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The other day I was craving a nice dessert and while surfing through some recipes I came across this ingredient called a coffee creamer. What surprised me the most was coffee was the only thing I knew about using coffee creamer for. It came to me as a shock to find out the numerous ways I can perk up my dessert game with just a bottle of coffee creamer.

If you are not a coffee drinker but have gotten a hold of a gigantic coffee creamer bottle don’t worry this creamer goes in desserts and savory items like mashed potatoes and soups as well. Once you add this to any of your snacks, there is no going back. Tempting, isn’t it? Well, I’m not here to just tempt you but have combined this intricate article on the wonderful ways to improve your cooking game.

Using coffee creamer instead of milk in soups, desserts and more…

Waffles & pancake mix

Replace half a cup of coffee creamer with liquid (water or milk) in your pancake mix and watch your pancake and waffle recipe turn into a masterpiece. The flavor adds to the mix is heavenly. This is the secret ingredient no one ever told you about. Adding a mocha or cinnamon-flavored creamer can bring out the flavors that have been missing in your life. Mix the batter nicely and fry your pancake or spread it up in the waffle machine like usual.

Your kitchen will smell heavenly once they’re done. Try this in your next brunch party and let the compliments roll in.

Breakfast bowls

Do you love setting your breakfast bowls like those on Instagram? Well, adding a creamer will not only enhance its texture but add some delicious tasteto your regular oatmeal. Creamers can be easily added to breakfast cereals and oatmeal to enhance flavor. Reduce the amount of milk or water you usually add, and replace it with some creamer. Vanilla and cinnamon are some great flavors of creamers to add to your cereals.

Hot chocolate

Have you been looking for the perfect hot chocolate recipe that you have been drinking at your favourite café? Try adding some sweetened creamer to your recipe next time. I guarantee you this is the ingredient you couldn’t tap on. Adding flavors like pumpkin spice, peppermint and maybe eggnog can fill up that missing flavour that you have been longing for. Splash a couple of tables spoons in and mix it up according to your taste.

Mashed potatoes

I bet you thought coffee creamer could only be added to desserts. Adding half a cup of non-flavored coffee creamer to mashed potatoes gives it a much creamier texture. This works as a great alternative for those of you who are lactose intolerant since most of the creamers are non-dairy. Add the remaining ingredients like you usually do and see the difference for yourself.

Cake icing

Want some instant icing for your cake? Whip up some creamer in the flavor of your choice and add some icing sugar to it. This makes a sweet yet simple icing for your cupcakes and bread. For a ganache (thinner version) add more sugar and reduce the amount of the creamer for a nice drizzle on your cake. This icing is perfect for tea parties and brunches.

Fruit salad dressing

Craving a mean fruit salad with some yogurt on the side and feta cheese for an afternoon snack? To get that nice flavorful fruit salad, cut up some fruit of your choice. Peaches and bananas pair up the best. Drizzle it with some coffee creamer. Or you could soak the fruit up in coffee creamer and refrigerate it. For best results, pair up sour fruits with sweet cream, for example, cut up some strawberries and drizzle it with creamer. Mouthwatering indeed.

Creamy soups

Do you think your batch of soup may not be enough for the guests? Here’s a simple fix but it only works for the cream-based soups for example (onion, potato, mushroom, broccoli or cheese). Half a cup to two cups should be enough. Slowly add this amount of unflavored creamer and mix it in once you’re done heating it. Try using spiced creamer with butternut and acorn squash soup for best results.

Assorted teas

Are you a tea enthusiast, looking for a unique flavored tea? Here is some tea for you to get the nicest hot cup. Splash some creamer into your cup with the flavour of your choice and be amazed at the splendid results. Flavors with nuts like hazel and pecan are some of the best pairings for black tea. Caramel creamer and orange tea are also some of the top-tier flavors.


Creamers have a consistency that is on point for making flaky, healthy cookies. Whisk in about half a cup of non-dairy creamer. Nutpods original creamer works splendidly if you eliminate the sweetener. Whisk just until the mixture has come together and bake as usual. You’ll then have the best-tasting cookies ever! The perfect recipe to win kids over as the favourite aunt/uncle.


