiling hot water in your Hydro Flask and make your tea, coffee or enjoy instant noodles on a hike.

Why does my Hydro Flask taste like metal?

Hydro Flask is made with stainless steel. If you are not cleaning it properly, it may lead to bacteria or fungi development. Your Hydro Flask can taste like metal due to metal leaching or if you are not cleaning it properly. It can be fixed in most cases by cleaning it with white vinegar and water as mentioned above.

Here’s a video on how to clean your Hydro Flask thoroughly!

Wrapping up my thoughts on putting Hydro Flask in dishwasher!

The Hydro Flask website says that hydro flask will last with you for a lifetime. It is durable and of the best quality. It is above all its competitors giving a lifetime guarantee. This means that it is sustainable and a one-time investment.

Disposable bottles are detrimental to the environment. If you do invest in a Hydro Flask, you should take proper care of it and clean it properly, employing the correct method so that it lasts a lifetime.

So, in conclusion, we will repeat that you should never put your Hydro Flask in the dishwasher. You will have to let go of the lazy habits and hand wash this sustainable, durable water bottle in warm soapy water, and to return the favor, it will keep your drinks hot or cold for a very long time.

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