How to Season Drumsticks For an Air Fryer

Getting a new air fryer is really fun because you get to play around with different dishes and recipes – all without any guilt. There are many things you can make in an air fryer, drumsticks included, but it can be quite confusing because things work differently for air fryers. So, let’s find out how to season drumsticks in an air fryer the right way. 

To season drumsticks for an air fryer, start by coating them with oil, then sprinkle the spices and herbs onto them. Keep in mind not to use a wet batter for your drumsticks. 

Method to season drumsticks for an air fryer

  1. Pat the chicken legs dry with the help of a paper towel. Transfer them to a medium-sized bowl. 
  2. In another bowl, combine paprika, salt, pepper, and any other seasonings of your choice. For 8 chicken drumsticks, we use:
    • 1 tsp black pepper
    • 1 tsp salt
    • 1 tsp smoked paprika
    • ½ tsp cumin
    • 1 tsp garlic powder
    • 2 tbsp olive oil
  3. Add olive oil or any oil you prefer to the bowl with the chicken drumsticks, and sprinkle the seasonings on your chicken. Toss them till they are well coated. 
  4. Then, preheat the air fryer to 400 degrees for about 2-10 minutes.
  5. Once preheated, place the drumsticks leg-side down in the air fryer basket.
  6. Cook at 380 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes. 
  7. Then, flip the chicken drumsticks and cook for another 7-8 minutes or till cooked through. 
  8. Check the internal temperature of the chicken with the help of a meat thermometer; it should be 165 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  9. If the chicken is below this temperature, cook for a few extra minutes so that it’s cooked through.

Expert tips for making drumsticks in an air fryer

Preheat your air fryer

Run your air fryer empty for a few minutes before adding in your chicken. This allows an even cook throughout the chicken and allows the skin to puff up and get the ideal crispy fried texture.

Sauce chicken at the end

If you are going to sauce your chicken, do so when the chicken is cooked and crisped. Do not put the sauce directly onto the raw drumsticks, as the air fryer will dry the sauce during cooking.

Moreover, you should avoid putting any kind of wet batter in the air fryer. Here’s why.

Don’t open the air fryer too often

Air fryers are sealed through, so there’s no way to see how your chicken is doing. This makes people want to keep opening the air fryer to check but don’t do that. This will make too much heat escape, and your chicken might end up getting cooked unevenly. 

Use a digital thermometer

When the timer is done, immediately test the chicken with the help of a digital meat thermometer. Insert the thermometer in the thickest part of the chicken without touching the bone. The chicken should be at 165 degrees Fahrenheit internally; if not, cook for another 2-5 minutes.

Don’t overcrowd the basket

Air fryers work by circulating hot air around the food so that it cooks evenly. When you overcrowd the basket, the hot air does not circulate properly. So, put the chicken in the air fryer in a way that does not overcrowd the air fryer basket so that you can get an even crisp cook.


Air fryer chicken drumsticks are a fantastic meal. You can season your chicken for the air fryer however you like; whatever seasonings or sauces you include will be good to go. Just don’t use a wet batter, as it will drip down in the air fryer and make a huge mess.

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