Does Every Toaster Have a Crumb Tray?

Toasters have been a staple appliance in most homes for a long time. They occupy a small area and get the job done quickly. Just like toaster ovens, toasters also have crumb trays, but does every toaster have a crumb tray?

Yes, almost every toaster has a crumb tray. However, there is a high chance an older toaster model might not have one.

What is a crumb tray?

As the name suggests, a crumb tray is a tray that collects crumbs from your bread, waffles or anything else you toast in the toaster. You might clean it up every week, but your toaster would still be dirty if you haven’t yet cleaned the crumb tray.

A TikTok user and a professional cleaner, debunked the hack of cleaning a toaster with a toothbrush. In her frustration, she showed the world how the crumb tray is pulled out and cleaned easily. People were in awe as they ran to their toasters and found that, indeed, their toasters had crumb trays.

How to clean a toaster crumb tray

Now that you know about the crumb tray cleaning the whole toaster has become easy. You don’t have to insert weird things inside it, like a fork, to remove dirt and crumbs.

All you need to do now is;

  1. Take out the crumb tray.
  2. Brush off the crumbs with a dry cloth or a brush.
  3. If you see grease stuck on the tray, use a damp cloth and some liquid dishwasher to clean it properly.

Experts advise emptying the crumb tray regularly to ensure perfect heating.

What if your toaster does not have a crumb tray

It’s pretty rare for a toaster not to have a crumb tray, but even if you do own an ancient model, you can still clean it properly. The absence of a crumb tray simply means that the crumbs will accumulate at the bottom of the toaster.

You don’t always have to use sharp objects to get rid of these pesky crumbs. Make sure you use a soft-tip brush that does not damage the heating coil. Contrarily, you can invert the toaster over a bin so the crumbs would fall in it.

Final thoughts on whether every toaster has a crumb tray

So, now that you know that a crumb tray exists in almost every toaster, you can now easily clean your precious toaster too! It’s true that TikTok hacks don’t always work, and some are bizarre when it comes to cleaning. But keeping your home appliances neat and clean should always be a priority.

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