The secret ingredient behind every milkshake or smoothie you have ever tasted is this creamer. Instead of using water for your beverages try using a creamer instead. Brace yourselves for some popping flavors that will surely leave an impact on your taste buds.

I hope by now you’ve mastered using coffee creamers instead of milk in various recipes to add those missing flavors and textures. Try this on your next brunch and don’t forget to share these tips and tricks with your friends!

What I recently found out about coffee creamers?

Coffee is not the only way to use a creamer unlike the name suggests. It can be used to add flavor to various desserts like waffle, muffins, brownies, muffins and even cookies. It adds a subtle twist and adds variety to the flavors you can incorporate into your cooking. You can transform your breakfast and add some zest to it by simply adding coffee creamer to it. Pumpkin spice, French vanilla, caramel and Irish cream are only some flavors that can add a distinct taste to your desserts. 

Go get yourself a coffee creamer of your choice and get ready to embellish your dishes with a unique taste that you’ll keep asking for more. I have compiled a complete guide on how to use coffee creamer which includes the different recipes you can incorporate it into as well as a tutorial on how to make your own.

If you find coffee creamers expensive then you’ll be happy to know that there are mad sales with coupons on these, courtesy of Krazy coupon lady. So, if you are a coffee enthusiast or even if you aren’t its good news for all. I stalk up on 2-3 bottles of liquid creamer around the holiday season sales and freeze them up for later use.

This article also includes a guide on how to choose a coffee creamer as well and if you are a beginner, I’ve got that covered too! Without any further ado below are several ways to update your grandmother’s authentic recipes.

What are the main ingredients of a coffee creamer?

Coffee creamer is nothing like the name suggests. It is sweetened condensed milk enhanced with flavored spices mixed with cream or milk. It’s the creaminess and richness of condensed milk that satisfies your taste buds. Sweetened condensed milk often runs out of stalk, but don’t worry, I’ve covered this portion too with a tried and tested recipe with an alternate one for those of you who are lactose intolerant in the dairy-free recipe.

Make your own coffee creamer [Recipe]                                                 

This recipe just picks and mix. Anyone can try this at home all you need is to gather your ingredients and whisk them up until well incorporated. You can make any flavor with the same process. For French vanilla and Pumpkin spice, I simmer everything together in a saucepan at low heat. This infuses the spice into the milk.

A bottle of coffee creamer

A similar technique can be applied for Baileys flavor due to the alcohol presence. This slowly cooks off the alcohol, leaving the rich, creamy flavor behind. The final product is heavy, rich, infused with flavor, coffee creamer. So, if you don’t feel like running to the grocery store, this is a perfect way to make your own coffee creamer.

Also, read our step-by-step guide on how to make coffee using coffee powder!

Perfect timing to add creamer

There is a constant debate on when to add your coffee creamer. I prefer to add my creamer after I’m done with the coffee beans. This is the perfect time to eliminate any bitterness that may be lingering in the brew. The warmth of it also helps the creamer to be fully dissolved, making it nice and creamy in texture and taste. There are no wrong answers here.

Add creamer according to your taste. Feel free to use as much as you like and however you like and don’t worry if you have leftovers. I’ve got just the right recipes for it to be used in.

How long does a homemade coffee creamer last?

Homemade coffee creamer can last almost as long as the cream does in your fridge. The absence of any artificial ingredients and preservatives causes it to have a limited life span. Using an airtight jar or a plastic container can help it last up to a week.

Finding the perfect creamer [Dairy-free]

I prefer looking for the features below in a creamer when trying to cut dairy:

Shelf life

Smaller packages are preferable as they are much easier to store in the fridge. Longer shelf life means more preservatives and that is not something you need.


Some creamers are way too liquidy. I like them to be dense and rich in flavor. A good Half & Half can bring volume to your recipes.


You can find far more variety in flavors when looking for an unsweetened creamer. For me, less is never enough. The more the merrier.

No artificial ingredients

Look for the ingredients used. A long list may not be the best option especially when your health is at risk. Try opting for as organic ingredients as possible. Hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and other ingredients like Carrageenan and titanium dioxide are just additives to enhance flavor artificially and are a definite no-go.

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