How to Reheat a Sandwich in the Microwave? – Never Ruin Food Again!

Sandwiches are a convenient fix when you’re super hungry and on the go; with a warm cup of hot cocoa, they’d also make the perfect snack! No mess, no sticky hands, no plates. Just get yourself a sandwich and fill up your tummy! But oftentimes, the sandwiches are too big to finish. Or you might even end up buying a sandwich and eating it back at home.

In this case, to get a good toasted warm sandwich, you’d have to reheat it! Let’s walk through the perfect steps on how to reheat a sandwich in the microwave.

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No one likes a soggy cold sandwich, right? Unless you do, we aren’t judging! But if you want your sandwich to turn out warm and fresh upon reheating, then you need to keep a couple of points in mind!

  • Microwaves only penetrate about 1 cm into the food. The rest of the food is heated through conduction. This means if you throw a huge sandwich into the microwave, it’ll probably stay cold on the inside even if you microwave it for long. This can be avoided by opening up the sandwich and microwaving each half separately so that the fillings get warmed up too!
  • Day-old bread is better for microwaving. This is because the older the bread gets, it loses more of its moisture. So when you microwave it, it extracts the moisture from the filling of the sandwich and fluffs up, thus not getting soggy! Fresh bread already has enough moisture in it, so when microwaved, it absorbs the moisture from the fillings and gets wetter.

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How to reheat a sandwich in the microwave?

Wrap a paper towel around the sandwich to prevent it from getting soggy. Avoid using plastic wrap because it can trap moisture and can make your sandwiches soggy. Microwave the sandwich for 90 seconds and enjoy a perfectly reheated sandwich!

A cold sandwich right out of the freezer has ice crystals on it. When heated, the crystals melt into the sandwich thus making it super soggy! Avoid this by following the steps below!

This way all the crystal water will get absorbed by the paper towel and you’ll get a fresh delicious sandwich!

What if your sandwich is cold on the inside?

If your sandwich ends up cold on the inside despite carrying out the above steps then don’t worry! Sometimes the fillings might be too thick or your microwave might not be as powerful as others’. We can still warm up your sandwich perfectly! Here’s how to reheat your sandwich in the microwave when it is still left cold on the inside.

  1. Take your sandwich and gently separate it into half such that the upper bun and a part of the fillings are on one side while the rest is on the other.
  2. Put one half, facing up, in a microwaveable plate.
  3. Microwave the half for a total of 15-20 seconds depending on how powerful your microwave is.
  4. Now, put the other half into the microwave and repeat the process for 15-20 seconds.

This way, your sandwich will heat up super well on the inside too! You should also check out our articles on reheating donuts and fondue!

Here’s a video on how to reheat your sandwich in the microwave!

Concluding our thoughts on heating a sandwich in a microwave!

There are so many things you could perfectly reheat in the microwave. Did you know that this includes Lobsters!

We hope you found our method on how to reheat a sandwich in the microwave super easy and helpful! Make sure to check out more of our easy microwave recipes to get a hang of how microwaves work because they aren’t only limited to heating stuff up!

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