Can You Stack Wings In An Air Fryer?

Air fryers are a popular choice for people wanting healthier cooking options. They can be used for oil-free frying of dishes that would usually require deep-frying. Chicken wings are one of the most popular foods people like to air fry. However, due to the small base area, many people wonder whether they can stack chicken wings in the air fryer.

Yes, you can stack chicken wings in an air fryer. However, this won’t give you the desired results if you are looking for a crispy exterior. So, it’s better to air fry the wings in multiple batches.

What to know before stacking chicken wings in an air fryer

Ideally, you should not stack chicken wings on top of each other if you want evenly cooked food and a crispy texture.

This is because air fryers operate by circulating hot air around the food. When you stack the wings, the hot air does not reach every part, which can result in undercooked food and a soggy exterior.

This can also hinder the airflow, which can sometimes lead to the air fryer malfunctioning. Hence, you should always air fry chicken wings in a single layer for ideal results. However, if you really do want to stack them, go ahead.

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Methods for stacking chicken wings in an air fryer

The shape of chicken wings allows for more air to flow compared to other foods, which is why you can try to stack them.

Shaking the air fryer

For this method, you must ensure you’ve stacked the wings in no more than two layers. Then, just simply shake the air fryer midway through the cooking process. This allows for all sides of the wings to be evenly cooked.

While these wings won’t be as crispy and tender as those air-fried in a single layer, they are still good.

Lining the wings

You can divide the wings into wingettes and drumettes. A fun way to achieve crispy results with the drumettes is by lining them up against the sides of the air fryer and then flipping them halfway through the process. This gives pretty great results!

Using a rack

An alternative to the above method is using an air fryer rack. An air fryer rack with multiple layers allows you to cook two batches of wings simultaneously.

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The rack gives the air fryer much more space to work with, which allows the air to flow freely. Not only will this cook the food evenly, but the results using this method will be almost similar to cooking wings in a single layer.

Note: Make sure not to overcrowd the air fryer with wings when using a rack method. 


In short, you can stack chicken wings in an air fryer due to their unusual shape, but it won’t give you the best results. For the ideal results, you should air fry them in a single layer or use an air fryer rack to cook multiple batches at once. Happy air frying!

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