Can You Put A Ramekin In An Air Fryer?

Ramekins have become a staple in many household kitchens due to their convenience. They are mainly used for serving single portions of foods like creme brulee and souffle. With the rise in the popularity of air fryers, many people are curious whether they can use ramekins in air fryers.

Yes, you can put a ramekin in an air fryer. Air fryers work on a similar mechanism as an oven; hence any cookware that can be used in an oven is safe for use in an air fryer.

Are all ramekins air fryer-safe?

As mentioned above, ramekins are generally air fryer safe. If they are made from materials like stainless steel, pyrex, or porcelain, they are safe for air fryers.

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However, if they are made of plastic, avoid using them in an air fryer, as plastics usually are not good at handling air fryers’ hot temperatures.

As a precautionary measure, always check if there is a sign beneath your ramekin for an “oven-safe” symbol.

It is also recommended that you use aluminum foil or some kind of tray below the ramekins. This can prevent any sort of batter from overflowing and falling on the air fryer tray. This is especially helpful if you are using it to make cakes or souffle.

Recipes that can be made with ramekins in an air fryer

Here are some of the recipes you can make using Ramekins in an air fryer:

  • Lava cakes
  • Chocolate fudgy brownie
  • Mac & cheese
  • Single-serve pastries or cakes
  • Creme brulee
  • Egg bites
  • Egg cups

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Ramekins can easily and safely be used in an air fryer to make recipes like lava cakes and egg bites. However, if your ramekins are made of plastic, avoid putting them in an air fryer, as they can melt. Also, do remember to put a sheet of aluminum foil below the ramekins to avoid any batter overflow in your air fryer!

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