Can You Get Drunk Off Vanilla Extract? [EXPLAINED]

Vanilla extract has proven to be one of the most widely used essences. In addition to that, it has made a mark as a fundamental ingredient in baking. However, there is one question that greatly contradicts the popularity of vanilla extract. That is, can vanilla extract get you drunk?

Read the article below to get your answer and shock your friends the next time you mention this bizarre fact!

Can vanilla extract get you drunk?

Yes, vanilla extract can get you drunk. However, there is a limit after which you start feeling dizzy. It is estimated that around 4-5 ounces of vanilla extract are enough to get a person drunk.

In 2019, NBC reported that a woman was issued with a DUI after drinking multiple vanilla extract bottles. In the same year, a high school in Georgia had to warn parents after discovering that kids were spiking their morning coffees with vanilla extract. This caused one student to be hospitalized.

How much alcohol is there in vanilla extract?

According to FDA standards, pure vanilla extracts contain 35% alcohol. This equals the same amount of alcohol present in Captain Morgan Rum.

How much vanilla extract can get you drunk?

Considering that there is 35% alcohol in vanilla extract, you would need to drink at least 3-4 ounces to get drunk.

However, just like in the case of various alcoholic products, the amount required to make a person drunk greatly depends on multiple factors. Such as a person’s weight, their tolerance level to alcohol, gender, and whether they have consumed anything recently.

Moreover, 3-4 ounces might seem like a small amount to get drunk, so it is important to consider the cost factor for purchasing this much vanilla extract. It is estimated that authentic vanilla extract costs around $2-$8 per ounce. That means even purchasing 6 ounces would cost you approximately $12-$48.

On the other hand, high-quality liquors with the same amount of alcohol can easily be purchased within $20. Hence, it is recommended to go for your favorite liquor instead of choosing to get drunk off vanilla extract.

Is drinking vanilla extract harmful?

Vanilla extract does not pose any side effects for health. However, some people might face grave consequences if they consume vanilla extract in large quantities. Such as:

  • Skin irritation and inflammation
  • Throbbing headaches
  • Disturbed sleep

Apart from these consequences, vanilla extract has a terribly bitter taste; if you care about your palate, you are advised not to consume vanilla extract.

In addition to that, vanilla extract has proved to significantly lower your blood pressure. If you choose to get drunk with vanilla extract, your blood pressure might get a swing which is not good at all for your overall health.

Lastly, the hangover you get from consuming vanilla extract in large quantities is severe. 

Is there a difference between vanilla extract and vanilla essence?

The main difference between vanilla extract and vanilla essence is that vanilla extract is naturally extracted from vanilla pods while vanilla essence is chemically synthesized in factories. Hence you will find the vanilla essence to be comparatively cheaper than vanilla extract.

Moreover, vanilla extract is produced by soaking vanilla pods in water and alcohol, where the liquid ingredients absorb the natural flavor. In comparison, vanilla essence is produced by adding artificial flavors and colors along with 0 to a small amount of vanillin.

Most professional bakers and chefs choose vanilla extract over vanilla essence as the extract provides an original aroma and flavor.

Wrapping up our thoughts on whether vanilla extract can get you drunk!

Even though it is highly possible to consume vanilla extract to get drunk, it is not advised at all to do so. Only 3-4 ounces of vanilla extract are sufficient to get you drunk; however, these 3-4 ounces will cost you a lot in terms of money and in terms of your health too. We advise you to choose your favorite liquor instead of vanilla extract for getting drunk!

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