Does a Toaster Explode When You Put a Knife in It?

Toasters are quite easy to operate. We know not to put a knife into the toaster or let it get damp, but can a toaster blow up because of it?

Most likely, no. A toaster won’t explode when you put a knife in it, but it will surely electrocute you. Therefore, we strongly advise against putting any metal inside a live toaster. Also, keep in mind that a toaster can catch on fire if it’s misused.

If you’re still curious about this topic, then let’s dive into some common questions!

Can you put a knife in a toaster when it’s unplugged?

Although putting a knife in an unplugged toaster won’t result in electrocution, it might damage the internal parts of the toaster. So, if you use the toaster next time, it could catch on fire.

Here’s how you can safely remove stuck bread from the toaster

Firstly, make sure the toaster s turned off and unplugged. Then push up the lever and see if the bread comes out. If not, try tipping or turning the toaster upside down and shake very gently to get the toast out. 

If there’s still no luck, then grab a pair of bamboo sticks or wooden tongs to pull the bread out. No matter what, don’t put anything inside the toaster to prevent the internal electrical components from getting ruined.

Can putting a knife in a toaster be fatal?

Yes, putting a knife or anything metal inside the toaster can be really dangerous. The electric current can transmit through the metal to your entire body and can give you fatal electrocution, making your heart stop. 

Some individuals may mistakenly assume that no electric power could be transmitted via the metal tool after the toast had come out.

Sticking metal inside the toaster when it is switched on will only put you at risk of being electrocuted. That does not imply that inserting the object into the toaster even while it is disconnected is a smart idea.

Statistical data of the number of people that have died because of a toaster

The statistical data show how many people die each year as a result of toasters. The reasons for these fatalities are not broken down into particular categories (such as putting a fork into the toaster).

Every year, 700 people die as a result of toasters. There are 300 toaster fatalities annually in the United States. The potential reasons include electricity and combustion. Many accidents happen in the kitchen.

The probability of a toaster catching fire

A toaster can catch fire, but only if misused. Toasters have heating elements in which food particles might stick, and the toaster might end up catching fire. But that’s only when you misuse it. Don’t try to put in a hamburger or anything bigger than the slots. That can be a hazard for sure. 

However, you have nothing to worry about if you’re thinking about internal combustion. Your toaster will not randomly catch on fire if you leave it plugged in or leave your toaster on to preheat.

Electrical safety tips while using a toaster

  • Regularly check cables for visible wire or broken shielding, and replace any in poor shape.
  • Disconnect the appliance as soon as possible and refrain from using it until the issue has been resolved.
  • Keep in mind that given the numerous safety systems included in modern appliances, a shock is often a sign of many issues.
  • Never wipe an appliance by submerging it in water. Even when you dry it, retained liquid can create a trail from electroconductive surfaces to any metal components you may come into touch with.

Final thoughts on sticking a knife inside a toaster

If you stick a knife in your toaster, it might catch fire. But the possibility of it blowing up is quite remote. Blowing a fuse is more likely to result in an explosion than using a toaster. Please be cautious when performing kitchen tasks and keep in mind to take basic precautions to keep your household and property safe.

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