Do You Use Flour in an Air Fryer?

Flour is one of the most used ingredient in the kitchen. It is used in many recipes like cakes, biscuits, tortillas, and many more. It is also used to fry chicken and other things to make the outer layer crisp. That is why many people wonder whether we can use flour in an air fryer. Let’s find out!

Yes, you can use flour in an air fryer. However, be sure not to use too much of it as it can make the air fryer malfunction. To prevent this, clean the air fryer regularly.

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Tips for using flour in an air fryer

Avoid wet batter

If you are using flour to coat something, ensure that the batter is not too wet.

Use a dry or pasty batter, for example, some flour, eggs, and then breadcrumbs. This ensures that no batter drips down on the surface of the air fryer while cooking. However, to be safe, put some parchment paper under your food so that it does not make the air fryer dirty.

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Don’t use too much flour

Be careful about the amount of flour you are using. Too much flour can cause many problems. The flour may not stick to your food; instead, it will travel around the air fryer basket and contaminate it.

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Use a thin coating of flour

Thick flour coating may also prevent the heat of the air fryer from reaching the inside of the food. This can result in raw food. So it is always recommended to shake off your food after coating so that it can get rid of the excess flour. Alternatively, you can let it sit for some time before air frying.

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Always use a little oil

Do not forget to spray some oil on your coated food before frying it. Else, it will end up with little white floury spots on the surface of your fried food.

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Final thoughts

You can use flour in an air fryer. However, you do need to consider some things before that. For example, do not use a wet batter or too much flour. If this happens, you may end up with uncooked food and a messy air fryer basket. We hope our tips helped. Happy air frying!

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